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>>Anonymous  14dec2019(sa)08:37  No.72764 404ing

Hey I noticed that RockCandy's website has been down for a while. Does anybody know what gives?

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>>Anonymous  26nov2019(tu)17:26  No.72418 

Now that YouTube is scheduled to die at the start of 2020 can we cancel the end of flash at the end of 2020, please?

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>>Anonymous  1dec2019(su)22:40  No.72510 
I don't know about if any of those are possible with youtube-dl (did a quick search and couldn't find answers) but I have some workaround suggestions.

If you have just a couple of long videos you don't want to download you should be able to manually add them into youtube-dl-downloaded.txt and the program will skip over those thinking they have already been downloaded.

Then for keeping track of error URLs you could add " >> youtube-dl-log.txt" at the end of the line in the .bat file to append the program output to the text file. After everything is downloaded you can search the log for error messages and see which URLs that couldn't be downloaded.

I don't think it's ever been possible to save video comments with youtube-dl. ...

>>Anonymous  12dec2019(th)01:10  No.72736 
I'm not using windows, so that doesn't quite apply to me. I ended up reading the message it sends when you invoke it with '--help' and found out that using --reject-title [title] will prevent downloads of any matching regex for [title].
I also found it interesting that there was an option to display the duration of a video but no option to restrict downloads according to the length of a video.
Also it seems that they provide a way to download descriptions (--write-description) and annotations (--write-annotations) but no option for downloading comments.
>>Anonymous  14dec2019(sa)06:25  No.72759 
An update to TheirTube's harassment policy to-our-harassment-policy.html

Things are looking worse by the day. At first glance it's easy for the layman to think that of course it's a good thing to get rid of threats, personal attacks, harassing behavior and toxic comments. The problem is none of those are objectively definable. So now nobody will be able to criticize anyone or even repeat what other people have said. There will be even more self-censorship and restrictions on what content anyone can make. Site staff can delete your channel for whatever little thing they deem is harassment and of course exceptions will be granted for the channels they like (traditional media channels). There's no way everybody will be treated the sam ...

>>bluegreydragon  26nov2019(tu)23:45  No.72423 
Please delete the following Flash Files (I'm the original creator)

Hello, I have been trying to get a few of my old Flash animations removed from the internet; I would like to politely request that you remove them from this site as well please. I have tried the report feature in the past, but for whatever reason that doesn't seem to be effective.

Here's a list of animations that I made that are currently posted here:
#134507 ...

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>>bluegreydragon  12dec2019(th)21:41  No.72751 

Alright, I think perhaps I'll ask for a compromise then; in almost all the files listed it says "by Earthriderv" at the start or end. That's one of the few things that could be used to identify my work as I used to go by that tag.

Could you please remove all instances of "Earthriderv" from the above Flash Files; I'm sure that would be far easier than deleting them, and it wouldn't compromise the integrity of your archive if that's what's important to you.

If you need an alternate tag, I went by "Bob---Barker" when I made a lot of these in DA and FA, and it was a moniker that shouldn't lead back to me in any way (and would make it much easier to deny if the situation did arise). ...

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  13dec2019(fr)02:37  No.72754 
Actually deleting filenames from the system is far more work than just deleting the swf files. It's spread out across several databases and static html files. I can't remember ever changing filename information and I think I've only changed non-filename metadata once because it was someone's IRL info. If the goal of this was to erase tracks of "earthriderv" I suggest you instead change your nickname before releasing your new stuff. The pages on this site might have been crawled and copied by Google/InternetArchive/China anyway.
>>bluegreydragon  13dec2019(fr)10:15  No.72757 

Ok then... I didn't realize your system was so hard to alter and modify, this would be basic stuff on most forums.

Can you at least delete this thread for me then at the very least?

Thanks I guess.

>>Anonymous  10dec2019(tu)00:08  No.72689 
Fun Things To Do

Does anyone like doing fun things? An example buy 2 round plush balls at Walmart, remove the tags, add a medium sized safety pin between both, & add a ball chain between the pin that fits around your neck but not too long which ends up becoming hyper sized fur boobs.

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>>Anonymous  4dec2019(we)17:59  No.72600 
Lulz Site

Does anyone know why isn't working?

