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>>Anonymous  25may2019(sa)20:11  No.68937 

The two reasons it really is harder to get a job than it used to be

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  25mar2012(su)10:00  No.3368 
Let's talk Services

All discussion related to the services found at are to be put in this thread.

Comments, questions, suggestions, ideas, wishes, problems?

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>>Anonymous  17may2019(fr)06:34  No.68760 
Well I don't see it right now, why not entertain yourself a different way; Each time you see that page filled with PDPatty flashes, go to the beginning of the archive and flip through the pages until you're bored. Make a new bookmark when you're done and then start from the place you left off. I highly doubt you've already looked through the entire archive and this way you'll be exposed to a variety of older flashes that you've probably never seen before.
I went to a random page once this way and it was how I rediscovered saiyinhard.swf, which previously had no postings to /f/.
>>Anonymous  20may2019(mo)00:17  No.68806 
Yeah, I'd say watching for newly added flashes in [Current Year] is hardly gonna do it.
You could also use the .net community page, browse through different collections (text search for "++" for newly added flashes), use a chan (here, or /f/) or just search for a category and go through the archive pages themselves.
Lurking on /f/ and .org is basically 100% of all real new flashes added to the archive anyway.
>>Anonymous  25may2019(sa)11:12  No.68936 
I'm doing that for a past few months, trying to save everything that is salvagable around here. I'm on page 2400, its a fun treasure digging

>>Anonymous  17may2019(fr)06:41  No.68761 

So YTMND suffered a database failure or something like that
While I wasn't ever into the site myself and only visited a few times, it was neat. The problem for me was that my connection was slow, so I preferred flash files that I could download and play over and over again. Anyway thanks for reading my blog but I just wanted to encourage SWFAnts to make a backup of swfchan before something like this happens here.

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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  18may2019(sa)15:20  No.68771 
There are auto-backups of the files and databases multiple times per week and I try to make manual copies every now and then. Will probably swap out the backup disk this summer for a new one and then the old disk will serve as an offline long-term static backup.
>>Anonymous  20may2019(mo)00:20  No.68807 
You're the man now, Ants.

>>Anonymous  19may2019(su)23:25  No.68801 
Come across this file on /f/: 0Marisa%20a%20visit.swf
It's not in the archive though and I can't upload it (invalid file).
Don't know why.
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>>Anonymous  25mar2019(mo)18:43  No.67639 
Offline Bootable SWF Archive

Hello Friends! I come bearing gifts!
I created a bootable USB flash-drive image for viewing Adobe Flash (.SWF) files offline. e_iso

As you may or may not be aware, official support for
Adobe Flash will be ending in 2020, and already,
Compatibility with modern web browsers is scarce, ...

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>>w7-890 nottrippy  10apr2019(we)13:39  No.68011 
also OP why did you spam this iso link to other chans
>>Anonymous  13apr2019(sa)08:49  No.68075 
They're already on the .ISO (aside from the Hentai stuff)

Just trying to get the word out there. Didn't immediately realize that Flashpoint was a thing

>>Anonymous  15may2019(we)21:12  No.68741 
it will possible to view flash files with adobe flash projector

>>Anonymous  21feb2018(we)09:31  No.57222 

suggest features for swfchan even if they're unreasonable

1. add a button or something that checks if a flash you are viewing the archive is part of a visible collection
2. assuming that the flashes are scanned/decompiled when firstspotted, download any flashes that load through a Loader object or are fully hyperlinked
3. data dump: allow other people to download chunks of the database so they can scan it for metadata if they so desire.

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>>kevintherobloxnoob  4may2019(sa)00:26  No.68500 
dyaboy Explodes

dyaboy dies.

>>debian VM with btrfs !elUzZM2K/o  6may2019(mo)21:42  No.68567 

nice spam dude also two A's in a row nice ID:get mine is definitely AB

also a way to search by hash i have the sha256 hash of my swf files

>>w7-890  6may2019(mo)21:48  No.68568 
also for crc32 and md5 (i made some tweaks on the filesystem)

500th get i forgot to mention that

>>???? ????  29apr2019(mo)03:22  No.68391 
Flash dies 2020

What's gonna happen to swfchan and all of the flash boards on other imageboards when adobe finallly kills off flash next year?

