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>>Anonymous  22feb2011(tu)18:03  No.193  OP  P1
Delicious Game Music

Post the best game music you can think of. No specific genres (it doesn't have to be "bit music"), just make sure you mention what game the music is from.

One rule: Don't post music from games that has well-known music that you might as well hear the next time you turn on the radio, for example tracks that are in the Guitar Hero games (they are not to be counted as true game music).

Bonus points if the music was created specifically for a game!

>>Anonymous  22feb2011(tu)18:11  No.194  OP  P2
I'll start this off with the intro music from the 1990 NES game "Solstice: The Quest for the Staff of Demnos". That's where the image in >>193 is from.

This intro music is about 10 times better than the game itself, and 100 times better than the boring tune you were forced to listen to over and over again while actually playing. I had that game when I was a kid and I never finished it, not just because it was pretty damn hard but also because it got very much the same after a while.

solstice_beginning_128kbps_44kHz.mp3 (2.69 MiB)
02:55 mono 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Title: NES Solstice Intro

>>Anonymous  23feb2011(we)10:04  No.213  OP  P3
Of course SMB2 had a lot of great songs and of course the music that is played on the character selection screen is great too. However since it takes about two seconds to select a character there might be some people that have never listened to it, or just don't remember how neat it gets after a little while.

Super Mario Bros 2 character select.mp3 (1.03 MiB)
01:06 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Koji Kondo - Super Mario Bros 2 - Character Select
1988 [Other]

>>Anonymous  23feb2011(we)10:06  No.214-215  OP  P4-5
Snake Rattle 'n' Roll for NES (1990) had a pretty swingin' theme tune.
Snake Rattle N Roll Theme.mp3 (782.6 KiB)
00:33 stereo 44kHz 192kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.95
>>Anonymous  23feb2011(we)10:19  No.216-217  OP  P6-7
"Twisted Metal 2: World Tour" came out in 1996 for the PSX and did not only feature cool cars with weapons but also a nice soundtrack.

This first music is for the start map in the game. It's pretty fun to play yourself on the guitar, although it would take a pro to make it sound near as good as the original.

(Twisted Metal 2) Sandra Geary and Scott Turner - Los An...mp3 (2.76 MiB)
03:00 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Twisted Metal 2 - Los Angeles
"Playstation" 1996 [Game]
Track: 2
>>Anonymous  23feb2011(we)10:29  No.218  OP  P8
This map featured two windmills on a otherwise completely flat and square area. It was the second to last map.

tm2-holland.mp3 (4.17 MiB)
03:01 stereo 44kHz 192kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Title: Track 8
Track: 8
Encoder: LAME3.89 (beta)

>>Anonymous  23feb2011(we)10:33  No.219  OP  P9
Hong Kong Crunch was the last map in the game and took place between the buildings of Tokyo. It featured a train system that went through a tunnel inside the buildings, a big central building with lots of open space and a small harbour of some sorts.

tm2-hongkong.mp3 (4.24 MiB)
03:05 stereo 44kHz 192kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Title: Track 9
Track: 9
Encoder: LAME3.89 (beta)

>>Anonymous  23feb2011(we)10:46  No.220  OP  P10
>>219 between the buildings of Tokyo
...uhm I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote that, doesn't make sense. Well you know what buildings I meant.
>>Anonymous  23feb2011(we)14:02  No.221-222  OP  P11-12
Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings

Of course who can forget the music of the AOE games, especially for the second game? As if the game itself weren't breathtaking enough they had music that set the mood just right.

Age of Empires 2 - Shamburger.mp3 (5.24 MiB)
03:27 stereo 44kHz 211kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Ensemble Studios - Shamburger
"Age of Empires Collectors Edition Original Soundtrack" 2000 [Game]
Comment: / #GameMusic @
Track: 1
Encoder: Grawl / LAME3.94b
>>Anonymous  23feb2011(we)14:14  No.223-224  OP  P13-14
Devil May Cry (2001)

This song always got my blood pumping, something pretty important in a game such as this.