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>>Anonymous  5dec2019(th)18:08  No.72610 
hm, front page works but the board has an error. last snapshot at*/ i/ was October 11th, almost a month and a half ago. it probably didn't go down on that day but if it's been down for more than a week the owner should have had time to notice any database error by now. can't find any discussion about the site being down via google/duckduckgo/yandex.

so good question, it's an old imageboard so hope it doesn't go down forever without any word. it's probably not hopeless yet since the front page loads, maybe it went down just a couple of days ago and the owner is working on getting things working again.

>>Anonymous  9dec2019(mo)23:54  No.72688 
Well it seems the other boards on lulz still work which is great since I wanted to create a furry collection on the flash board some time.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  23jan2012(mo)22:14  No.3107 

It has finally happened, from this day swfchan accepts donations. The reason to why is because a new server is needed and if there's a chance that someone out there would like to help out in obtaining the hardware I would be very grateful.

Discuss everything related to donating in this thread.

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  10jan2018(we)13:47  No.56146 
I didn't expect anything to happen this quickly, thanks man!
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  1may2018(tu)23:24  No.59366 
CashAddr update

The site now has a new Bitcoin Cash address shown in the CashAddr format. The format was created January 14:th to make it clear whether an address is for BTC or BCH. Since they both originate from the same code the addresses used to look the same, which caused some confusion. Support for CashAddr should be pretty widespread by now so I felt it was time to switch over.

>>Anonymous  7dec2019(sa)22:37  No.72651 
Is there an address I can mail things to for the sake of donating?

>>Anonymous  21feb2018(we)09:31  No.57222 

suggest features for swfchan even if they're unreasonable

1. add a button or something that checks if a flash you are viewing the archive is part of a visible collection
2. assuming that the flashes are scanned/decompiled when firstspotted, download any flashes that load through a Loader object or are fully hyperlinked
3. data dump: allow other people to download chunks of the database so they can scan it for metadata if they so desire.

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>>Anonymous  20nov2019(we)10:35  No.72307 
you're not linking to two swf files, you're linking to a html and a swf. if you open flashes in fullscreen like in your files1 example URL you can change the "T/W scale" by resizing your browser window.
i don't know why you want to change the background color from black but if you have a html page (like your first example) you can change the background color by right-clicking and inspecting the html code, and change the color. (that won't work on a direct swf url of course.)
>>Anonymous  22nov2019(fr)06:04  No.72354 
Changing the background color of a swf to white makes the swf look better. An example is this ucks+Wolf.swf

The 1st link's background is black while in the 2nd link's background is white which looks better & there's a few other swfs on the 2nd swf site's name where the black background color is white.

>>Anonymous  4dec2019(we)05:30  No.72591 
How about not having a 404 Link has expired when opening the Save link in fullscreen.

>>Anonymous  30nov2019(sa)03:08  No.72473 
classification errors

Yeah so when I click X on the advanced classification under misc. on every category, it still has the misc. highlighted as green. IDK if that means that the misc. classification still shows up when submitting the button but i want to make sure that it doesn't.
thanks SWFAnts!

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>>Anonymous  26aug2015(we)17:48  No.22724 
-8 Collection

I'm trying to collect everything by minus8 here:

But I need your help to make sure I don't miss anything. Link to new and old flashes here and I will update the collection!

Please also post suggestions on description changes as well, I'd like to write as much as possible about each flash (music source, background story, some into on characters etc). ...

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>>Anonymous  24aug2019(sa)18:06  No.70775 
YBKPHN.swf is described as "Minus8 - Yoshi's Island" semi-officially. It uses
>>Anonymous  12nov2019(tu)05:38  No.72195 
OK guys I've tried to bring the collection up to date now, please tell me if I've missed a flash.
>>Anonymous  17nov2019(su)08:39  No.72271 
The -8 collection now has the same amount of flashes as the ZONE collection!
150 flashes in both, 199839 hits on -8 and 116663 hits on ZONE.
Side by side:

They both have some fan-made edits so it's not an accurate representation of swfs released but I thought I'd note down this milestone anyway. If zone was the porn king of flash's dawn then minus 8 is the porn king of flash's twilight. Let's hope we live through the night.