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>>Anonymous  2may2019(th)15:24  No.68474 
Too bad that's neither possible or at least not feasable (as seen in what goes on at newgrounds).
HTML5 is completely different and maybe better in terms of actual video display, but certainly not interactive media/games. You'd need at least JS Node for that, but then why not just program in C++ at that point.
>>Anonymous  2may2019(th)17:49  No.68475 
browsers will stop supporting in browser projection though, won't they?
>>Anonymous  2may2019(th)18:40  No.68482 
yes they will, so you must either
+ Use a different browser that is not controlled by the google syndicate (f.e. waterfox, palemoon)
+ Use an older outdated browser
+ Use an older/other browser just for visiting FLASH
+ Use an alternative display method (Gnash, etc.)
+ Use projector (or old WMPC, or program of choice) to auto-open flashes after downloading them temporarily ...

>>Anonymous  26apr2018(th)22:18  No.59165 
Other Flash friendly imageboard

So how would you people feel about collecting a list of imageboards that support flash files? Seeing as how 4chan is going back to the days when it shuts itself down every week it might be a good idea; however the communities posted might not like it if we go over and shit them up.
Maybe limit what sort of imageboards we posts or we can promise to stay in a single thread if it's not styled like 4chan's /f/?
Anyway I have a small but growing list that I'll post if we can agree to be nice.

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>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  14mar2019(th)21:02  No.67351 
oh no my changasm
what happened to 000chan and 64chan
also plz check this out

>>59472 /furi/ or /flash/

>>w7-890  16mar2019(sa)08:12  No.67400 

anybody know wtf happened to G-chan and 76chan
anybody know a 000webhost based imageboard

is this even spam

>>Anonymous  23apr2019(tu)20:46  No.68290
They added /f/ not too long ago, but already have some oc.
A very small chan, so new flashes appear very infrequently.

>>Anonymous  21apr2019(su)21:10  No.68236 
New /f/

A small chan recently added an /f/ board, came here to suggest that these flashes should be archived aswell.

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>>Anonymous  21apr2019(su)22:51  No.68241 
Please use the existing thread to talk about other chanboards

Also, while you obviously can make the suggestion, it's unlikely that any new sites are added to the scraper, as only a very few select sites are getting pulled automatically and regularely.

Best to just check periodically and if you see something new or saveworthy, post it here, or at least check if it's already in the archive.

>>Anonymous  22apr2019(mo)23:27  No.68278 
Alright, gotcha! Thanks for the quick response.

>>Anonymous  26aug2015(we)17:48  No.22724 
-8 Collection

I'm trying to collect everything by minus8 here:

But I need your help to make sure I don't miss anything. Link to new and old flashes here and I will update the collection!

Please also post suggestions on description changes as well, I'd like to write as much as possible about each flash (music source, background story, some into on characters etc). ...

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>>Anonymous  25feb2019(mo)23:03  No.66901 
>>Amelia_Fanatic  17apr2019(we)07:32  No.68133 
You put in the wrong flash for Amelia

That one you currently have set is a fan edit... or a small clip... The full thing is here her+shit.swf

>>FreeTheNip  17apr2019(we)13:06  No.68135 
Yoshi's Island now w/ Shygirls nipples f

I personally edited this. Unlike some people, looking at the assets, one would have noticed that the actual sprite being used for her breasts had the ripped clothing in it. So I just went in and took it off the sprites, and now the overall "rip" is still there, just not the two pieces that were covering Shygal's nipples towards the end of the animation.