Devil May Cry - Dante's Selection - 02 - The Theme of Dan...mp3 (4.47 MiB)
04:52 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Devil May Cry - The Theme of Dante: Lock & Load
"Dante's Selection" 2001 [Game]
Track: 2
>>Anonymous  23feb2011(we)14:24  No.225-226  OP  P15-16
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Ever since this RPG came out in 2002 I've been whistling its theme now and then while I'm cooking.

Elder Scrolls Morrowind - Theme (Call of Magic).mp3 (1.75 MiB)
01:54 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
>>Anonymous  24feb2011(th)08:26  No.230-231  OP+  P17-18
Grand Theft Auto 1 (1997)

The theme music from the first GTA game is a big classic, and it's also very good. It was on one of the radio stations in GTA3 in a censored version (uncensored is uploaded).

It's a bit hard to know what to call this track, sometimes the title is "Grand Theft Auto" sometimes the artist and title is "Slumpussy - Gangster Friday". However I believe it's most well-known with the name I'm uploading it as, Craig Conner is the artist anyway (Da Shootaz/Slumpussy is fake groups).

(GTA1) Da Shootaz - Joyride.mp3 (2.14 MiB)
02:19 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
GTA1 - Grand Theft Auto
2004 [Noise]
>>Anonymous  24feb2011(th)08:32  No.232-233  OP+  P19-20
Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 (1991)

This intro music is very good.

Barry Leitch - Lotus 2, Intro.mp3 (3.87 MiB)
02:48 stereo 44kHz 192kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Barry Leitch - Lotus 2: Intro
1991 [Amiga]
Encoder: LAME3.92
>>Anonymous  24feb2011(th)09:29  No.234-235  OP+  P21-22
The Curse of Monkey Island (1997)

MI3 was created way back when LucasArts did other games other than Star Wars and it still stands as one of the very best (if not the best) adventure games of all time. I also happen to think that the game has the best version of the series theme song. When Guybrush Threepwood floats to shore on his bumper car, looking up from writing his diary, and this music crescendos as the game title comes forth... kinda makes me happy just thinking about it.

Monkey Island Theme (from The Curse of Monkey Island) [...mp3 (2.41 MiB)
01:40 stereo 44kHz 201kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Soundtrack - The Best of LucasArts OST's - Monkey Island Theme (from "The Curse of Monkey Island")
"The Best of LucasArts OST's" 2002 [Game]
Track: 3/23
Encoder: LAME3.93
>>Anonymous  24feb2011(th)09:35  No.236-237  OP+  P23-24
In Monkey Island 3 you can also find the singing pirates puzzle where you had to select the right lyrics in order to find a word they couldn't rhyme on, thus ending the song and continuing the game's story.
Monkey Island - OST - The Pirate Song.mp3 (2.61 MiB)
03:15 stereo 44kHz 112kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
>>Anonymous  24feb2011(th)10:28  No.238-239  OP+  P25-26
Cannon Fodder (1993)

This Amiga game is one big satire of war. The intro music is pretty catchy. I have myself only played the later Game Boy version when I was a kid, though it was too hard for me at the time.

Cannon Fodder Theme.mp3 (3.11 MiB)
02:33 stereo 44kHz 169kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
(Cannon Fodder) Jon Hare & Richard Joseph - Main Theme (War Has Never Been So Much Fun)
"Cannon Fodder Soundtrack" 1993 [Game Soundtrack]
Comment: The theme tune (War Has Never Been So Much Fun) for the game was written by the lead game designer Jon Hare, with musician Richard Joseph. Vocals were sung by Hare himself.
Composer: Jon Hare & Richard Joseph
Encoder: Made from cannonfo.mod (243.3 KiB) / LAME3.97
>>Anonymous  25feb2011(fr)16:53  No.261-262  OP+  P27-28
ToeJam & Earl (1991)

There was two aliens from the planet Funkotron that had a funky theme tune on the SEGA Mega Drive (Genesis).

Toejam and Earl - Theme.mp3 (1.98 MiB)
02:09 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
>>Anonymous  25feb2011(fr)16:59  No.263-264  OP+  P29-30
Diablo 1 (1996)

Was there ever a village that had more evil beneath it?