>>Anonymous  3nov2019(su)04:03  No.72041 
Help save RMS and Free Software

Help RMS defeat the tranny faggot sjws destroying Free Software. Learn the truth of what is happening and spread these links everywhere. as-been-vilified-by-those-who-dont-know-him-a3907b 25b4c7 scuss/2019-09/msg00259.html ...

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>>Anonymous  8nov2019(fr)06:01  No.72138 
maybe next time explain what this is about instead of dumping a ton of urls. nobody will go through the trouble of clicking any of them just to figure out what the hell you're trying to do with your post. also explain exactly how clicking any of these will "help" whatever your cause is.
>>Anonymous  10nov2019(su)21:10  No.72161 
uhurrrr hurrr durrr da ebil twannies huuuuuurrr durrr ess jay doubleyouussze

please take a razor blade to your wrists

>>Anonymous  10nov2019(su)21:10  No.72162 
uhurrrr hurrr durrr da ebil twannies huuuuuurrr durrr ess jay doubleyouussze

please take a razor blade to your wrists, this is just as retarded as the bullshit tim pool advertisement at the top of the page, thank fuck that can be hidden

>>Anonymous  30sep2011(fr)03:02  No.2596 
down loading files

i have just recently discover this site and really enjoyed it but i can't seem to figur out for the life of me how to download these swf file from this site i've got a flash converter that also downloads the files but it dosen't work with files on this site now i'm not great with computers so if there a way to download these files please let me know unless your not allowed to download them just let me know

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>>Anonymous  1nov2019(fr)00:25  No.72007 
addendem to that; if your on a page with embedded flashes and want to download them, navigate to the "Page Info" menu, either by right-clicking on the page or ctrl+i in firefox. From there you can go to the media tab, sort by type and any swf files embedded should turn up as "Object"
>>Anonymous  9nov2019(sa)18:06  No.72154 
Jeeesus Christ, this has to be the most unneccesary complicated way to do this yet.
It's like people don't even know how to operate a webbrowser anymore.
How to I opened file and download it? Shit's magic.
There is even a written guide on every GET page just for [YOU] peeps.
>>Anonymous  10nov2019(su)05:49  No.72160 
A better way to do what the person wants is to save a screen shot of the words under the swf, save the pic to dropbox, & post the link to this thread. P.S. Internet Explorer is the best to view the swfs not the stupid Firefox & Chrome.

>>Anonymous  7nov2019(th)21:06  No.72132 
Other Swf Sites

Would anyone know of a site that can have up to 120 mb to post a swf file?

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>>Anonymous  3nov2019(su)03:26  No.72040 
square brackets in filename stripped

It seems that the square bracket in this filename was possibly treated as an array in one of the processes by which swfchan grabs threads. Anyway just thought that swfants should know so that this could be checked for security reasons.

Here's the flash in question you can see the original name has it as megacum[0].swf while the archive has it down as just megacum.swf

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  3nov2019(su)04:17  No.72042 
It's by design, [#] and (#) is stripped from the end of the filename because (first reason) in the long, long ago I used to get swf files from places that appended those things to the end of the filenames. I can't 100% remember the exact details, I think it was like that if you copied swfs from Internet Explorer's cache (Temporary Internet Files). Or maybe some FTP program appended it, or a download manager program in case of there being more than one file of the same name. Windows add (2), (3) etc on top of the filename when copied into the same folder if you "keep both files".

So this thing is a bit of laziness from my part but also (second reason) were a thing because I remember other people sometimes used to post these filenames with ...

>>Anonymous  3nov2019(su)19:06  No.72053 
Okay thanks for clearing that up! I wanted to make sure it wasn't some security issue.

>>Anonymous  1nov2019(fr)19:47  No.72022 
Trying to find a flash

There was a flash on /fap/ that had some MILF. There was thunder or some shit in the background and you were in a room that had clickable items to the left or right. One put her in a costume as Morrigan from Darkstalkers. I've searched keywords and tags but I haven't found anything.

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>>Anonymous  5apr2018(th)18:57  No.58547 
Hey, can anyone help me getting this SWF to work? Its doesnt seem to load. Thank you
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>>w7 890 !elUzZM2K/o  5nov2018(mo)11:39  No.64596 
there is still hope

good thing i make backups
well that was faster than expected
if anyone wants another link contact me
(note i did not modify the file)

>>w7 890  18nov2018(su)10:27  No.64993 
continuation link

>>Anonymous  1nov2019(fr)01:02  No.72008 
hmm well this should be more permanent than openload a6cfe559e20aaa9f471cda96

>>Anonymous  24jan2017(tu)20:02  No.43548 
Bans/warnings on /f/

Who here has gotten any and if so what for?