Sadly, minus8 only left that nude goodie, I checked Koopa girl and Piranha plant for any nude bits *spoiler* no nips or pussy for both... but someone could easily get nips and a pussy on Piranha if anyone is up to it

>>Anonymous  8feb2015(su)05:58  No.17722 

Are extremely excessive. For each two flashes I get, I have to type in two captchas and it fails most of the time, even when I clearly type the right letters. It's common that they fail 5+ times in a row while I type what is clearly being displayed on both captchas. Am I the only one this happens to? Because I haven't seen people complaining about this.

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>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  20feb2019(we)15:31  No.66771 
umm ants sorry for bump

but are captchas cAsE SeNsitive

link 404 what happened

>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  9mar2019(sa)18:21  No.67250 
hey antz what happened to those big captcha images which has 2-3 words or so
which show up after after 4-6 gets (they are bonus captchas i think)

all i see are those small captchas that have 2-5 letters/numbers or so

>>Anonymous  16apr2019(tu)10:55  No.68117 
nope, I tend to just type them in all lower case.. unless there's a number then all upper case.

>>WTF EMERGENCY SPAMBOT  15oct2018(mo)09:46  No.64104 
plz help

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>>Anonymous  19mar2019(tu)08:15  No.67470 
>this isn't really the thread to ask that but anyway:
>answers the question anyways
damn man, deep respect.
and yeah, I figured that instead of making a new thread, I would just ask in the top thread instead. disabling adblocker worked, for what it's worth.
>>The cute Puffin  19mar2019(tu)10:54  No.67473 
you mean the botnet browser how about edge (ie seems to work fine)

deep respect for you guys (seconded)

>>no tripcode needed  29mar2019(fr)07:33  No.67732 
i was banned btw

yiff party is censored lets discuss it here shall we
sorry if this is off topic antz

pic related

>>Anonymous  28mar2019(th)15:49  No.67721 

The parts in the spectrums of each thing that cause the opposite reaction to the parts in the spectums that cause aging,retards,sickness,etc,etc,and there's the other parts in the middle(example-in the berry spectrum there are healthy berries and poisonous berries and the other berries in the middle).The elements.Recreating various outside crisis situations(hungry,thirsty,stuck,etc,etc) or not results in invisibility and speed,omnipotence,superpeople,youngness,altering you and reality,personally affecting reality,your mind returning to the past(time travel).People who are acidic,nervous,shitty and others are being assalted,bleeding and puking acid.The soaps are killing people,the nerve and skin damage and where's the sweat and tan,feeling h ...

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>>Anonymous  26mar2019(tu)14:28  No.67674 

The parts of the spectrums of each thing that have the opposite reaction of the parts of the spectums that cause aging,retards,sickness,etc,etc,and there's the other parts in the middle(example-in the berry spectrum there are healthy berries and poisonous berries and the other berries in the middle).The elements.Recreating various outside crisis situations(hungry,thirsty,stuck,etc,etc) or not results in invisibility and speed,omnipotence,superpeople,youngness,altering you and reality,personally affecting reality,your mind returning to the past(time travel).People who are acidic,nervous,shitty and others are being assalted,bleeding and puking acid.The soaps are killing people,the nerve and skin damage and where's the sweat and tan,feeling ho ...

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>>Anonymous  26mar2019(tu)20:35  No.67682 
Can we please remove these threads. They gonna bump valuable discussion threads off the board at some point.
Scrolling through /disc/ is like 10 of these threads on the first page.

>>Anonymous  25jul2017(tu)20:22  No.51733 
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! y-god-to-thee be-flash-update.html

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>>Anonymous  4oct2017(we)19:57  No.53964 
Doing god's work, Zoor.
Before Newgrounds forcibly converts all of them.
This is likely to be the last bastion of flash.
>>Anonymous  11oct2017(we)19:49  No.54156 
It's here ts/2017_July_25 but not on the big page.

They already did that to most of them besides games or animations that are heavily interactive.

>>Anonymous  25mar2019(mo)19:58  No.67640 
Idk if people know about flashpoint, but here's a link to it.
Seems like a relatively new project to conserve flash games.

>>Anonymous  22sep2017(fr)21:27  No.53601 
Anyone else having this issue?