Diablo - tristram.mp3 (4.41 MiB)
04:48 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
>>Anonymous  25feb2011(fr)23:22  No.267-268  OP+  P31-32
Super Mario 64 (1996)

Remember this stage? Had a submarine in it.

Mario64 - Dire, Dire Docks Theme.mp3 (2.83 MiB)
03:05 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
>>Anonymous  25feb2011(fr)23:41  No.269-270  OP+  P33-34
The Legend of Zelda

The Zelda games have really nice music, here is a mixup of music spanning from the first game in 1986 to the Wind Waker in 2003. The different musics fade into each other quite nicely, I downloaded this mix years ago (around when WW was new) and sadly never had better artist/title for this mixup than this.

Nintendo - The Legend of Zelda Theme Melody (song thru s...mp3 * (11.32 MiB)
08:56 stereo 44kHz 177kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
"Nintendo Sound History Series - Zelda The Music" 2004 [Game]
Comment: play yer tunes...
Encoder: LAME3.90.
>>Anonymous  26feb2011(sa)00:15  No.271-272  OP+  P35-36
Final Fantasy 10 (2001)

FFX brought the series to the next generation consoles with a big leap forward, to me it might always remain as the best installement in the series with its awesome world, touching characters and ever so sad ending. The intro music really grasps its greatness, at least if you remember the story.

Final Fantasy X - To Zanarkand.mp3 (4.24 MiB)
03:05 stereo 44kHz 192kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.86
>>Anonymous  26feb2011(sa)00:28  No.273-274  OP+  P37-38
Final Fantasy 9 (2000)

Of course FFIX was not half bad either, and the background music of the black mage village attached itself to my memory.

I never realized that it was just one year (or maybe close to two years?) between the 9:th and 10:th installement of the series. That's pretty amazing even if they had worked on 10 already before 9 was out, sure wish it was like this today too.

Final Fantasy IX - 05-Black Mage's Village.mp3 (4.64 MiB)
03:22 stereo 44kHz 192kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Title: Black Mage's Village
""Final Fantasy IX" Original Soundtrack, Disk 3" 2000 [Soundtrack]
Track: 5
Composer: Nobuo Uematsu
Encoder: Dark Shadow / LAME3.86
>>Anonymous  26feb2011(sa)00:35  No.275-276  OP+  P39-40
Fallout 2 (1998)

If you have never played Fallout 2 you have never played a real post-apocalyptic RPG, and you have missed out on a lot of laughs. And it was HUGE, just look at all this stuff:

This was the music you heard on the world map when you had aquired the car. Having a car really helped speed things up.

Link description: Just a link to "The Nearly Ultimate Fallout 2 Guide".

Fallout 2 Redbook Audio -15- Car.mp3 (1.56 MiB)
01:07 stereo 44kHz 192kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Mark Morgan - Car
"Fallout 2 Redbook Audio" 1998 [Game]
Track: 15
>>Anonymous  27feb2011(su)15:14  No.288-289  OP+  P41-42
StarCraft (1998)

The best track from this classic RTS game.

StarCraft - Terran theme 3.mp3 (4.1 MiB)
04:28 stereo 44kHz 128kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
StarCraft - Terran 3
>>Anonymous  27feb2011(su)17:02  No.295-296  OP+  P43-44
Streets of Rage (1991)

Or "Bare Knuckle: Furious Iron Fist" as it was known in Japan, was a beat 'em up game for the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis).

Yuzo Koshiro - The Street Of Rage (Title Screen).mp3 (1.5 MiB)
01:42 stereo 44kHz 122kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
"Streets Of Rage OSV (Vertiphon Remaster)" 1991 [Game]
Comment: Vertiphon 2010 Remaster
Encoder: LAME3.97
>>Anonymous  28feb2011(mo)09:42  No.321-322  OP+  P45-46
Quake 2 (1997)

Whatever action game you're playing, put on the Quake II soundtrack in the background and you will feel like the baddest motherfucker on earth. I love this music.