I've recently got a warning for posting which looks like it was deleted within a few hours from posting.
I also got banned on all boards for 24 hours for posting

Both for global rule #3.

I'm pretty surprised about that, since people post bait and switches often enough; at least I have posted You Just Fell For The Trap.swf and other ones changed to something else with no consequence. Maybe there's some new mod or janitor on /f/. I'm going to try again with a different one, maybe a screamer will solicit the same reaction. ...

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>>Anonymous  2jul2019(tu)14:22  No.69724 
Banned again for three days over global rule 3. The mod said that I was specifically banned for "trolling" this time, which is at least better than just referring to the blanket rule itself. But I wasn't trolling, I was making a joke.

Was in a thread with the subject "What other boards do you browse?" and I posted "/l/", a lolicon board that existed on 4chan in 2003 and 2004. I was clearly making a joke and got banned for it. I guess we can't make jokes anymore? Worst part is I received a global ban, if someone makes an inappropriate joke on a board they should get banned on only that board and not on other boards where that joke can be made all the time without anybody caring. And why not issue a warning instead of a ban for something a ...

>>Anonymous  29oct2019(tu)20:03  No.71966 
Just got banned 3 days for posting TEH REI in the flash thread on /qa/. I was hesitating before posting but I thought that SURELY such a classic image will be laughed off, at most it will be deleted and I'll get a warning. Nope, no fun allowed.
>>Anonymous  1nov2019(fr)00:20  No.72006 
If you knew some of /qa/'s history you'd've expected a ban from that; people have been banned for less on that board.

>>Anonymous  29oct2019(tu)19:17  No.71964 

Is there a way to play the swfs in fullscreen?

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>>Anonymous  29oct2019(tu)19:38  No.71965 
Proper fullscreen mode only works if the flash itself has implemented a button for it but what you can do is open the swf file directly (URL should end with .swf) and then press F11 to fullscreen your browser.

Alternatively you can download the swf file and open it in the standalone flash player from Adobe, then press CTRL+F (or ALT+ENTER) to fullscreen, or via the menu: View > Full Screen

Using the adobe's standalone flash player offline also gives better performance than viewing the swf in your browser.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  6feb2015(fr)08:48  No.17666 

This is the thread regarding the collection system:

Suggestions or opinions are most welcome!

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>>æ  7mar2019(th)01:19  No.67199 
Yaay, glad to see your usual quick response! ヽ(^o^)丿
Loool, so the problem was actually induced by myself. Makes sense! Guess changing the layout to feature all flashes on a single page brought some unexpected turns.
I was wondering why there were some edits after I couldn't do so anymore, I thought it might be something on my side.
Anyway, I just checked and I can confirm it's fixed, cheers!

Hmm, I wonder if my collection will ever become 10x that big :x
Recently went through my old files I had on a harddisk and I was astounded how many I already collected over the years, just from memory. Not a lot to add anymore, but maybe I'll still pick up a few here and there. And hey, it's not like there wouldn't be any new flashes anymore. One can still dream of fresh new OC :P

>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  8mar2019(fr)16:13  No.67232 
umm hey antz how often do you lurk/check the threads here
>>Anonymous  26oct2019(sa)17:40  No.71913 
batou swf please

>>Anonymous  25oct2019(fr)20:22  No.71898 
Search by Original Document ID?

It would be nice if we could search by Original Document ID. That would make it easier to find edited versions or original version of a file.

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  26oct2019(sa)14:28  No.71911 
It's not a bad idea but unfortunately flash metadata is not indexed. Neither are the info pages, which I had hoped to make searchable someday. Unfortunately it would take a lot of time and work to achieve this, I improved the code extracting metadata from flashes last year and it took the several months for the server to update every flash page.

Many flashes don't have any metadata at all or are missing an entry for Document ID, especially older ones, so looking up doc ids would have limited use, however being able to search metadata in of itself would still be a good feature.

At one point I wanted to index resources inside flashes as well, for example every jpg embedded in a swf (or even a hash of connected vector positions inside every single MovieClip). That way you could have found similar flashes easily. Or flashes borrowing content from other flashes.