For some reason when I am on the main page and click on any of the hyperlinks to a file it downloads it instead of opening it through Anyone else having this issue or is my computer just hate this site?

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>>Anonymous  6mar2019(we)19:07  No.67196 

Would the about:config setting for Firefox work on an Android tablet?

>>Anonymous  23mar2019(sa)06:38  No.67587 
install gentoo
>>Anonymous  24mar2019(su)19:19  No.67629 
>>67587 ll_gentoo.swf

>>Anonymous  26aug2016(fr)09:27  No.38442 
3Dfuckhouse and Roninsong

I think everybody here knows roninsong.

soooo. I got an account for 3DFH and I tried to rip some of his new flashes, although all I'm getting are .js files and a few mp3 files.

Does anyone know how to rip something from this site?
They got some crazy protection on it...

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>>Anonymous  8oct2018(mo)07:26  No.63978 
I really don't want to be that guy and look a gifted horse in the mouth, but
it took you THAT long to find a thread on fucking ulmf? That's like the goto place for flash porn rips.
>>w7 890  10oct2018(we)11:11  No.64016 
thx m8 going 2 seed linkz
>>the YP faggot  21mar2019(th)15:49  No.67550 
blitzdrachin anyone?

>>Anonymous  29sep2018(sa)17:27  No.63782 
The soaps,creams etc are turning peoples faces into scar covered monsters

People aren't sweating or barely sweating.Feeling hot and sick?The soaps,creams,rubs etc are the causes.The nerve and skin damage.People aren't tanning.People are dying.The face feels hot,puffy,swollen,rigid skin,cuts,an injection into the skin,a creature stuck to the face,bugs crawling on the skin,skin scars,a throbbing burning feeling in the face and burning and burning and suicides.

 Preview below.         Replies: 3. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  19mar2019(tu)11:02  No.67474 
>>Anonymous  19mar2019(tu)17:53  No.67478 
Thanks for the bump.
We couldn't have done it without ya.
>>i am 67474  20mar2019(we)04:39  No.67491 
fuck the OP

so should we ban this w7-890 or the other spammer instead

>>Anonymous  11mar2019(mo)05:34  No.67273 
downloading newgrounds files

A while back newgrounds started doing some weird shit with files and now flashes are all in a weird .zip format that fucks with every downloader around, not even youtube-dl works anymore.
TL;DR is there any way to download these files and make them back into flashes?

 Replies: 3. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  11mar2019(mo)16:42  No.67280 
Yes, right-click the web page that shows the video version and select "view page source". CTRL+F ".swf" and copy the URL to the flash file on Paste the URL in the Firefox address bar and hit enter (Firefox understands that "\/" is supposed to be "/"), finally press CTRL+S to save the flash.

If you are logged into a Newgrounds account you're given the option to watch the original flash instead of the video version when available. Why they require you to be logged in for this option I don't know.

Last time I tried this was like 2 years ago so hopefully you can still access all original flash files this way. There's really no reason for them to ever remove the original flash versions since they are less than 1% of ...

>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  12mar2019(tu)07:56  No.67295 
any way to do this for html5 games
>>Anonymous  12mar2019(tu)19:58  No.67305 
I'd say no, mainly because html5 games aren't a single file.

>>Anonymous  12mar2019(tu)01:26  No.67291 
Missing PP34 work?

I remember seeing some of PP34 work up here. Come back later and it's gone. Anyone know what happen to it? There was one of her mascot Jess on the beach in a bikini off the top of my head.