01 - Quake 2 (1997) - Base (Sonic Mayhem - Operation Ov...mp3 (4.99 MiB)
03:28 stereo 44kHz 200kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Sonic Mayhem - Operation Overlord
"Quake II" 1997 [rock]
Comment: =DS= Audio Library
Track: 2/11
Encoder: Exact Audio Copy (Secure mode) / LAME3.97
>>Anonymous  28feb2011(mo)09:47  No.323-324  OP+  P47-48
02 - Quake 2 (1997) - Action (Sonic Mayhem - Rage).mp3 (2.8 MiB)
02:17 stereo 44kHz 169kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Sonic Mayhem - Rage
"Quake II" 1997 [rock]
Comment: =DS= Audio Library
Track: 3/11
Encoder: Exact Audio Copy (Secure mode) / LAME3.97
>>Anonymous  28feb2011(mo)09:50  No.325-326  OP+  P49-50
08 - Quake 2 (1997) - Quake 2 (Sonic Mayhem - Descent i...mp3 (3.31 MiB)
02:35 stereo 44kHz 177kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Sonic Mayhem - Descent into Cerberon
"Quake II" 1997 [rock]
Comment: =DS= Audio Library
Track: 9/11
Encoder: Exact Audio Copy (Secure mode) / LAME3.97
>>Anonymous  28feb2011(mo)10:05  No.327-328  OP+  P51-52
Unreal Tournament 2004

The best UT game didn't have near bad music either. It really is a shame they failed so miserably with UT3 (in 2007), the developers completely lost their way. Maybe it wasn't made by the same people? They really should have stuck with their original plan to release a new improved version of UT each year.

It's funny how the UT2004 demo servers are full and brimming with life even today while the UT3 demo servers were empty after only a year.

UT2004 KR-Rankin.mp3 (3.73 MiB)
03:12 stereo 44kHz 162kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.97
>>Anonymous  28feb2011(mo)10:10  No.329-330  OP+  P53-54
UT2004 Level8.mp3 (4.78 MiB)
03:38 stereo 44kHz 183kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.97
>>Anonymous  28feb2011(mo)10:11  No.331-332  OP+  P55-56
UT2004 SDG-ONS08.mp3 (4.28 MiB)
03:24 stereo 44kHz 175kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.97
>>Anonymous  28feb2011(mo)10:27  No.333-334  OP+  P57-58
Legend of Mana (1999)

I never played this the fourth installement of the Mana series. I did enjoy its music though. And I do remember playing the third installement ("Seiken Densetsu 3") which pretty much carries the same feeling as the fourth (I reckon).

101 Legend of MANA ~Title Theme~.mp3 (3.05 MiB)
02:24 stereo 44kHz 176kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Yoko Shimomura - Legend of MANA ~Title Theme~
"Legend of Mana OST" 1999 [Game]
Comment: SSCX-10034
Track: 1
Encoder: LAME3.88 (beta)
>>Anonymous  28feb2011(mo)10:30  No.335-336  OP+  P59-60

The lyrics you're hearing in this track are sung in Swedish. I think that's kinda cool, I've never heard any Japanese game music (or non-game music either for that matter) with Swedish lyrics except this one.

104 Song of MANA ~Opening Theme~.mp3 (3.69 MiB)
02:49 stereo 44kHz 181kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Yoko Shimomura, Annika - Song of MANA ~Opening Theme~
"Legend of Mana OST" 1999 [Game]
Comment: SSCX-10034
Track: 4
Encoder: LAME3.88 (beta)
>>Anonymous  28feb2011(mo)19:15  No.338-339  OP+  P61-62
Jazz Jackrabbit 2 (1998)

Now that's some cool music.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 - 20_MENU.mp3 (635.6 KiB)
01:32 stereo 24kHz 56kbps CBR <PLAY>
Title: MENU
"Jazz Jackrabbit 2" [Game]
>>Anonymous  28feb2011(mo)19:16  No.340-341  OP+  P63-64
agh, that thumbnail hurts my eyes
Jazz Jackrabbit 2 - 15_Dark Groove (part 1).mp3 (1.64 MiB)
04:04 stereo 24kHz 56kbps CBR <PLAY>
Title: Dark Groove (part 1)
"Jazz Jackrabbit 2" [Game]
>>Anonymous  28feb2011(mo)19:21  No.342  OP+  P65
just noticed that those jackrabbit tracks are in pretty bad quality. downloaded them ages ago.
>>Anonymous  28feb2011(mo)19:31  No.343-344  OP+  P66-67
Worms 2 (1998)

Most of the Worms I ever played was in the original game (PSX version mostly) though I remember the second worms game was fun too.

