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>>Anonymous  6jan2016(we)17:29  No.26599  OP  P1
Oculus Rift

Anybody else that was looking forward to pre-order Oculus Rift today only to be disappointed of the unrealistic price tag? How they expect VR to take off with a 700 USD + tax + shipping (+ 1500 USD gaming PC) purchase is beyond me. Plus whatever they are going to charge for the Oculus Touch controller(s) this summer.

I'm sure their product is great but they are blowing their chance of taking off with a boom here.

>>Anonymous  6jan2016(we)23:30  No.26608  A  P2R1
I don't think the price is unreasonable. You can drop $600 on a 27" 1440P IPS gaming monitor w/ adaptive sync. The problem is that there isn't a compelling enough software product to take advantage of it yet.
>>Anonymous  7jan2016(th)05:44  No.26614  OP  P3R2
Oh no, not the TotalBiscuit defense again... The issue isn't really with the price itself, it's with how they let us believe the price would be 200-400 USD all the way up until release. All these people setting aside money and looking forward to this new thing. Then the day comes and tough luck, looks like we won't be a part of it and there will be no VR boom like we had hoped.

VR needed a "boom", a short period of time where you get as much hardware out there as possible so that developers will have a reason to make games specifically with VR in mind. You only have one chance for such a boom, instead Oculus chose to take the slow gambling route. There's a risk now that VR will die off due to lack of interest and lack of software.

Their failure to actually tell people the price before hand has already generated a lot of negative vibe and if VR now gets a reputation to just be a super expensive toy for the very few it might very well lead to VR sleeping for another 10 years.

I can't really read anything about the Rift any longer because I know that it doesn't concern me. This kills the excitement after two years of waiting.

The first sign that worried me was when the Xbone controller would suddenly be forced into every purchase of Oculus Rift. I shaked off the bad feeling but after seeing this I dunno about Oculus as a company. I honestly believed they had enough sense to start VR with a boom, either by waiting or even using lower-tier materials (better with a lot of people with a good VR headset than a few people with a great VR headset).

On their purchase page they even listed the price as "$59900", how they could have forgotten such an important period is beyond me. It's finally been fixed now but reeked of unprofessionalism. Meanwhile they were (are) censoring so many comments on Reddit, it's just such an unpleasant experience.

>upvoted due to star wars reference

>>Anonymous  7jan2016(th)10:15  No.26619  B  P4R3
To be perfectly honest:
I hope the the Oculus Rift fails horribly.
As much as I want VR, I simply won't stand for these shenanigans.
The only reason behind this price change is because they think they can do it without consequences.
Just let FB drown in their own shit and wait for the next VR-product.
>>Anonymous  7jan2016(th)10:27  No.26621  C  P5R4
Shit is a gimmick.

- Too expensive
- Too high end of a computer required.
- Not enough of a market
- Not enough game support

Plus you end up with the same problem that 3D movies have, unless a a game (movie) is shot / made natively for it its not gonna be that great.

>>Anonymous  7jan2016(th)11:00  No.26624  D  P6R5
Introducing the NEW Virtual Boy 2016

OP is right.

Was pessimistic since the public got a hold on the $350 devkits (or how much they were)
I'm just surprised that they didn't slap blue flames and a "THE FUTURE IS HERE!" sticker on the thing and even the price at $1,000 or force a bundle offer with a $5,000 1337MLG Cuck-o-vision 180½p screen

I'm gonna wait this VR wave out.

>>Anonymous  8jan2016(fr)08:56  No.26659  E  P7R6
The price is 599$ USD though.

Maybe skip a dozen McDonald's trips?

>>Horsie  8jan2016(fr)09:26  No.26662  F  P8R7
I was hoping to buy one. I even had an HTC Vive in mind as an option, until they said the price would be also 600 or 700 USD.
I thought I could pay up to 450 if I used a credit card to pay it in 12 months or something.
Now I'll wait for the second generation (and more competition)
I also feel cheated, but I understand why they kept silent about the price, it's a company secret, you don't want to spill any unnecessary info for the competition until it's the right time.

I have a friend that has a DK2. I tried it and it's very good. I'm sure the final one will be awesome, but I can't justify expending so much money on what's basically a toy.

I have an expensive monitor. But a good monitor is something you buy, and you expect to last 3 to 5 years of daily use for everything from work to games to porn. The OR is something you only use for very specific uses (mostly games). Last monitor I had lasted me 4 years, and is still in use because I gave it to a friend of mine that couldn't afford to replace his dying one.

