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>>w7 890  5nov2018(mo)09:57  No.64594 
preloaders thread

here we talk about preloaders

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>>Anonymous  11nov2018(su)14:06  No.64794 
But what's there to talk about?
>>Anonymous  11nov2018(su)21:12  No.64805 
Swfchan's SwfH264 preloader has gotten kinda notorious, but not neccessarily in a good way.
Maybe there could be a way to make a custom preloader with the tool?
Ironic, that swfchan's greatest contribution to /f/ was to make it easier to convert shitty youtube videos, but the overall quality of all videos went up without a doubt.
It's a bittesweet irony.
>>w7 890  18nov2018(su)08:41  No.64987 
do u know any flash that uses secureSWF

i will hjack the thread
hopefully anons don't mind
[sorry about that]

>>Anonymous  17nov2018(sa)22:27  No.64969 
What after 2020?

Flash will be kill and let's face it flash files are rife with malware, trackers and unecessary bullshit. Will Swfchan close up shop?

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>>Anonymous  17nov2018(sa)23:22  No.64971 
a little late to the party on this topic, aren't you?
also that "flash is dead" is bullshit, it's not like flash will stop working after 2020, it's just not going to receive any updates.

>>Anonymous  17jul2018(tu)20:35  No.61061 
Has anyone ever attempted to decompile ( ) and make sense of the flash player or the authoring software?
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>>Anonymous  28jul2018(sa)06:08  No.61298 

Sorry, I am in no way related to them. but I also finding the decompiler.
use this to decompile an swf file.
I used it and Works really well! most of the time.

>>w7 890  17nov2018(sa)11:44  No.64947 
a little TIP

did u know JPEXS can also decompile exes with swf in them

>>w7 890  11aug2018(sa)17:14  No.61646 
yo ants wtf is this
and this

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>>w7 890  11aug2018(sa)17:16  No.61647 
i forgot to add this

nails and coffins what could they mean
does the adloader hurt or something

>>w7 890  10nov2018(sa)07:38  No.64767 
is the database/server fine

and this
another pic

>>Anonymous  10nov2018(sa)16:40  No.64777 
I've gotten that myself sometimes.
But I think it was never an actual maintenance at that point.
One post didn't get through, no matter how often I tried. But others went fine. Then I slightely edited the post and it went through fine as well.
Seems like an odd occasional error on some threads.

>>Anonymous  30jan2018(tu)04:33  No.56744 
Getting Flash To Work On Linux

I got this cracked version of Flash CC2015 because I wanted to test out whether it would even work. I installed wine and was able to install it without any problems, however when I try to run the actual Flash.exe it runs the loading bar and crashes with a stackoverflow error. Any ideas on what I can do to mitigate this? If it's as simple as increase how much stack memory the wine process has access to, I'd love to know how to do that.
Thanks for any help.

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>>Anonymous@debian-sid  29sep2018(sa)11:56  No.63781 
Looks like it's broken:

He's asking how to run Flash CC, now called Adobe Animate.
Flash Player projector is simple to run since it has a native Linux release. And the Flash Player plugin can be installed by copying to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/.

>>w7 890  29sep2018(sa)17:33  No.63783 
ok sorry about that
>>w7 890  10nov2018(sa)07:28  No.64766 

try using KVM

>>SWFAnts  6oct2018(sa)14:04  No.63931 
Zone- Him Revenge

The Powerpuff Girls has ever nightmare.

1 Blossom Failed the test was an F. The class was try get Blossom take the clothes off first rape second penis third pain and sex. Blossom try to Screaming.

2. Buttercup can't sleep he want to drink. the spider here try get Buttercup fall off. Spider use web took clothes off. all penis here to get Buttercup start Screaming spider lick boobs and bum. Buttercup hear shouting.

3. Bubbles wake up something wrong with blossom and buttercup. Saw a toy near Bubbles. But teddy mad all toys to get Bubbles. Took clothes off. Penis toys grabs Bubbles. it call fun and games. Bubbles Screaming.