 Replies: 2. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  12mar2019(tu)03:44  No.67292 
i'm not a brain surgeon but it probably 404d because it was old, check the archive for it mate
>>Anonymous  12mar2019(tu)19:18  No.67301 
OP probably doesn't even know that random-thread-order is standard
it's gonna be different threads everytime you come here, unless you switch to normal-thread-order
not that hard to check the date the thread was posted, if it's from 2013, well you know

>>w7 890  11aug2018(sa)17:14  No.61646 
yo ants wtf is this
and this

 Preview below.         Replies: 10. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  6feb2019(we)09:44  No.66474 
antz plz answer

hey antz what happened to
and do you still have the files (not all of them are swfs)
also why do other porn flashes go to /show/ or /swf/ instead of /fap/

>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  7mar2019(th)11:15  No.67206 
a glitch f
if you look closely two threads lead to
there should only be one archive per thread

also the flash named Imadethis.swf is missing one thread

>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  8mar2019(fr)16:52  No.67233 
yo antz why is the thumbnail deleted here there isnt any CP there

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  6feb2015(fr)08:48  No.17666 

This is the thread regarding the collection system:

Suggestions or opinions are most welcome!

 Preview below.         Replies: 51. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  6mar2019(we)03:03  No.67179 
Somehow I didn't see that post or (more likely) I must have thought it wasn't a real issue because editing has been possible both for myself and others. Sometimes people report errors that are just user errors. However this time the issue was real; one unique to you simply because your collection is so large! It exceeded the page buffer limit of the server. The fix was simple, I've made it 10 times larger. Looking forward to fix the problem for you again when your collection is 10 times larger! ;) Also I'm more quiet now but I'm around, don't worry.
>>æ  7mar2019(th)01:19  No.67199 
Yaay, glad to see your usual quick response! ヽ(^o^)丿
Loool, so the problem was actually induced by myself. Makes sense! Guess changing the layout to feature all flashes on a single page brought some unexpected turns.
I was wondering why there were some edits after I couldn't do so anymore, I thought it might be something on my side.
Anyway, I just checked and I can confirm it's fixed, cheers!

Hmm, I wonder if my collection will ever become 10x that big :x
Recently went through my old files I had on a harddisk and I was astounded how many I already collected over the years, just from memory. Not a lot to add anymore, but maybe I'll still pick up a few here and there. And hey, it's not like there wouldn't be any new flashes anymore. One can still dream of fresh new OC :P

>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  8mar2019(fr)16:13  No.67232 
umm hey antz how often do you lurk/check the threads here

>>Anonymous  7mar2019(th)19:29  No.67215 
Young and healthy

The things in the spectrums of each thing that have the opposite reaction of the things in the spectums that cause aging,retards,sickness,etc,etc,and there's the others in the middle(example-in the berry spectrum their are healthy berries and poisonous berries and the other berries in the middle).The elements.Recreating various outside crisis situations(hungry,thirsty,stuck,etc,etc) or not results in invisibility and speed,omnipotence,youngness,altering you and reality,personally affecting reality,your mind returning to the past(time travel).People who are acidic,nervous,shitty and others are being assalted,bleeding and puking acid.The soaps are killing people,the nerve and skin damage and where's the sweat and tan,feeling hot,dizzy,throbbi ...

 Replies: 1. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>sage  7mar2019(th)20:21  No.67216 
remove soaps

The soaps are killing people again!

>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  8mar2019(fr)16:09  No.67231 
im calling antz aaand reported


>>Anonymous  23feb2019(sa)18:30  No.66846 
Would someone please resize this swf e72f98364ccd236398df71e47e3b.swf & lower the audio too. The size that will be better is 800.
 Replies: 0. Files: 0. [Reply]

>>Anonymous  24jan2017(tu)20:02  No.43548 
Bans/warnings on /f/

Who here has gotten any and if so what for?

I've recently got a warning for posting which looks like it was deleted within a few hours from posting.
I also got banned on all boards for 24 hours for posting

Both for global rule #3.

I'm pretty surprised about that, since people post bait and switches often enough; at least I have posted You Just Fell For The Trap.swf and other ones changed to something else with no consequence. Maybe there's some new mod or janitor on /f/. I'm going to try again with a different one, maybe a screamer will solicit the same reaction. ...

 Preview below.         Replies: 22. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  1mar2018(th)14:58  No.57472 
I highly doubt it and if there are active mods or janitors then what's their actual purpose when shitty youtuberips and /pol/ related flashes are being kept on?
But anyway it's just more speculations and no one really knows what's happening so we are still left in the dark as always.
>>Colliding Stars  22feb2019(fr)18:44  No.66835 
Sleepy Gimp

Is there a chance you could help me get my hands on some Sleepy Gimp comics and artwork?

