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>>Nanonymous  8dec2016(th)19:09  No.41869 
powerpuff girls/thehomealoneadventure.swf

bubstar's weird dreams.
the read comic but powerpuff girls watch tv eyes saw remove clothing I was. it call story of bubbles. xierra099.

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>>Nanonymous  9mar2017(th)19:14  No.44984 

the are most look stupid.

>>Nanonymous  16mar2017(th)16:25  No.46280 
Zone Loop

zone loop.

>>Nanonymous  21mar2017(tu)20:05  No.46471 
The Powerpuff Girls Story - It Naked Party Time

I was read all comic picture when Buttercup don't want naked party, try MP4 and MP3.

>>Anonymous  26aug2016(fr)09:27  No.38442 
3Dfuckhouse and Roninsong

I think everybody here knows roninsong.

soooo. I got an account for 3DFH and I tried to rip some of his new flashes, although all I'm getting are .js files and a few mp3 files.

Does anyone know how to rip something from this site?
They got some crazy protection on it...

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>>Anonymous  18mar2017(sa)08:19  No.46353 

be nice if some one lend there account to see them

>>Anonymous  18mar2017(sa)13:33  No.46358 
Did 3Dfuckhouse stop using flash? When I think about it I haven't seen a new swf of theirs uploaded here in quite some time now.
>>Anonymous  18mar2017(sa)23:26  No.46364 
use to, now they are using HTML5 but this guy manga to get some that are html5 >>44746

>>!Wulf.Eb.mY  10mar2016(th)23:57  No.30228 
SWF Decompilers

I was wondering what people use to decompile SWFs, I've only found JPEXS FFDec to work for me, but it'd not really that great for decompiling advanced flashes. Anyone have any alternatives that could be better?

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>>Anonymous  15mar2017(we)10:03  No.46229 
Don't worry about necrobumping, a while back some threads from 2011 were bumped back up.

My suggestion would be to get a version of flash (you'll probably have to torrent it) and have jpex or sothink export an fla file and edit the actionscript from there. Or export it with the actionscript already edited.

>>Anonymous  15mar2017(we)14:11  No.46232 
tried that with and without the "rename invalid identifiers" tool
flash crashes when opening the FLA
maybe getting a newer version of flash might help, currently I use CS5.5
I did export to a 5.5 .fla, but maybe exporting something made in CS6 to a 5.5 .fla breaks something.

flash complained about invalid identifiers once and simply crashed with the renamed identifiers. ...

>>Anonymous  15mar2017(we)17:27  No.46242 

So now I tried modifying the P-Code in JPEXS instead of the actionscript
that works, apparently, and since the editor highlights what instructions correspond to which P-Code lines it's actually kinda do-able even if still harder than it could be

>>Anonymous  1mar2017(we)23:22  No.44750 
Upcoming gets on /f/

The 3222222 get is coming up on /f/ and then soon to follow is 3200000 and eventually 3333333. If anyone cares to post flashes that would go well with those numbers then that would be welcome. Or just discussion about for or against gets on /f/.

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>>Anonymous  8mar2017(we)00:09  No.44924
>>Anonymous  8mar2017(we)00:17  No.44925 
Yup, that's me.
Oh I meant 3300000, if that wasn't obvious.
>>Anonymous  8mar2017(we)00:20  No.44926 It looks like it was used way back as well.

>>Anonymous  24jan2017(tu)20:02  No.43548 
Bans/warnings on /f/

Who here has gotten any and if so what for?

I've recently got a warning for posting which looks like it was deleted within a few hours from posting.
I also got banned on all boards for 24 hours for posting

Both for global rule #3.

I'm pretty surprised about that, since people post bait and switches often enough; at least I have posted You Just Fell For The Trap.swf and other ones changed to something else with no consequence. Maybe there's some new mod or janitor on /f/. I'm going to try again with a different one, maybe a screamer will solicit the same reaction. ...