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>>w7 890  6nov2018(tu)12:41  No.64613 

tell me your ways master
>>Man, you could have at least gotten your (LETTERS) in red unicode letters.
whats wrong boy.swf

>>attention whore  7nov2018(we)10:39  No.64635 
plz dont be mad


>>QP IS A PHAGGOT  16nov2018(fr)10:40  No.64916 
S 1S 4 SAGE!!


>>Anonymous  5apr2018(th)18:57  No.58547 
Hey, can anyone help me getting this SWF to work? Its doesnt seem to load. Thank you
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>>w7 890  5nov2018(mo)10:34  No.64595 

its down jim

>>w7 890 !elUzZM2K/o  5nov2018(mo)11:39  No.64596 
there is still hope

good thing i make backups
well that was faster than expected
if anyone wants another link contact me
(note i did not modify the file)

>>w7 890  18nov2018(su)10:27  No.64993 
continuation link

>>not-a-namefag-w7 890  30oct2018(tu)08:38  No.64458 
website scrape and archive list

in here we discuss about what websites to archive

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>>Anonymous  1nov2018(th)23:28  No.64503 
Newgrounds, at least.
>>adbot No 1  2nov2018(fr)12:04  No.64509 
bla bla bla nothing here

who wants to add
and the best part is they are mostly flash (HTML5 games are rare)

>>Anonymous  3nov2018(sa)02:18  No.64523 
some more ideas, mostly centered around games.
+armorgames (although someone posted a torrent of all of their swfs on /f/ a long while ago)
+dagobah (although they're mostly reposts of other flash sites it's possible that they might have something original posted) ...

>>AnonZDK  1nov2018(th)13:38  No.64497 

fuck you SWFantz

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>>AnonZDK  1nov2018(th)13:41  No.64498 
sorry wrong post it goes here
>>AnonZDK  1nov2018(th)13:41  No.64499 
and plz delete my thread
>>Anonymous  4nov2018(su)19:44  No.64584 
>insulting Ants
>Hey Ants pls delete my thread kthxbai

>>Anonymous  21feb2018(we)09:31  No.57222 

suggest features for swfchan even if they're unreasonable

1. add a button or something that checks if a flash you are viewing the archive is part of a visible collection
2. assuming that the flashes are scanned/decompiled when firstspotted, download any flashes that load through a Loader object or are fully hyperlinked
3. data dump: allow other people to download chunks of the database so they can scan it for metadata if they so desire.

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>>not-a-namefag-w7 890  30oct2018(tu)08:55  No.64459 
help plz

how do i rip webgl and html5 content

>>w7 890  30oct2018(tu)13:42  No.64466 
plz antz

also how do i upload zip 7z tar gz xz bz2 files
also increase file size limit plz
some anons have large files coming through
also where to upload .unity3d files

>>w7 890  30oct2018(tu)13:46  No.64467 
hello? anyone here

i really have lots of these .unity3d files
i got them from
now where 2 upload
also sorry my grammar

>>autistic_fapper  18oct2018(th)10:07  No.64134 
Broken apk converter

just wanna put it here

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>>bot named w7 890  28oct2018(su)17:18  No.64370 
try putting a little tracker on the apk
just make sure they don't notice it :)
>>Anonymous  29oct2018(mo)14:08  No.64437 
Go home AMM, you're drunk!
>>w7 890  29oct2018(mo)17:22  No.64441 
just a suggestion nothing bad

ok sir

>>Nanonymous  28oct2018(su)20:11  No.64377 
Bliss Sexaully

HIM grab Bliss took clothing off rape and bondage.
Don't try is at clip and zone.
The Powerpuff Girls.

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>>not w7 890  29oct2018(mo)06:29  No.64427 
plz stop and kys

oh no not again
for the love of god why
admin ban this faggot plz

>>Anonymous  29oct2018(mo)07:04  No.64428 
I still don't know what this is supposed to be.
>>Anonymous  30oct2018(tu)18:31  No.64470 
It is a mystery. Ants has never commented on it ever (to my knowledge).
At least ban these additional spam threads, if OP wants his madness he can continue in his old thread.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  7sep2015(mo)14:55  No.23212 

Discussion thread.