>>Anonymous  20oct2019(su)07:32  No.71806 
Trying to find source for a flash
I think I also saw it in one of the Q gif montages. Anyway I can't find a name to associate the gif with and I'd be glad if I could find out. Someone in mentioned that they have existed in flash form before, with sound apparently; if anyone knows what the originals are called, that'd be great. I tried searching them up myself but the names are so random that there's no hope in finding any name that's useful. Thanks for any help.
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>>Anonymous  22oct2019(tu)19:51  No.71846 
The artist who made the original gif that was put into 2.swf is "vvindowsme".

Here's his pixiv (few images and not updated since 2017):

The gif was released 26oct2012 and can be found here: ...

>>Anonymous  22oct2019(tu)19:54  No.71847 
Er, actually maybe you were asking for the flash version with sound that someone mentioned?
I've no idea about that. I don't think vvindowsme made any video version with sound himself.
>>Anonymous  23oct2019(we)06:40  No.71856 
Either one actually. Thanks!

>>Anonymous  22oct2019(tu)16:48  No.71843 
Help Needed!

How do I download whole collections?
I've been downloading the .swf one by one, but this obviously can not be the answer to my problem because that would be hilariously stupid amirite?

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>>Anonymous  22oct2019(tu)19:36  No.71844 
collections aren't really meant for batch downloading so i'm afraid you're stuck with downloading one by one

>>Anonymous  22aug2019(th)05:15  No.70726 
I find it cute how this site is bringing up the phony US election reality TV game and Tim Pool. Aristocrats are going to aristocrat.
Meanwhile my Chrome is telling me they will no longer support Flash come next year or so.
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>>Anonymous  20oct2019(su)09:47  No.71807 
Yes free healthcare welfare for everyone who can't afford kids. Great idea.
Can I vote to completely disband the local and federal legislation and stop income taxes?
>>Anonymous  20oct2019(su)19:07  No.71812 
You could certainly start petition or something similar that would have that effect. I don't think it would pass because you're just ripping out the government, which for all its faults has some good elements in it; such a petition would need a something to replace the government with.
>>Anonymous  10nov2019(su)21:14  No.72163 
>the site owner actually thinks project veritas and tim pool should be trusted
>the site owner actually believes the election has actually ever represented the will of the people
>the site owner believes that america will survive 2020 instead of collapsing into civil war and hopefully revolution


>>Anonymous  15oct2019(tu)06:56  No.71738 
Peculiar Flash Tub request: thegarf.swf

Does any have the original SWF for the Flash Tub short "The Garf"? The official page has an MP4, but before, there WAS a SWF. It had an easter egg where the gold fish would say "Oh Garfield" before an 8bit garfield image would start stretching around.

 Replies: 0. Files: 0. [Reply]

>>Anonymous  7oct2019(mo)23:38  No.71632 
Compress Swfs

Can someone compress these 2 swfs please? %26+Angry+-+Merry_Christmas_Dynamic.swf %26+Angry+-+Savannah_Huntress_Dynamic.swf

 Replies: 3. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  11oct2019(fr)04:36  No.71669 
creator needs to learn how to change shapes instead of using 5,020 images. 0_o
>>Anonymous  12oct2019(sa)06:16  No.71690 
over 100 megs?! looks like they are the types that won't compress well either, you would gain maybe 1 or 2 mb
>>Anonymous  14oct2019(mo)05:34  No.71725 
That would be great if they can be compressed to 1 or 2 mb. Here's another swf that also needs to be done. %26+Angry+-+Space_Gal_Music.swf Someone could use the swf edit program to fix the mb too.

>>Anonymous  26apr2018(th)22:18  No.59165 
Other Flash friendly imageboard

So how would you people feel about collecting a list of imageboards that support flash files? Seeing as how 4chan is going back to the days when it shuts itself down every week it might be a good idea; however the communities posted might not like it if we go over and shit them up.
Maybe limit what sort of imageboards we posts or we can promise to stay in a single thread if it's not styled like 4chan's /f/?
Anyway I have a small but growing list that I'll post if we can agree to be nice.

