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>>!Wulf.Eb.mY  10mar2016(th)23:57  No.30228  OP  P1
SWF Decompilers

I was wondering what people use to decompile SWFs, I've only found JPEXS FFDec to work for me, but it'd not really that great for decompiling advanced flashes. Anyone have any alternatives that could be better?

>>Anonymous  12mar2016(sa)07:07  No.30303  A  P2R1
Are you the guy who is going around and making edits with JPEXS? I heard that flash can work as a decompiler, but I don't know enough to confirm it.
>>!Wulf.Eb.mY  18mar2016(fr)00:52  No.30477  OP  P3R2
Nah, I just told the guy who made the "fixed" version of not_new.swf to post it on /fap/.
>Flash as a decompiler
I can't find anything about that while googling. Everything just links to the same old random decompilers.
>>Anonymous  18mar2016(fr)12:44  No.30494  B  P4R3
It's been a while since I decompiled a flash now but I used to use "Sothink SWF Decompiler". It's not free so you'll have to find a torrent for it. The version I have installed is 7.1 but it's from 2012 so there's probably newer ones out.

It can convert a swf to a fla project, which is nice. It's far from perfect though, sometimes it will mess up shapes and turn them black. But it works for simpler flashes or if you just want to pick something from one swf and copy it over to your own FLA project.

>>Anonymous  15mar2017(we)00:18  No.46195  C  P5R4
I hope I'm not upsetting anyone with my necrobumping but holy shit is it hard to find a good decompiler.
I just tried to edit the newest Simbro.swf to fuck around with some of the mechanics a bit and after changing two lines of actionscript to something that should in no way influence its ability to compile and run properly (namely commenting out two function calls)
JPEXS refuses to export it into a working .swf
And Sothink even manages to crash with an out of memory exception while exporting the flash as .fla
and it manages to throw that exception with only 2GB of memory used
meaning it's a 32bit application without virtual address extension in the year 2012 of our lord
a $100 software is 10 years behind the oblivion sex mods community, which had 4GB patches in 2007

does anyone know of a working swf decompiler or is this the best there is?

>>Anonymous  15mar2017(we)10:03  No.46229  D  P6R5
Don't worry about necrobumping, a while back some threads from 2011 were bumped back up.

My suggestion would be to get a version of flash (you'll probably have to torrent it) and have jpex or sothink export an fla file and edit the actionscript from there. Or export it with the actionscript already edited.

>>Anonymous  15mar2017(we)14:11  No.46232  E  P7R6
tried that with and without the "rename invalid identifiers" tool
flash crashes when opening the FLA
maybe getting a newer version of flash might help, currently I use CS5.5
I did export to a 5.5 .fla, but maybe exporting something made in CS6 to a 5.5 .fla breaks something.

flash complained about invalid identifiers once and simply crashed with the renamed identifiers.

maybe there is no working way, too. flash decompilation is a niche market, after all

>>Anonymous  15mar2017(we)17:27  No.46242  E  P8

So now I tried modifying the P-Code in JPEXS instead of the actionscript
that works, apparently, and since the editor highlights what instructions correspond to which P-Code lines it's actually kinda do-able even if still harder than it could be
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