>>Anonymous  8jan2016(fr)11:13  No.26668  OP  P9R8
700 USD was a kind of world average, though some countries includes the tax in their price so it's confusing. But you're right, I should have written 600 USD and not 700. I probably wrote 700 USD because for my country the Oculus costs 700 EUR, (761.6 USD) but that includes tax.

It would be interesting to see a list of total costs for the Oculus in different countries all over the world, where the prices were all USD for easy compare. Then you could normalize the prize using the Big Mac Index and find out where on Earth the Oculus truly cost the most (biggest percentage of the average salary).

For anyone that hasn't heard of the "Big Mac Index": It's how much a Big Mac costs all over the world. McDonald's want the Big Mac to be equally affordable regardless of the country that it is in so it's a good way to compare how rich the average citizen of a country is. Basically: The Oculus is most expensive in the country where it cost the most Bic Macs.

It's a pity that Va$ve is the company developing Vive. I really don't want to give them any money.

>>Anonymous  8jan2016(fr)17:13  No.26675  E  P10R9
>McDonald's want the Big Mac to be equally affordable regardless of the country

it is expensive as fuck in China despite the living cost

>>Anonymous  8jan2016(fr)21:21  No.26681  B  P11R10
> I probably wrote 700 USD because for my country the Oculus costs 700 EUR, (761.6 USD) but that includes tax.
uhm... Shouldn't a price always include tax?
As far as I know the USA is the only 'special snowflake' in the world adding the tax afterwards and it's outright retarded. But I divagated a bit there...

With tax it's also around 700$ in the USA, isn't it?
So 700 it is, and that's too much.
In Europe it's also 700€, outright ignoring the fact that the € has a higher value than the $...

>>Anonymous  9jan2016(sa)00:21  No.26685  A  P12R11
No, only California pays tax. For most of the USA, it's $600 + $30 shipping. Sales tax isn't included in the price because it varies by state, and in online transactions across state lines there is no tax charged at all.
>>Horsie  9jan2016(sa)11:42  No.26700  F  P13R12
Why things are more expensive in Europe:
-More regulations and requirements about security, ecology and recycling makes selling things more expensive.
-Almost half what one employee costs to a business in Europe goes to taxes (mostly social security), so what you get as an employee is lower than in the USA while at the same time costing more to the employer. At least this means employees don't have to pay private medical insurance nor medical bills of any kind.

This is why the OR costs 165 USD more in Europe (with today's exchange rate), but in reality is even more expensive for us as we earn less money.

Not trying to start a flame war, but why do you hate Valve? Because if you do, I don't even start to imagine what do you think about EA or even about something really serious...

>>Anonymous  9jan2016(sa)12:44  No.26703  B  P14R13
> in online transactions across state lines there is no tax charged at all.
Well now there is anoher thing about the US that makes no fucking sense.

wait... Valve is making a VR device? I didn't even know that until now, that's awesome!
Screw the Oculous, I'll get the Vive!
PS: Fuck EA. (and Konami...)

>>Anonymous  9jan2016(sa)12:50  No.26705  B  P15
Before anyone calls me a hypocrite and points out how OR and Vive cost the same:
Yes, but it will be optimised for Steam by default and as far as I see Valve at least didn't lie about their pricing.
Also Valve has a lot more potential for developing more hard and software working with that VR-device and I also trust them more with my information then I do with fucking Facebook!
>>Anonymous  9jan2016(sa)16:01  No.26709  OP  P16R14
>why do you hate Valve
It's not that I hate them, I just don't want to give them any money. They have become too powerful and have done some really bad things which people just cut them too much slack for. They've been doing a lot of strategic decisions over the years in order to build up a fan-base to defend them even when they are doing really dumb shit and worst of all - it's working.

The tipping point for me was when they tried to sell PC mods last year, that's when it became clear that it's not healthy how big their market share is. The arrogance to think that they could just drop that bomb out of a blue sky and get away with it is mind boggling.

It was clearly not executed with any other thought than greed: Valve took a huge cut, the company that owned the game that the mod was for took a huge cut and they planned to make no effort against idea theft, content theft or even copyright usage. The actual creator of the mod --the guy actually doing all the work-- got 25%. I believe content creators for Dota 2 or Team Fortress also only get 25% as well, it's ridiculously low.