The music I'm posting was on the PC CD I believe and later also on the soundtrack. Actually I'm not sure if this was from Worms 2, it might have been from the original game even, or maybe a 2003 remake. But that's not too important.

The lyrics in this tell a little story about someone called Boggy B... a story of courage, honour, and worms.

Worms 2 (1997) Bjorn Lynne - Wormsong.mp3 * (12.02 MiB)
05:14 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Bjorn Lynne - Wormsong
"Worms2 - Original Game Soundtrack" 1997
Comment: EAC FLAC -8
Track: 13
Encoder: LAME3.98r
>>Anonymous  7may2011(sa)20:53  No.1171-1172  A  P68-69R1
Quite a few games here I'm familiar with. First off, great kudos go to you for the GTA radio track. The 2 things that have perpetuated the original GTA in mind with affection: able to steal any car we come across and that music. Ah the days of light computer classes in 5th and 6th grades where we had so much leeway that we mostly just played games away, namely GTA. Hah, good educational material.

Age of Empires 2, on the other hand, a great game in its own way, but then I was still a rookie gamer at the time. The music inevitably became memorable from playing the game so much, but I never did appreciate it as particularly good music. It was too... underwhelming. The game was already pretty non-violent as far as war games go, the music just added to that feel instead of revving us up with the thrill of warfare.

Ah, Morrowind. I only played Oblivion, from the Elder Scrolls series. Gotta say, Morrowind's theme has a much more powerful climax than its sequel's. And that map reminds me of Heroes of Might & Magic. On that note, HoMM IV, fantastic music, I'd share a tune but I lost all of them when I accidentally deleted my soundtracks folder.

Lol @ Cannon Fodder. My versions of it never had music, only sound effects (hax). Can't say I missed out, but maybe back then I'd have felt differently about the music. Really is a unique little game and really is hard, indeed.
Same nostalgic feelings for Lotus. Good fun hours I played it with my bro when I was a wee kid. The only racing game I've known of where we need to stop and refuel. I don't recall any of the music, though, must've not left an impression on me. This music you share sounds about right for that game but rings no bells.

Diablo. It had to be here. That there tune is the best of that classic, 'iight.
Blizzard's other beaut' though, StarCraft, I'd have a harder time picking one favorite. I like all the tunes, though I imagine if I had to pick one, it'd be the one you chose, too. The Terran tunes always were my favs.

Once again, kudos for a less famous but just as splendid classic, Fallout. Ah... Per Jorner's golden guide to that gorgeous wasteland of a game world. It's another case where I like all the tunes, particularly so about half of them in that sequel. I can say, though, that my favorite, from the original and that sequel, has to be Khans of New California. It's the most memorable for me.
I'll upload this one since I'm all out of HoMM IV tunes - from the Mark Morgan Vault Archives album, which has all classic Fallout tracks remastered and such.

Quake 2, what can I say? I didn't play that game much and it's probably why I don't remember any of the music. I don't remember some sounds effects though, they were particularly unique. From the sound of falling personnel pods to the gibberish that the Strogg blurted.
On the other hand, I'm much more intimate with Unreal Tournament. All games had great all-around music and those 3 are definitely no less. Tunes that composers ought to look up to. But let me tackle your criticism of UT3. I, too, would've preferred they kept the original template, UT3 was made with a more dramatic feel as it included a more present story - which in itself is a plus for me, but it didn't feel a bit off for UT. That story did, anyway. But I gotta say, it's still a helluva beaut' of a game. Gorgeous, still good music, some of it great. Could've been better, but certainly a triple A title nonetheless.