>>Anonymous  23feb2019(sa)03:29  No.66838 
can someone ban the person who keeps posting that stupid avie makeup game with no nudity or sex in /fap also we need rules to block trolls from /fap, when people open a flash expecting it to be H it should not spawn a meme or screamer in-stead. you can't fap to that so it should not be in fap. od2.swf.html this should not be in mah fap. unless someone edits the game and turns it into H.

>>Anonymous  11feb2019(mo)02:12  No.66544 
collections editor down

Hey, Ants, just wanted to let you know that if you try to edit a collection this error message pops up:
>An error occurred on the server when processing the URL. Please contact the system administrator.

>If you are the system administrator please click [here] to find out more about this error.

the link refers to this page: frameworks/running-classic-asp-applications-on-iis -7-and-iis-8/classic-asp-not-installed-by-default- on-iis

 Replies: 1. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  6mar2019(we)03:03  No.67180 
Have fixed the issue and responded to your other post about this:

>>not-a-namefag-w7 890  30oct2018(tu)08:38  No.64458 
website scrape and archive list

in here we discuss about what websites to archive

 Replies: 4. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>adbot No 1  2nov2018(fr)12:04  No.64509 
bla bla bla nothing here

who wants to add
and the best part is they are mostly flash (HTML5 games are rare)

>>Anonymous  3nov2018(sa)02:18  No.64523 
some more ideas, mostly centered around games.
+armorgames (although someone posted a torrent of all of their swfs on /f/ a long while ago)
+dagobah (although they're mostly reposts of other flash sites it's possible that they might have something original posted) ...
>>random SWF gamer  1feb2019(fr)16:05  No.66373 
well i think we should add and

>>Anonymous  16jan2019(we)21:42  No.66063 
Can't Remember the Name of This?

Hey anons, does anyone remember a series of shitty flash cartoons from the mid 2000s about a homeless man that’s actually some kind of blob monster who violently kills and eats other homeless people? I can’t associate a name with it at all. For some reason I recall there’s a game attached where the goal is to clean out a drug den and all the kill animations were really edgy and violent. I had this in my head when I woke up this morning so maybe I dreamt the whole thing, but I swear it looked like shitty flash animation and I saw a lot of fucked up stuff during that era.

 Replies: 0. Files: 0. [Reply]

>>Anonymous  13jan2019(su)07:54  No.65959 
hentai flash website

I just thought it would be funny to show this to people who browse swfchan. This website seems to pull at least some of its flashes from swfchan and and graciously sites where it got them from.
swfchan is in the big dogs now!

 Replies: 3. Files: 0. [Reply]
>>Anonymous  13jan2019(su)12:45  No.65961 
many flash sites have gotten their swfs from swfchan throughout the years, i've been able to tell from filenames. some of then even have had the word "swfchan" in the filename
>>Anonymous  13jan2019(su)22:16  No.65974 
judging by the amount of "people" asking to batch download files from swfchan, this is very likely
>>Anonymous  14jan2019(mo)04:57  No.65980 
I don't usually don't go to them so I didn't know that.

I've actually made a torrent of my flash folder once, I wonder if some of those sites were the downloaders.

>>Nanonymous  29jun2017(th)15:42  No.50778 
Bubstar's Weird Dreams Bought and Scold X

Bubstar's Weird Dreams Bought and Scold X

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>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  6jan2019(su)15:27  No.65833 
wtf why not again

just went home from my yiffmas vaccation like usual
my K-server is burning
[obvious trolling] and it was off the whole time ;)

not so diesert anymore i just SBed in growtopia recently ...

>>w7-890  6jan2019(su)15:31  No.65834 
crap another typo
and plz don't be so rude to retar..
[plz ignore this post]
>>Anonymous  11jan2019(fr)12:55  No.65933 

we can't just leave the spammer like this
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