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>>Anonymous  25jan2016(mo)10:22  No.27162  OP  P1
Jayne Herring: false rape accuser, abusing the child support system

Jayne Herring: abusing child support system, cheating on her rich husband, lying about being raped and abused by her family, etc. Pregnant with a girl, due Feb 20th. Father unknown, rich husband thinks it's his.

Full story: us/repost-with-archive-link-feminist-from-hell.htm l

Jayne Herring dox:

Jayne Herring, Jayne Chobot Herring, Jayne Marie Herring

420 Osgood Court
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

(917) 757-9075

Husband: Myron "Gar" Herring

Birthdate: July 7th, 1979
Laguna Beach Neighborhood: Woods Cove
Mother's maiden name: Negley
Hometown (birthplace?): Reading, PA
College: Millersville University for theatre, no degree
Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:
About Me:
Google Plus:

Brother's Obituary: tuary.aspx?pid=166293691

Recording of Jayne Herring's voice, begins 14:13 (podcast about miscarriage): bout-miscarriage/

Jayne Herring on OC Mom Network:

Jayne Herring blog:

>>Anonymous  25jan2016(mo)10:46  No.27163  A  P2R1
That's some nice .swf you got there.

It sure is some good quality .swf.

This really improves swfchan.

This is amazing. This is so good.

Never seen such a good post on swfchan.

People are going to play this .swf file for ages.

>>Anonymous  25jan2016(mo)11:06  No.27164  B  P3R2
"i'm gonna post all of somebody's personal info on a website mainly used for shitty flash porn, reeeee"

lovely thought process there

>>Anonymous  25jan2016(mo)17:46  No.27167  C  P4
>420 Osgood Court
>420 'sgood cunt
>420 420 420 420 420 420 420 420 420 420
>>Anonymous  25jan2016(mo)21:03  No.27173  D  P5R3
It doesn't matter how awful this person supposedly is. This is the wrong place to spread this kind of shit.
>>Anonymous  25jan2016(mo)22:13  No.27175  E  P6
>swfchan ≠ your-average-shitbost-chan
>>Anonymous  25jan2016(mo)22:56  No.27176  F  P7R4
>Father unknown, rich husband thinks it's his.

That's his problem. It's not yours and it's sure as hell not ours.

>>Anonymous  25jan2016(mo)23:54  No.27182  G  P8R5
Why do you think we care? I don't, and I'm pretty sure many other people don't. Fuck off with this.
>>Anonymous  26jan2016(tu)05:56  No.27186  H  P9R6
Go ahead and report this to the F.B.I NOT to swfchan, what the hell are we going to do anyway, post porn on her accounts?
>>Anonymous  26jan2016(tu)06:23  No.27187  I  P10R7
Not your personal army, bro.
>>Horsie  26jan2016(tu)10:03  No.27194  J  P11R8
/disc/ allows to post about anything.

But I agree with the popular sentiment that that's not the way nor the place for this.

>>Anonymous  25may2016(we)09:14  No.33519  K  P12R9
Jayne Herring Update

Had second daughter Feb 19th. Father unknown.

Laguna Beach house for sale, Jayne Herring moving back to Dallas soon to take older daughter away from her father.

Gar Herring Facebook post about baby: 2645577&set=a.130921376929713.17008.10000035553632 9&type=3&theater

Video of Jayne Herring and Gar Herring’s home 6797326355433/

Video of Jayne Herring and Gar Herring’s home 6797326355433/

jayne herring old emails:

MGHerring Group on Twitter:

>>Anonymous  25may2016(we)11:33  No.33523  L  P13R10
god shut up
>>Anonymous  25may2016(we)12:06  No.33525  M  P14R11
Post it in 4chan, those sick bastards love shit like this.
>>Anonymous  25may2016(we)17:02  No.33531  N  P15
>sick bastards
Pick one, it's 2016 now.

Go fuck yourself... again.

>>Anonymous  28may2016(sa)00:04  No.33590  O  P16R12
NYPA, take your personal drama elsewhere
>>Anonymous  29may2016(su)00:35  No.33658  P  P17R13
MPTWR: Men Posting The Wrong Shit
>>Anonymous  29may2016(su)21:28  No.33680  Q  P18
You're looking for a PA in wrong place, you butthurt FAGGOT
>>Anonymous  5jun2016(su)21:28  No.34060  R  P19
>Facebook posts are news
>>MGHerring Group  9jun2016(th)09:40  No.34247  S  P20R14
MGHerring Group

MGHerring Group on Facebook:

>>Jayne Herring  23jun2016(th)13:01  No.34725  T  P21R15
Jayne Herring

Updates on Jayne Chobot Herring can be found here:

That link is coming up high in her search engine results so reposting it elsewhere would really help if you would like to help. At least get the story out to help her husband and her exes, and perhaps her family.
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