And... well, that was the last I could relate to. I won't comment on Worms except to say I never took that game seriously enough to take notice of its music. It's fun, but extremely casual, easily bores me.
I listened to some of the other tunes, the ones that stand out where that Legends of Mana title theme and the

03-Khans_Of_The_New_California.mp3 (8.09 MiB)
03:31 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Mark Morgan - Khans Of The New California
"Vault Archives" 2010 [Ambient]
Track: 3/24
Composer: Mark Morgan
Album artist: Mark Morgan
Encoder: iTunes 9.1.1
>>Anonymous  7may2011(sa)21:35  No.1173-1174  A  P70-71
>I listened to some of the other tunes, the ones that stand out where that Legends of Mana title theme and the
Whoops. And I typo'd too. I meant Legends of Mana's title theme stood out, the only one in the end. I forgot finish typing out the end there after I'd listened to the ones I was curious about and in the end I only found that one catchy.

Also forgot to mention I do find the Quake 2 tracks pretty darn revving and a great match for the gameplay, even if I remember none.
And that last night when I first found this thread, I ended up doing nothing but listening to the GTA music for hours. It was much to my surprise when I finally looked at the clock and read 6:30.

Here's another one to maximize the value here. I'm picking this tune as it's the only outstanding one in this game, to my ears. But it happens to be 'particularly outstanding'.

01-Main Theme.mp3 (9.67 MiB)
04:02 stereo 44kHz 320kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Artist: Matus Siroky & Adam Kuruc
"Mafia II" 2010 [Soundtrack]
Track: 1
Composer: Matus Siroky & Adam Kuruc
Album artist: Unknown Artist
Encoder: Winamp 5.572 / LAME3.98r
>>Anonymous  8may2011(su)01:49  No.1175  OP+  P72R2
Thank you very much for replying with your thoughts, make all that posting i did worthwhile. I agree with you, the GTA song is very good and it's one of those tracks that you want to listen to twice sometimes.

About what you said concerning UT3. The story-part of the game might have improved, but that does nothing for me since I didn't look at the single player campain. At all. To me Unreal Tournament was only about awesome, fast and unreal multiplayer. They could have released UT3 as a different game (just "Unreal 3" maybe?) and I wouldn't have complained, just as long as they realesed a tournament the way I expected it to be. That's without hoverboards and lame child-friendly taunts like "F-yeah". That taunt made me want to ram a fork in the developer's leg. On top of that you couldn't tell humans apart from bots (can't see ping), the menu and lobby was just horrible and... Ok. I need to not think about how disappointed I was with UT3 for a while.

Mafia 2 was definitely the game I remember most from last year. It was great. In many ways it was what I wished GTA4 would have been (I was disappointed about that game as well by the way). Sure it didn't beat GTA4 on all points but it left a better impression on me. Just for the record I think GTA San Andreas still comes out at the top of that genre. If GTA5 will be better than GTASA I will be a happy man, but after GTA4 I don't have high hopes. Of course as I grow older me changing my tastes might give unfair comparison, might not even be interested once GTA5 finally arrives.

But anyway, bottom line is that Mafia 2 was a great game and that music fits it pretty well. But I wonder how good the music would be if isolated from the game, maybe it would just be another 'classical piece' for most people? Would it have a lasting impact on its own? Of course this is true for many similar pieces.

>>Anonymous  8may2011(su)02:00  No.1176-1177  OP+  P73-74
Age of Mythology

This is a victory song from the "Age of Empires game" Age of Mythology. This is actually my favorite AoE game. Great/detailed, long single player campain and lots of fun in multiplayer. Not perfectly balanced perhaps but that didn't matter too much. Big differance between the teams in how you play and do basic stuff. God powers. Great graphics for that time and a advanced map editor.

The music might not be "wow" per-se, but it goes well with the game at least.

>>Anonymous  8may2011(su)02:04  No.1178  OP+  P75
Another one from Age of Mythology. The Norse team happens to be my favorite team and this was the music you heard when you started playing them. I believe after that the regular game music kicks in (same for all teams).

>>Anonymous  8may2011(su)02:17  No.1179-1180  OP+  P76-77
Cave Story (Doukutsu Monogatari)

The best platformer game with the best music... and it's free! Crazy. In a good way.