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  9apr2018(mo)18:03  No.58673 
Thanks but they are something I need to figure out myself.
>>Anonymous  28oct2018(su)06:35  No.64351 
>>spamfag No 2  28oct2018(su)17:33  No.64373 
delecious red spam so tasty
also go to

>>KJ  23oct2018(tu)15:33  No.64230 
Final Fantasy x Hidden Cove , and Drake and Minotaur

Hey admin can you fixed this file it's because it's broken when I played this game it recently forward or played itself like faster I don't know why I tried everything I can but it won't help plz fixed it

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>>KJ  26oct2018(fr)05:41  No.64302 
Like video

It's like a video that recently broken or something

>>Anonymous  27oct2018(sa)21:40  No.64335 
welp, don't tell me you watch flashes primarily on your smartphone?
because from what I know flash works like a bitch on phones, you might wanna check with a PC or convert to an APK file
>>w7 890  28oct2018(su)06:16  No.64350 
hope it helps

try this OP

>>Anonymous  20oct2018(sa)16:52  No.64185 
This MP3 it not working.
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>>sage  20oct2018(sa)18:18  No.64188 


>>Anonymous  16oct2018(tu)19:23  No.64117 

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>>w7 890  17oct2018(we)04:56  No.64118 

yo spammer dafuq is this
u keep spamming that same link
3 times now


>>WTF EMERGENCY SPAMBOT  15oct2018(mo)09:46  No.64104 
plz help

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>>Anonymous  16oct2018(tu)01:55  No.64107 
>'s servers have been suspended by our provider due to non-payment.
Don't get me wrong pal, I don't dislike you, but it seems rather nonsensical to call for a donation drive on a different chanboard.
We couldn't even provide for swfchan itself, I doubt someone's gonna chip in for a random furry website.
>>Anonymous  16oct2018(tu)06:40  No.64109 
Pfft. Obviously someone can't manage their money. Why would I help some rando website I never heard about? Let them burn.
>>W7 890  16oct2018(tu)12:36  No.64115 
Everything is fine

Yo guys calm down
YP is ok
Some holy anon just done god's work
Gonna sage now

>>Anonymous  26apr2018(th)22:18  No.59165 
Other Flash friendly imageboard

So how would you people feel about collecting a list of imageboards that support flash files? Seeing as how 4chan is going back to the days when it shuts itself down every week it might be a good idea; however the communities posted might not like it if we go over and shit them up.
Maybe limit what sort of imageboards we posts or we can promise to stay in a single thread if it's not styled like 4chan's /f/?
Anyway I have a small but growing list that I'll post if we can agree to be nice.

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>>Anonymous  13oct2018(sa)17:13  No.64078 
can confirm. fail. they also don't allow threads without a text body, might be a good idea to say that before starting the upload instead of afterwards.
>>Anonymous  14oct2018(su)04:11  No.64088 
I see, yes. Sorry, I just stumbled across this and saw /f/ - Flash, so I assumed it was what it says on the tin.
Pretty dumb, but there's only a .gif uploaded, so I suppose it is meant to be an upload board, but the only upload board that existed is /f/ so they used the default title?
>>Anonymous  14oct2018(su)04:54  No.64092 
never forget, never forgive

>>Nanonymous  29jun2017(th)15:42  No.50778 
Bubstar's Weird Dreams Bought and Scold X

Bubstar's Weird Dreams Bought and Scold X

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>>Anonymous  21may2018(mo)23:49  No.59859 
>>Anonymous  26jun2018(tu)18:59  No.60560 
>>Anonymous  12oct2018(fr)17:22  No.64062 

>>Nanonymous  11oct2018(th)14:15  No.64034 
The Powerpuff Girls- Blossom bondage Dance

Blossom trap at school is not going to get out. An F. But is not going to work a test. But not working.

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>>w7 890  11oct2018(th)16:35  No.64037 
why spam why

oh not again

>>w7 890  11oct2018(th)16:36  No.64038 
why spam why

oh no not again

>>Anonymous  12oct2018(fr)06:58  No.64052 
Man, at least keep it in your existing spam thread, OP. >>>63931

>>Anonymous  26aug2016(fr)09:27  No.38442 
3Dfuckhouse and Roninsong

I think everybody here knows roninsong.

soooo. I got an account for 3DFH and I tried to rip some of his new flashes, although all I'm getting are .js files and a few mp3 files.