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>>Anonymous  23feb2017(th)01:50  No.44498 
I see what you mean, from a /b/ perspective. It's really been unbearable for the longest time. Nothing but smartphone porn threads and the eventual shitpost.
/f/ on the other hand hasn't changed a bit. Only a tiny bit maybe and general decay of shockwave flash. But it's rather good right now. There were up and downs, but it's back to what I can live with.
Because it is the board nobody knows about.
And OC was never one if its strenghts anyway.
>>Anonymous  5mar2017(su)03:05  No.44826 
Hmmm this was deleted within one hour, what do you think it could mean?

I know for one fact that you can't deleted a post that old but I don't know if being banned from some other place can get your threads deleted from /f/. At any rate it seems that the janitor hates bait and switches. I wonder if he'll delete lolicon.swf?

>>Anonymous  5mar2017(su)11:38  No.44831 
Well today I posted jeff the killer.swf, which is jeff the killer, and I wasn't warned or banned. However the janitor might not have been present.

>>Anonymous  3mar2017(fr)08:00  No.44781 

How does your captcha work? is it something you wrote or a service you have as well?

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  3mar2017(fr)15:49  No.44792 
Made it myself for swfchan. ImageMagick is used to generate the final image.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  10apr2011(su)20:42  No.1012 

As some of you may have noticed a great deal of ads has disappeared from the bottom of the site recently. Apparently something about site's with porn not being allowed. This means that swfchan suddenly isn't bearing it's own weight any more, new ads are needed since the single one at the top isn't enough. I liked the old ones since they were pretty clean and rotated a lot. Not just the same old penis/dating/sex ads that the top one always gets.

What I'm however thinking is that I'll just go with the same advertisement place as the top ad comes from since that's easiest. These ads are however not based on a per-view plan like the old bottom ones were, so there's little point in filling the bottom with a million of these ads. Nor do I real ...

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>>Anonymous  21nov2016(mo)06:01  No.41359 
It hasn't happened again since, but I recently got an ad which locked me into a popup notification and wouldn't let me close the tab because it would reappear too quickly before I could close it. I can deal with the other ads, but ones like this which actually mess with the functionality are pretty bad.
>>Anonymous  21nov2016(mo)18:55  No.41367 
Well, that's understandable. I never understood why most advertisers are rather picky about what kinds of websites they'll allow their services on. Times change, but people stay the same, I guess.
And yeah, whilst the likes of Crowchild, Jasonafex and such have more patrons at the moment, I have a feeling you'll get there sooner or later. I'd chime in, but I don't use a credit card or PayPal. =^|
>>Anonymous  3mar2017(fr)01:52  No.44776 
Just got a pop up ad with audio that opened in a new window saying it was microsoft saying I had a virus on my computer

>>maiwaifu  26feb2017(su)11:53  No.44655 
4chan vs. swfchan

idk think who is better!?!

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>>Anonymous  28feb2017(tu)07:59  No.44727 
Also in agreement with >>44701, if you look under the rules or in the frames view of 4chan, /f/ is listed as an upload board and not an imageboard.
>>Anonymous  2mar2017(th)10:57  No.44762 
/f/ is one of the rare few boards on 4chan that still taste like the oldschool 4chan. Untainted by the hordes of underaged alt-right cringe-obsessed edgy newfags.

I just wish the existential/nihilist anarchist users never left/got swallowed under newfags.

>>Anonymous  2mar2017(th)19:01  No.44768 
>/f/ is one of the rare few boards on 4chan that still taste like the oldschool 4chan.
False fucking advertising. I want my money back.

>>Anonymous  30sep2011(fr)03:02  No.2596 
down loading files

i have just recently discover this site and really enjoyed it but i can't seem to figur out for the life of me how to download these swf file from this site i've got a flash converter that also downloads the files but it dosen't work with files on this site now i'm not great with computers so if there a way to download these files please let me know unless your not allowed to download them just let me know

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>>Anonymous  25feb2017(sa)13:58  No.44614 
That's must be a problem on your end. They still show up for me, just checked.
Why do you need that anyway? Just download them normally.
>>Anonymous  25feb2017(sa)22:11  No.44627 
that was how i downloaded them normally, is there an easier way?
>>Anonymous  25feb2017(sa)22:30  No.44630 
On .org you can either right-click .swf and select save target as or you can click the "Download" link in the bottom right corner on the embed page.