Anyway, when the shitstorm ocurred from the sale of mods Valve was like "hurr durr why are u guys so mad?" and Gabe was complaining about how we were cutting into his "quality time", making him speak to the community during the week-end. How dare we disturb this multi-millionare the day after he tries to ruin the established modding scene with something that nobody wanted! Gee, good thing Gabe is so down-to-Earth, has his own memes and have a big fanbase or else people might think he is arrogant or something.

Latest big scandal occurred during the Holidays when Valve's system broke down and started showing users personal information to each other. Valve didn't take any responsibility for this of course, didn't even apologize properly or compensate anyone. Just business as usual, it happens, carry on people. You didn't se nothin'. No Valve, it's not okay. You're not some small mom and pops firm, shit like that is a big fucking deal for a company of your size. But people is like, "naah it's fine, it's just good ol' Valve".

Well I'm not fine with it. Valve barely counts as a game company anymore, they just buy other people's ideas and the Half-Life 3 thing is seriously more sad than funny by now. I say it's time to stop pretending it's raining when Valve is pissing on our backs.

After all that being said, remember that I don't hate them. I just remember both the good and the bad and think they have enough power and money.

>>Horsie  10jan2016(su)22:58  No.26736  F  P17R15
>Wall of text
>>Anonymous  11jan2016(mo)13:55  No.26752  G  P18R16
Don't ask people to explain their standpoint if you're not interested in reading their answer. Asshole.
>>Anonymous  11jan2016(mo)20:12  No.26759  D  P19R17
We can't really expect the retard to have common sense, can we?
>>Horsie  11jan2016(mo)21:54  No.26762  F  P20R18
I read it. Didn't mean to sound rude, I just wanted to say that I read it and it's ok.
Also didn't want to comment further (I don't agree with some of the things he said) because it's offtopic.
>>Anonymous  11jan2016(mo)23:37  No.26767  B  P21R19
How come the namefag here is the only one with common sense and beeing polite.
Pull yourself together anons.
>>Ahhhn~  13jan2016(we)05:43  No.26817  H  P22R20
He was rude, just unintentionally.
>>Ahhhn~  13jan2016(we)05:43  No.26818  H  P23
Horsie was rude, just unintentionally.
>>Anonymous  14jan2016(th)02:30  No.26844  I  P24R21
Some of you guys are obviously forgetting that every piece of revolutionary piece of technology was like this at first. Overpriced, limited and not for a mass market. Radios, computers, TV's, you name it. They all started like this, as expensive novelty item for the wealthy few. But since they actually worked, demand got higher, and so supply followed. Boom, mass market created.

Does this mean Oculus Rift is guaranteed to follow suit? No, not at all. By all means, it could flop horribly. But if it does, it really has nothing to do with the price - it'd be all due to it simply not being impressive technology.

However, reviews and anecdotes reveal that this obviously IS impressive technology, so fuck all y'all. All you fuckers going around "wah wah, it's just a gimmick". You haven't tried it, shut up. Your opinion is invalid.

>>Anonymous  14jan2016(th)22:11  No.26864  D  P25R22
You aren't us, your opinion on our opinions is invalid.
>>Horsie  15jan2016(fr)10:17  No.26881  F  P26R23
Everyone's entitled of his/her own opinion, but if it's one based on not actually trying the thing you're giving your opinion of, you're just making an ass of yourself.
That's what I think >>26844 was trying to say.

Also, the OR is something you really have to try for yourself. Except for a minority of people that can't enjoy it (getting dizzy or vision defects) the rest usually comes from the experience extremely impressed.

Another topic is the lasting appeal. I wonder if this is something you'll keep using on and off for as long as it lasts, or if it'll end on a drawer after two or three months...

I guess that in the end, what I'll be doing is trying to buy it between me and two more friends. As it's nothing I'll be using every day anyway, this will get the price to reasonable levels, and I won't feel down because I can't buy it.

>>Anonymous  15jan2016(fr)17:06  No.26886  J  P27R24
Vive will be better.
>>Nanonymous  15jan2016(fr)21:39  No.26892  K  P28R25
News flash: everything costs more when it hits the market.

Early adopters will buy it no matter the price; there's a hundred thousand dollar TV that Best Buy is selling. This recoups the R&D expenses, which transitions the market into a pricing war, which gets you your cheap toys a year or three later than everyone else.

In another few years, Apple+Sony+Microsoft+Google will all have their own competing devices on the market. Be patient and save your pennies.

>>Horsie  16jan2016(sa)10:44  No.26902  F  P29R26
Vive is almost the same on paper. What can be a good thing for them if they sell the controllers with the headset and not separate like Oculus is doing.
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