Does anyone know how to rip something from this site?
They got some crazy protection on it...

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>>Anonymous  8oct2018(mo)06:11  No.63976 

Finally after searching every fucking where here is the link to a form where they are puting up links to Roninsong HERE YOU FUCKING GO i-eddy-bear-candy-shop.5398/page-18

>>Anonymous  8oct2018(mo)07:26  No.63978 
I really don't want to be that guy and look a gifted horse in the mouth, but
it took you THAT long to find a thread on fucking ulmf? That's like the goto place for flash porn rips.
>>w7 890  10oct2018(we)11:11  No.64016 
thx m8 going 2 seed linkz

>>Anonymous  29sep2018(sa)17:27  No.63782 
The soaps,creams etc are turning peoples faces into scar covered monsters

People aren't sweating or barely sweating.Feeling hot and sick?The soaps,creams,rubs etc are the causes.The nerve and skin damage.People aren't tanning.People are dying.The face feels hot,puffy,swollen,rigid skin,cuts,an injection into the skin,a creature stuck to the face,bugs crawling on the skin,skin scars,a throbbing burning feeling in the face and burning and burning and suicides.

 Replies: 2. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  3oct2018(we)23:28  No.63877 
Go to the main domain site (
In the text between / - Overview and the flashes there is a link to the system page at the bottom (
That's your IP's individual system page, you can do some stuff there.
Now click the number of the post that you want reported to reply.
Mark and copy the number (you could also just memorize it I guess)
Go back to your system page and paste the number under REPORT Post #.
Under Why? fill in a fitting reason. You may look into DA RULEZ for this ( ...
>>w7 890  6oct2018(sa)15:43  No.63937 
yo Antz u might wanna take a look at this
this thread has the same spam

>>w7 890  6oct2018(sa)15:52  No.63938 
did this guy double post

i see another here but its gone

>>w7 890  28jul2018(sa)18:44  No.61312 
yo check this out you might find some swf here

Another site like 4chan (i think)
flash player for android .issess.flashplayer

 Replies: 5. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  7aug2018(tu)08:30  No.61533 
"Contains Ads· Offers in-app purchases"
I mean the adobe "about" link in the menu is slightly annoying but ads and purchases for a flash player? No thanks.
>>Anonymous  8aug2018(we)06:08  No.61578 
The people who made the Flash Player never fixed a major problem I asked them to fix, it has to do with the settings to change the screen size for tall swfs which plays the swf into fullscreen, & this only happens with newer android tablets.
>>w7 890  2oct2018(tu)01:42  No.63841 
hack the app

i use lucky patcher

>>???? ????  8sep2018(sa)19:41  No.62351 
My swf file can't be uploaded

I tried uploading a swf to /fap/, but it couldn't.

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  28sep2018(fr)02:58  No.63731 
Just added support of LZMA flashes to the site so the decompress trick should no longer be needed.
>>w7 890  28sep2018(fr)04:20  No.63734 
good work admin :]
what was that file
>>Anonymous  29sep2018(sa)20:53  No.63785 
It's like Ants still goes the extra mile for his people :]

>>Nanonymous  26sep2018(we)09:32  No.63687 
Looking for this one/request

Hey, I'm looking for this SWF: , I've been looking for days without success.
Thanks for the help :)

 Replies: 1. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  28sep2018(fr)02:41  No.63730 
have you tried making an account?
>>Anonymous  29sep2018(sa)00:13  No.63765 
I actually have my account but it costs money. I know someone there must have it. I posted one I purchased to see if maybe I could encourage someone to upload it.

>>AnonZDK  22sep2018(sa)14:40  No.62627 
yo ants is evertything fine

i was just worried if something was wrong here

 Replies: 5. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  22sep2018(sa)23:16  No.63633 
A program had crashed, have rebooted the server. Thanks for letting me know!
>>AnonZDK  24sep2018(mo)16:35  No.63657 
What was that program dude
Also is your server almost full
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  25sep2018(tu)01:31  No.63665 
Just something related to archiving. Disk space is not a problem, why do you ask?