On .com you can either right-click [SAVE] below the embedded flash and select save target as or you can uncheck "embed" before pressing the GET FILE button.

>>Anonymous  23feb2017(th)12:34  No.44521 

Interested in being a wiseguy? This is a brand new game, and so it offers the possibility to compete for the very top. I'm looking for gang members, if you're up for it apply at after registering.

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>>Anonymous  24feb2017(fr)04:32  No.44549 
wew, you're everywhere aren't you.

>>Anonymous  20feb2017(mo)23:57  No.44407 
Webm Vid

Can someone please convert this Webm vid to a 800 size animated gif and post it on 3dd915cd7e41bfac923.webm

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>>Anonymous  21feb2017(tu)05:38  No.44419 
Why can't you do it yourself? Why are you asking here of all places?
>>Anonymous  21feb2017(tu)05:40  No.44420 
probably advertising
>>Anonymous  23feb2017(th)05:02  No.44511 
When I convert the Webm to an animated gif it's too large in MB size.

>>Anonymous  16feb2017(th)10:42  No.44203 

Your website, or, is returning network-timeout error again. Might wanna look into that ;)

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>>Anonymous  13feb2017(mo)05:22  No.44104 
Captcha Idea

It would be super nice if the admin just got rid of the captcha page for all swfs for ever.

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>>Anonymous  13feb2017(mo)06:47  No.44111 
𝑺𝒚𝒏𝒕𝒂𝒙 𝒆𝒓𝒓𝒐𝒓.
𝘠𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘢𝘳𝘨𝘶𝘮𝘦𝘯𝘵 𝘭𝘢𝘤𝘬𝘴 𝘢𝘳𝘨𝘶𝘮𝘦𝘯𝘵𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯.

>>Anonymous  12feb2017(su)23:59  No.44091 
Instant View Settings?

It seems that instant view only allows the default settings for viewing a flash: Embedded with the B option checked.

Would it be possible to personally define defaults? Sometimes my Internet is slow so instead of embedding the larger flashes greater than ten megabytes I will download and then watch them, instead of waiting for the embedded one to load and then downloading it again if I actually wanted it.

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  13feb2017(mo)00:16  No.44093 
It's not on the table to implement right now but I'll write it down.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  2feb2012(th)10:43  No.3150 
The Mix

Anything concerning can be discussed here.

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>>Anonymous  3feb2017(fr)23:02  No.43791 
What is this thing? e_of_2Fort.swf.8qdru2p.partial4586430 It doesn't seem to be a flash and it doesn't show up when I search it.
>>Anonymous  3feb2017(fr)23:03  No.43792 .partial5895603 odigy.swf.ea7bikz.partial3263875
Found some more right after I made that post.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  5feb2017(su)01:17  No.43834 
It's these three: icious+Cycle+of+2Fort.swf _Myon.swf ll+-+The+Prodigy.swf ...

>>Nanoymous  4feb2017(sa)15:51  No.43826 
Allegro Party

Allegro party dance up cloud.

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>>Anonymous  21jul2014(mo)06:19  No.13887 
ShoopDaWhoop Woodpecker Music

I just searched through 171 pages of flashes and couldn't find this flash. I've been searching for it for two years now. I first saw it on some site that now just redirects to a facebook profile before it crashed. It's a musical loop featuring this catchy ukelele solo. The actual looping animation is of a cartoon woodpecker. It pecks at the orange tree it's standing on, only for the camera to zoom out and reveal it's a tiny woodpecker on a bigger one's leg. This zoom-out loops infinitely with the music.