 Preview below.         Replies: 28. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  23apr2019(tu)20:46  No.68290
They added /f/ not too long ago, but already have some oc.
A very small chan, so new flashes appear very infrequently.
>>Anonymous  12jun2019(we)20:54  No.69310
Interesting, they have a mix of swf and html5.
>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  21sep2019(sa)17:20  No.71201 
the shiller strikes back

>using lynxchan

this is a relatively new board so please do not fill it with CP
also come here mewch users we wanna chat here [empty for now]
alright boys carry on and lets continue the serious discussion shall we
==8ch related (i think)

>>Anonymous  6sep2019(fr)05:16  No.70941 
Archive website?

I remember around the time I discovered swfchan, I found another website, but I completely forgot the name. All I can remember is that it had a interactive portrait of a naked Amy Rose at the top. I cant remember but I think it was some archive download website or something, and it may have been Russian. Anyone have any ideas?

 Replies: 3. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  8sep2019(su)20:21  No.70986 
I remember that one too. The amy had a normal and Christmas version as well. I think the name had chan in it too (tho I'm not too sure). Last I remember it just had download links to the flashes.
>>Anonymous  8sep2019(su)20:25  No.70987 
Fucking found it.
>>Anonymous  10sep2019(tu)10:57  No.71016 
>If you read this message, it means that the domain was bought by the "old pervert" gallery owner-moderator from the forum - K :) (! And suddenly someone else remembers me! XD). And maybe try to restore this resource! PS: Hi Yiffmeister! If you suddenly appear here and want to restore the project, write to me at
Guess the site is dead?
Guess OP remembered the forums, (was linked to from there's a flash at the top with Amy, although she isn't naked

is there anything worthwhile on the forums? as i said looks like the site itself is dead

looked it up in 2013 on archive: ...

>>Anonymous  1sep2019(su)16:41  No.70869 
Looking for a flash

I'm searching for a flash what i saw time ago, it was themed on Persona characters, trapped on a room and with a slot machine takes the character and the sex poses

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>>Anonymous  26aug2019(mo)17:30  No.70808 
help me find a flash

There was a animation i found a while ago on /fap that had this girl riding a boy while she rested his phone on his stomach, i dont remember if the animation was furry or not but ove been looking like crazy for it

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>>Anonymous  30aug2019(fr)20:42  No.70853 
do you have more description?

>>Anonymous  25jul2019(th)10:51  No.70247 
Archive of swfchan

I couldn't find a contact for the admin so I figured someone here might have a clue. Is there any downloadable complete (for a certain date at least) archive of swfchan flashes? I'm sure there is a fuckton of flash content that is only on this site and it would be a shame if any of it became lost media.

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>>Anonymous  29jul2019(mo)10:38  No.70333 
I'm glad I'm at least thinking ahead of the game here in that regard. I really hope SWFAnts changes his mind on releasing a full archive in the near future.
>>Anonymous  1aug2019(th)16:23  No.70385 
For every good flash, there are multiple bloated unoptimized horrible pieces of shit made by disgusting fetishists. I wouldn't doubt over half of the size of a full archive would be completely undesirable by anyone but the aforementioned creators, but it's still worth doing for the sake of not losing everything.
>>Anonymous  14aug2019(we)09:27  No.70592 
I would like to have some sort of archive. I'm here for months now downloading stuff one per one, missing some important thing because I cant see preview image and the captchka. My god if I have to fill out another 10 of them just for 2 flash ill go insane

>>msn gang  2aug2019(fr)14:01  No.70397 

hey im trying to convert a swf to gif but i actually cant find a decent tutorial on how to do it. the 2 or 3 sites that do it online didnt work. is there any special way to do it myself?

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>>msn gang  3aug2019(sa)14:17  No.70414 
gifshooter only works with flashes on swfchan also the flash is a transparent object(?) which i want to keep in gif format
>>Anonymous  5aug2019(mo)12:26  No.70469 

>>Anonymous  14aug2019(we)01:32  No.70581 
As far as I know there is no good way to extract visuals from a flash (in any format).
Unless the flash just has a gif in it (or a flv) you can decompile it and grab it that way, but if it's drawn shapes ... the only real way is to film your screen output while it's playing (this is how those "converters" do it) and save that as a video (or convert it to gif).
Swfchan's own gifshooter should be the best solution, all flashes should also be on here somewhere anyway.
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