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>>Anonymous  5mar2016(sa)02:58  No.29579  OP  P1
It's been possible to post flashes as replies for a while, first recorded one is in July 2015, but since swfchan doesn't scan for them that record only goes 'til 2013 and it is possible that someone has uploaded as a reply before.

They don't show up except to the poster, in 4plebs archive or in 4chanx (I think, I don't have it personally).

I think 4chanx leaves in the post button and you can also manually edit the html for the button.

I personally think that people who are concerned here should say something on the feedback page, but not post about it because then more people would start using it.

Are these posts archived by swfchan at all?

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  5mar2016(sa)06:43  No.29588  SWF  P2R1
Haha, I didn't know you could do that! How silly. Thank the gods not more people know about it, I'm very anti multiple flashes in a single thread since that tend to make for very big threads with no focused discussion, and that doesn't help anyone looking for information about a praticular flash. It's why I stopped archiving threads on 7chan, there was just mostly huge threads with flash dumps where nobody talked about most of the flashes posted and yet the thread always showed up when searching here on swfchan. Or there were multiple discussions going on at the same time, some not even quoting who they replied to, making it even harder to get something out of those huge threads.

Seems like these multiple flashes in 4chan's threads doesn't show up for regular users however? The reason swfchan doesn't see them is because swfchan doesn't "cheat" and rely on any API that 4chan provides, something that I think for example 4plebs does. The reason is simple; back when swfchan launched there simply was no API. So swfchan's bot just browse the site like any other user would and parse the HTML pages itself, discovering links and downloading the flashes normally. It's primitive but the upside is that if 4chan suddenly takes away the API for whatever reason swfchan won't be affected.

So nope, these invisible flashes are not archived by swfchan and I don't intend to rewrite the system to use the API just to support huge multi-file threads that I don't even think is a good idea. Especially since they apparently are not seen by people browsing the threads normally, meaning that won't have any discussion at all.

Another upside of not relying on the API, btw, is that the system will discover flashes linked to in a thread that are not on 4chan itself. For example: However there seems to be a problem with this since the thread that you linked to did post hotlinks to the flashes, so they should have been discovered... There's probably a bug in there somewhere. Honestly I've been aware of it for a long time now but I'm not sure what's wrong and digging through my old, poorly written code isn't super exciting. I haven't really sat down with it since people don't hotlink flashes that much but perhaps it's time I revisit the problem. Some day. =P

>>Anonymous  5mar2016(sa)09:33  No.29603  OP  P3R2
I was looking through 4plebs in some random thread and I saw that some anon posted a flash as a reply.

I think it's a good thing to have a focused discussion about a singular flash, however I do think that it's easier to reply to a request is someone wants to see something that's been uploaded many times and you don't want to bump something off the board. It's good that the flash is invisible, so that you are forced to hotlink it.

I know that your to-do list has pilled up, do you have it written down?, it would be cool to see what changes or projects are planned.

>>!Wulf.Eb.mY  10mar2016(th)16:04  No.30200  B  P4R3
Your hotlink scraper is probably really all that's necessary. ccd0's 4chan-x and Zixaphir's appchan-x both automatically hotlink any attached flash when uploading within a thread. The people who manually add in the html to post are most likely in the rarity. /f/ users have never been too keen on doing something themselves.

Zixaphir's appchan-x is more similar to you system, he relies on the html for the initial load, so I had to write an ajax call to the API and have it pull any files and merge them into the html. It was done is JavaScript, so idk how much I'd be able to port, since I'm not too sure of the language you use for scraping the threads.

>>Anonymous  10mar2016(th)18:29  No.30202  C  P5R4
Wait, wat?
There are replies with files? SINCE 2013?!
I never seen any discussion about those or the fact they exist!
Is this a 4chan gold account thing? (I mean the captcha pass)
I can't post files when replying via any method...
>>!Wulf.Eb.mY  10mar2016(th)19:11  No.30203  B  P6R5
Use one of these: (Recommended as he's more constant with his updates. Focus on functionality, but links to a styling script [Oneechan].) (Not as recommended due to slower updates and also the feature hasn't been pushed to stable. Focus on both the styling of the site and functionality.)

You won't be able to see them unless the person posting it links it within the post or you have a script that pulls the data from the API and displays it for you.

/f/ is also pretty much constantly newfags, so you won't really get these types of discussions. Majority don't even know that /f/ has a catalog.

Apparently ccd0 has known of it for like 9 months now, I should probably speak with him more often.

>>!Wulf.Eb.mY  10mar2016(th)19:19  No.30204  B  P7
Sorry for the double post

Proof it's still possible:

>>Anonymous  10mar2016(th)19:42  No.30208  OP  P8R6
Damn maybe I shouldn't have made this thread. Well I hope the feedback page gets to people higher up and they can make it impossible.

>Inb4 nobody pays attention to the feedback page
They did remove the post filter on swfchan, since people posted it so often that the filter thought it was spam.

>>Anonymous  10mar2016(th)19:46  No.30209  OP  P9
>/f/ has a catalog.

Can you give me a link, because this doesn't work. It's not something I need a script for is it?