Can anyone help me pleeeease? :'(

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>>Anonymous  24jul2014(th)22:22  No.13953 
dammit man sorry, no idea :(
>>Anonymous  21jan2017(sa)07:20  No.43470 
Years later . . . ecker.swf

>>Anonymous  21jan2017(sa)18:22  No.43488 
I even know that flash
Thread must have slipped past me back then

>>Sir Spoter  20mar2011(su)05:16  No.739 

Does anyone know where this came from? swf&w=640&h=480

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>>Anonymous  21jan2017(sa)03:40  No.43466 
Tsujimachi Anime Theater - Doppyun Win*bie

Learn to google.

>>Anonymous  21jan2017(sa)05:25  No.43468 
Teach me master.
>>Anonymous  21jan2017(sa)18:21  No.43487 
Did OP really not just post the swf itself?

Did Anon really dig up a 5 year old thread for sauce request?

>>43465 ...

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  7sep2015(mo)14:55  No.23212 

Discussion thread.

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  10jan2017(tu)21:21  No.43203 
I'm just careful about my identity, wouldn't feel comfortable without some kind of middleman that hides my real info. That's by the way something Patreon promised me was 100% okay too in a different e-mail, to be completely Anonymous.
>>Anonymous  12jan2017(th)18:15  No.43253 
Wouldn't a paypal email be anonymous enough? If it isn't could you just set something up on your own site to do that, sort of like how 4chan does with its passes through stripe?
>>Anonymous  13jan2017(fr)18:59  No.43275 
Well, the money has to go somewhere. And not a lot of people are willing to handle bitcoins or such (as shown by past experiments gone).

>>Anonymous  7dec2016(we)00:31  No.41796 
So... about the new ZONE release

Any way to post that here?
Has Zone abandoned that swf container file at last?

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>>Anonymous  8jan2017(su)05:05  No.43126 
Call me when he edits out the shots of demon faces so I can look at a girl getting railed and not disgusting abominations while I'm fapping.
>>Anonymous  8jan2017(su)07:29  No.43129 

Unfortunately, is way too difficult to edit the original file because is a mp4 video not a swf file.

>>Anonymous  8jan2017(su)07:30  No.43130 
The section that was music only has now all the moans and talks and just slight background music at some part.

It was acceptable. There're enough scenes not focusing on the ghosts or whatever. Some demon monstrosity in the shot is tentacle hentai standard anyway.

>>Nanoymous  4jan2017(we)19:09  No.43038 
Zone Loop

Zone tv has been broken.

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>>Anonymous  3dec2016(sa)01:16  No.41670 
Fix Site

Every swf I want to see nothing happens & it doesn't load too. Can you fix this site please.

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>>Anonymous  30dec2016(fr)12:42  No.42820 
Works fine, just like all the other files you've posted.
>>Anonymous  30dec2016(fr)17:59  No.42865 
Are download speeds extreeeeemely slow for anyone else?
>>Anonymous  30dec2016(fr)18:00  No.42866 
Can confirm.

>>Anonymous  26aug2015(we)17:48  No.22724 
-8 Collection

I'm trying to collect everything by minus8 here:

But I need your help to make sure I don't miss anything. Link to new and old flashes here and I will update the collection!

Please also post suggestions on description changes as well, I'd like to write as much as possible about each flash (music source, background story, some into on characters etc). ...

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>>Anonymous  27dec2016(tu)01:55  No.42642 
This one version of ppppu has more animations than the current one in the fan made section: (look for ppppux on Internet, not sure if I can post URLs to sites other than this and *chan sites)
>>Anonymous  27dec2016(tu)04:21  No.42645 
It needs to be a stand-alone flash file, that version doesn't work without reading external flash files. If someone makes a stand-alone .swf file of it I'd be more than happy to add it to the collection.
>>Anonymous  28dec2016(we)01:01  No.42701 

Oh, just tried to download it from that source and saw I couln't get that swf as a whole. Sorry.

>>Nanonymous  25dec2016(su)19:05  No.42573 
smile eye

do not that eye look colour.

