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>>Donald trump is going to be assassinated  20may2016(fr)13:57  No.33314  OP  P1
Donald trump is going to be assassinated today on his way home after touring, its going to be blamed

Donald trump is going to be assassinated today on his way home after touring, its going to be blamed on a black lives matter affiliated group. screencap this

>>Anonymous  20may2016(fr)14:34  No.33315  A  P2R1
Don't fucking tell me what to do.
>>Anonymous  20may2016(fr)15:32  No.33317  B  P3R2
George Washington will be nuked today, it's going to be blamed on Mahatma Gandhi.
>>Anonymous  20may2016(fr)16:08  No.33318  C  P4R3
Fucking Obama...
>>Anonymous  20may2016(fr)20:55  No.33326  D  P5R4
Party van incoming.
>>Anonymous  20may2016(fr)20:55  No.33327  D  P6
Gee, I wonder if the FBI ever shows up at the doors of dumb kids who think it's clever to make posts like this? If only we had a precedent, we'd know for sure.
>>Anonymous  20may2016(fr)22:03  No.33329  E  P7R5
You know it would be hilarious if this came out to be true and all over the news swfchan was used as the 4chan cop out media normally uses.
>>Anonymous  21may2016(sa)00:03  No.33331  F  P8R6

I would be laughing my ass off.

>>Anonymous  21may2016(sa)11:43  No.33340  G  P9R7
Screencap? there are serveral ppl who believes this...
>>Anonymous  21may2016(sa)12:24  No.33341  H  P10R8
Still waiting.

It's already 21 may here, so whoever the Republican party hired for the hit either fucked up or ran away to Russia with a bag full of dollars.

>>Anonymous  21may2016(sa)14:53  No.33344  I  P11
Well, there was a similar happening in Germany related to supposedly announcements of a school shooting on Krautchan, some ten years ago.
Keks were had.
But this is swfchan, so I assume noone will give two fucks.
>>Anonymous  21may2016(sa)18:10  No.33346  J  P12R9
How does it feel knowing your a cuck?
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