>>Anonymous  20sep2018(th)09:06  No.62584 
Programs that play Flash

It seems Chrome no longer supports flash. I tried to use Firefox but it doesn't work on that either? What else can I run it on? I should have prepared sooner but here I am...

 Preview below.         Replies: 9. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>ComputerMan  23sep2018(su)03:13  No.63639 
Yeah Firefox too disabled local swfs BUT you can easily enable it again in "about:config"
just search for "plugins.http_https_only" and set it to false
also while you're at it set "plugin.load_flash_only" to false as well to re-enable old plugins, but Idk if it still works in the newest versions


>>Anonymous  23sep2018(su)05:18  No.63642 
>using micro$hit
>>Anonymous  24sep2018(mo)04:57  No.63653 
sorry, I just assumed that was what the majority of people reading this will be handling with

>>Anonymous  14sep2018(fr)08:03  No.62490 
Looking for an sfw

So anyway the TL;DR is I've been trying to find this shitty porn flash game for a long time and I don't know where else to ask.
It's one of those "walk around town, talk with NPCs and get items" type of games, exactly like Frank's Adventure but that's not it.
It had that shitty 2004-2006 "am I animay yet" style, kind of like this flash ( swf)
It was also back when edgy stuff could be fun without being tryhard, there was some chick that was asking for drugs or some shit. Then there was some emo girl with purple/blue hair that you could give some shit to so she'd "undress" for you, which was one of those dress up games.
The only screens I remember are an arcade and some shitty brick wall alleway.
That's all I remember from the game, pls help.

 Replies: 2. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  14sep2018(fr)08:07  No.62491 
Also, I'm pretty fucking sure it's been removed from NG, the place where I initially found and jerked to it.
I pretty much fucking scraped half of all of newgrounds' adult flash games and I couldn't find it, though it's entirely possible I'm a retard that missed it.
>>Anonymous  17sep2018(mo)05:45  No.62533 
have you tried the wayback machine?
>>Anonymous  20sep2018(th)20:17  No.62602 
I haven't, though it wouldn't help much unless the sfw file itself is saved since I don't know the name/thumbnail of the game.

>>Saitama 2003  6sep2018(th)15:36  No.62297 
Easy way to convert SWF to video file?

I've tried all the online converters you find when you google "convert swf" but none of them work on the particular SWF I want to turn into a video.

It's not a game or an interactive flash it's just this: Mei+Mei.swf

So I know it's just audio and video. I tried SWF Extractor but it doesn't wokr for shit. Help me out anon.

 Replies: 2. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  7sep2018(fr)00:20  No.62309 
Converting swf to inferior video is a sin but in this case it's just a video embedded inside a swf so I guess it should be okay.

You should be able to extract the video using JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler. If that fails you could try Swivel by Newgrounds, which basically records a video while you view the swf file.

>>Anonymous  7sep2018(fr)00:24  No.62310 
Also if you just care about the end goal in this particular case you could just download and cut out the scene from YT:

>逃学战警 (1995) 吳奇隆 金城武

>>Anonymous  7sep2018(fr)03:50  No.62314 
for flashes that are just a video file, you can actually change the extension to .flv
of course some software might check the headers so this isn't the best solution.

>>w7 890  4aug2018(sa)14:19  No.61458 
hey ants pls add sercureswf category

hi ants i have seen alot of secured flashes lately
some of them no longer work since the main C&C servers are down
it would be nice if we can cr@ck them

 Replies: 2. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>w7 890 !elUzZM2K/o  17aug2018(fr)14:22  No.61835 
the trjs

oh and add malware category
if you set your user agent to ie 8 or 9 when you go to
you may live find flash exploits
also some files redirect to bogus sites so be carefull

>>W7 890  29aug2018(we)17:18  No.62123 
Flash drm

Here we talk about secureswf preloaders and obfuscated swfs
And how to unpack them
Created: 8/2 -2011 20:30:00 Last modified: 18/11 -2018 19:13:41 Server time: 18/11 -2018 19:46:29