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  6feb2015(fr)08:48  No.17666 

This is the thread regarding the collection system:

Suggestions or opinions are most welcome!

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>>æ  6dec2016(tu)19:11  No.41783 
Seems strange that the orange border goes across the left collumn entirely, but only the right flash thumbnail, so that the right collumn description is left outside... to me at least.

Also still waiting pretty please on possibility to edit:
* the order of subcategories (I mean you COULD just move ALL the files in one and rename it , but...)
* and also mass edits of files, because I want to keep a peculiar number order and don't want to edit every single one, save, scroll down again, repeat...
maybe even make it remember the screen position after an edit?
* number order without any limits (like when the number is too low to the next one, etc.) ...

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  8dec2016(th)20:13  No.41873 
I will probably move the orange border, it is a bit confusing right now. I'll also try to do the other things you suggested, although I'm not sure what you mean by "number order without any limits". I can't think of anything that could be wrong with the add button regarding the password but I'll look into it!
>>Anonymous  14dec2016(we)22:12  No.42050 
Thanks! That would finally motivate me to kinda clean that mess up, a bit more.
Can't say I'm a fan of the new layout, but it certainly helps to quickly search for a single flash.
About the passphrase, maybe it would help to state [that there are non_unicode letters included]. Maybe that's messing with the hash?
Finally, about the order number, as previously stated:
When f.e. putting in a very high number, that is far from any other existing number,
the edit says "...successfull... Though the given sort order number was too high and was lowered."

>>iTzDreamZ  30nov2016(we)18:11  No.41618 
Need help with SWF files

Hi, I'm iTzDreamZ and I want to know if is it possible to merge multiple SWF files into 1 single swf. I have also few html and css files included with the SWF files and want to compile or merge them into 1 as I explained before.

If somebody knows what to do please answer this as fast as you can.


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>>Anonymous  1dec2016(th)21:59  No.41638 
I've had that problem too, I'm pretty sure they split up their flash games like that purposely so they can't be posted easily online. Most of the time they won't work at all without a master flash file that coordinate things as well.
>>Anonymous  6dec2016(tu)19:52  No.41789 
have seen this though with the Zone Collection files
you would most likely need at least a tiny bit of AS skills
>>Anonymous  7dec2016(we)15:13  No.41826 
Oh yeah, I remember those. Wonder how he did it? Most likely he just decompiled each zone flash to a FLA project and then made a new FLA project and copied resources over. Requires some work and it probably only work well with flashes that don't have anything to do with each other, in those collections you basically just pick a flash and it bring it up. Would be harder to pull off things that depend on external files since each "load ActionScript" would need to be replaced with a reference to something in the library.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  26may2016(th)11:37  No.33554 
The Swiff Army Knife

Discussion thread for

Feel free to suggest improvements or new features!

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>>Anonymous  8jul2016(fr)17:05  No.35222 
Video Slicer not working correctly for me.

Win10 with jre1.8.0_91 java 64bit, changed the bat file.
Everything runs normally, no error messages whatsoever.
Tried to cut a working mp4 with supposedly h264 and aac, but no matter what I times I input (even when default) the preview always are just black frames. There's some progression visible (the video starts and ends with black frames), but the output file never plays right. It's just an empty black screen in any media player (no errors there too).
Tried converting it into flv beforehand (which worked), but the end result is the same.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  9jul2016(sa)02:38  No.35239 
Not sure what to tell you. Could be the media file, ffmpeg or Windows 10 causing the issue. Probably though there's something about the video encoding that the container format doesn't like, since you can convert to FLV with The Swiff Army Knife but not to MP4. Maybe the pixel format is wrong or whatever else videos can have going on that I know little about and haven't accounted for.

Check in the console to make sure that ffmpeg doesn't say something somewhere. Could be easy to miss. Both my program and ffmpeg should tell you everything they are doing via the console. If you find something that looks like an error/info message post it here for me. If you can convert the video to FLV or maybe WEBM you could try using the FLV/WEB ...