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  10mar2016(th)20:17  No.30212  SWF  P10R7
>since I'm not too sure of the language you use for scraping the threads
It's an embarrassing mess, I tell you what. It's all duct tape and rubber bands! The whole core of swfchan should be rewritten in all honesty, I just don't do it because of the old "if it aint broken don't try to fix it" saying. Also because it would take a lot of time and noone would notice, so it's just not a very rewarding job. The plus side would be that maybe then it would be something I could actually show to another human being before I die.

I'd also like to add for the record that not relying on an API was good for swfchan in the early days for another reason as well, I could scan several different board implementations easily. There was 10-14 or something once, they are all dead now... All except /f/. And /fap/ happily enough, it took a few years but there's actually people posting now!

>>!Wulf.Eb.mY  10mar2016(th)22:37  No.30221  D  P11R8
I understand, I was just offering if you were interested. Do what you want with updating the site. I like the way it works right now.
>>Anonymous  10mar2016(th)22:51  No.30222  OP  P12R9

I've seen that before, it just a separate site, sort of like the independent archives, not an official catalog.

>>!Wulf.Eb.mY  10mar2016(th)23:10  No.30224  B  P13R10
I can make a "back in my day" joke here, but I'll just let that pass.
We're here on an "independent archive" after all, so does it really matter what is and isn't "official"? A tool is a tool, they're meant to be used to enhance our lives.
Neet is still my go to catalog after all these years, 4chan's inline is mimicry.
>>!Wulf.Eb.mY  10mar2016(th)23:31  No.30227  B  P14
Hahaha, I think they just fixed it. I can't upload flashes in thread anymore.
>>Anonymous  11mar2016(fr)00:34  No.30230  C  P15R11
>implying I'd use any third party tools to browse the chans
Meh, not worth it, like ants said. If they can't even make it official.
Also this >>30209

>mimimi mah secret clubhouse
I'm not one to be proud of newfags, but distributing viable information is a virtue.

Yes, it does. It's about how the creator suggests to consume his creations. You should respect that principally. Nothing against tools, but I browse /f/ and swfchan for two distinct reasons. I wouldn't want to depend on a tool to do any of those things (apart from a browser :p).

lol, /thread
Been less a "feature" more a "security hole" then.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  11mar2016(fr)07:19  No.30234  SWF  P16R12
Interesting, it means they might be listening. How about increasing /f/'s file size limit to 20 MiB? Or at least 15? There are so many flashes we haven't been able to post over the years just because they are slightly over 10 MiB...

Glad they didn't go the other way and made it possible for everybody to see and post flashes as replies. There's still 7chan's flash board for those who want that.

>>Anonymous  11mar2016(fr)11:43  No.30245  E  P17R13
You can also use flashes as replies on 420chan.

Does swfchan even grab flashes off 420chan?

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  11mar2016(fr)12:41  No.30248  SWF  P18R14
Not automatically any longer, I just do it manually sometimes and insert them into swfchan. There's usually nothing new, except perhaps a few filenames that hasn't been seen before (for non-new flashes).
>>Anonymous  11mar2016(fr)23:46  No.30284  C  P19R15
idk, don't think that would be much use.
It would only increase filesize of video conversion in an attempt to approach an all youtube video board.
As those are the only ones that are near limit. Loops and the like are obviously way under.
There aren't many swf left, like complex games that are still just in 1 file, that people wouldn't post just because they're over 10mb.
>>Anonymous  12mar2016(sa)00:18  No.30287  F  P20R16
there's a million legitimate flashes produced between 2000 and 2010 that are over 10 megs. both games and animations. many of zone's recent flashes are over 10 mb. broke my heart the first time he made a flash too big for /f/, it showed us that he had moved on.

so it wouldn't "only increase filesize of video conversion". and why would that be a bad thing in the first place? embedded movies are going to be posted anyway, all a 10 mb limit does is make sure they stay in low quality. an extra 5 or 10 mb would only improve quality of the videos that were going to be posted anyway, it wouldn't make videos be posted more often.

>>Anonymous  12mar2016(sa)05:15  No.30297  OP  P21R17
>It means they might be listening.
Well I did put it into the feedback page, so either they actually look at the feedback page or someone noticed that had one too many flashes on it.

I always think it's funny how some anons say that the feedback page doesn't work.

It would improve the quality of newly made video conversions for sure, but longer videos will stay the same awful quality. People probably will still post the older ones in the same quality.

>>Anonymous  17mar2016(th)04:12  No.30459  G  P22R18
flashes are, we like it or not, heavy bandwitch consumers. how much traffic does /f/ have? can hiro allow himself the luxury of increasing the file size limit?
>>Anonymous  17mar2016(th)23:59  No.30473  F  P23R19
I'd be willing to bet five hundred bucks on that /gif/ or /b/ consumes at least 20 times more bandwidth on any day than /f/, with their webm movies and vastly greater number of lurkers. Not that it really matters too much since services like CloudFlare reduces bandwidth costs a lot these days (they download files once from 4chan and then distributes them to visitors as a middleman). Most flashes uploaded on /f/ are not close to the max limit anyway, for example right now there's only 10% flashes on /f/ that are actually over 9 MiB.

So yeah, increasing the max file size of flash files is very much not a matter of bandwidth cost.

>>Anonymous  21jan2017(sa)08:19  No.43472  H  P24R20
But Hiro has cloudflare, bandwidth shouldn't be an issue.
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