"even more lossless"... HAH!
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  6dec2016(tu)17:24  No.41780 
Release 2

I'm pleased to announce that a new version of the program is available! The link's at the top of the thread. Still not any flash stuff added, mainly made this for the addition of the .ini file. But the scale field on the video encoder tab and the improved speed on the video slicer tab is good too, full list of changes can be found on the tool's web page.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  25mar2012(su)10:00  No.3368 
Let's talk Services

All discussion related to the services found at are to be put in this thread.

Comments, questions, suggestions, ideas, wishes, problems?

 Preview below.         Replies: 103. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  7jan2016(th)10:38  No.26623 
Press CTRL+0 to make sure the browser hasn't zoomed anything. Make sure the whole rectangle is visible on your screen, with a bit of white space around it. If it still doesn't work tell me your OS, browser and give me URL to a flash that doesn't work, please.
>>Anonymous  31mar2016(th)20:53  No.31073 
Ai subeki 17 and 18

There is a problem with with AI subeki 17 and 18 when converting them to apk files. When trying to open them it is just a white screen. How do I fix this.

>>CUM SLUT  27nov2016(su)13:13  No.41554 
game post

can we get the mayuri vision from comdotgame on here plz I think ppl would love it

>>Anonymous  21nov2016(mo)20:32  No.41373 
Actionscript 3.0?

Anyone have good resources for learning actionscript 3.0?

I was trying to make a flash that:
-plays a song once it starts
-has a button that plays the next song of possibly 3 or more songs and stops playing the previous one
-a button to increase the volume
-a button to decrease the volume
-a button to stop all sounds ...

 Replies: 4. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  22nov2016(tu)05:23  No.41383 
Seems to keep on giving me:
TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
at RECOVER_you_WON_fla::MainTimeline/prepare()
at RECOVER_you_WON_fla::MainTimeline/frame2()

I looked in a debug window and it seems to line 14 which is:
mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickResponse); ...

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  22nov2016(tu)12:07  No.41391 
Place four MovieClips on the stage (on the same frame that has the ActionScript) and name them "movieClipNamedVolUp", "movieClipNamedVolDown", "movieClipNamedNextSong" and "movieClipNamedStopAll" (write it in the "Instance name"-field at the top of the MovieClip Properties). Those are example names though and you can use MovieClips created via ActionScript as well, doesn't have to be predefined instances on the stage.

You're getting null reference exceptions because the variable "movieClipNamedVolUp" doesn't refer to anything, once you've done the above you can once again remove "this." that you added. The problem is still there, "this." just tricks the precompiler to think everything is fine and the problem is instead discovere ...

>>Anonymous  22nov2016(tu)21:06  No.41413 
Okay, I thought it was the name of the symbol in the library and not the instance name.

It's working now, thanks!

>>Anonymous  15nov2016(tu)02:25  No.41138 
SUP, looking for a particular flash, help me find it?

It's an AMV and the name of it's song I don't remember but it's made by some small Youtuber, would have the tags nonrealvideo & emotional and the very start has a automatic raising barrier (like this, but without the fence thing hanging off it lux-barrier.JPG)

It used to be posted fairly often on /f/, anyone know it's name?

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>>Anonymous  18nov2016(fr)22:10  No.41270 
>recently posted
It's been months

Yeah I posted this before I realized every second flash is tagged emotional

>Replying with a hashtag (on a chanboard) ...

>>Anonymous  19nov2016(sa)09:49  No.41290 
Oh, its a meme? Don't worry pal, I'm a pretty meme dude myself, I got your back
>>Anonymous  22nov2016(tu)05:35  No.41384 
Wait a second, do you remember:
-relative date that the youtube video was posted
-channel name
-ballpark length of the video
-any words in the title
-view count

If you really want to remember you can filter it in a youtube search and if the video isn't removed you can find it. Then you can .net search the hashed part of the url in order to better find the flash version if you still want that. ...
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