If anyone wants to play it you can download it from here:

Note I haven't checked if that download is valid but the file name and file size matches the one installer I got so it should be good.

Pixel - Cave Story (Theme Song).mp3 (2.73 MiB)
02:20 stereo 44kHz 162kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
"Cave Story Soundtrack" 2004 [Game]
Track: 26
Encoder: LAME3.92
>>Anonymous  8may2011(su)02:24  No.1181  OP+  P78
This song is played when on the outer wall.

Pixel - Moonsong.mp3 (1.4 MiB)
01:25 stereo 44kHz 136kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
"Cave Story Soundtrack" 2004 [Game]
Track: 24
Encoder: LAME3.92

>>Anonymous  8may2011(su)02:32  No.1182  OP+  P79
This is played when leaving Curly Brace...

I've limited myself to upload three Cave Story songs but you know there are 36 tracks in this game (at least). Most may be short (c:a 1 minute) but they are very different from each other. It's amazing that just one guy did the whole game himself (including graphics and the music) and then released it for free. Of course the days were different back then, people still did stuff just for fun. But I know that he is porting Cave Story for Wii right now. Maybe he has finished? Let me check... ah it's finished! Sadly the music were "upgraded" for the Wii I hear, to the worse. But if anyone deserves to make some money it is this guy. The graphics were upgraded as well.

>>Anonymous  8may2011(su)02:35  No.1183  OP+  P80
I forgot to upload the music in last post... Hate it when that happens.

It's odd that he bothered to change the music and graphics. The new Wii music sounds really dull to me. Very silent. If I were him I would just have ported the game as it were without changing anything. When you try to improve something that is perfect you can only make it worse.

Pixel - Geothermal.mp3 (1.52 MiB)
01:20 stereo 44kHz 157kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
"Cave Story Soundtrack" 2004 [Game]
Track: 19
Encoder: LAME3.92

>>Anonymous  8may2011(su)03:03  No.1184-1185  A  P81-82R3
>I agree with you, the GTA song is very good and it's one of those tracks that you want to listen to twice sometimes.
Or a hundred times over, in my case. Not that I have a bleeding heart for the lyrics, far from it. But that rhythm and the sounds... freakin' memorable.

And when you put it like that, I can see the faults in UT3. But it would seem like all of them could be resolved with a mere patch. Not that they'd remove the hoverboard, that'd be unlikely - it's not on every map anyway, if I recall right, and I had no problem with myself, was fun in the different kind of ride that it is. I don't have much multiplayer experience with it though so maybe I'm missing the downside of it. The rest though, yeah, they're downpoints, but nothing actually game breaking, seems to me. Given how spruced up the Unreal Engine was for that game and how good the music and overall SFX was, it was a darn fun UT arena experience. Probably more so for multiplayer players, if we set aside those detailed flaws. F-yeah, heh, I don't think they were avoiding censorship so much as trying to be trendy, but I too have always found that F abbreviation to be ridiculously immature.

I liked GTA4 more than GTA SA, but I don't recall the latter all that well anymore. I've no word on GTA 5, but I do know Rockstar has since released Red Dead Redemption and will soon release L.A. Noire, which is looking damn fine. Of course, neither one really means jack until they come out for the PC, for me. Consoles are too rich for my blood.

And that's something to consider, but I really think anyone can impressed by Mafia II's menu score. Sure, I had played the original Mafia and remembered it fondly, eagerly since awaiting the sequel, but the very first time I fired up Mafia II was when I spent the most time listening to that tune, just sitting there in the main menu with the cityscape in the backdrop. Such a drama-of-epic-proportions feel I got right there. Made me predict the story would end tragically, which it did.
How much does anyone really need to know to appreciate the music? How much did we know before playing? We obviously know it's a mobster game from the title. And we can assume the time it takes place in. That's all we need to put context into the tune, I think.

I haven't played MGS Peace Walker so I'm not as able to familiarize myself with its soundtrack. As it is, I'm only sure of this one track that excels.

(01) [METAL GEAR SOLID PEACE WALKER Main Theme].wav * (29.65 MiB)
02:56 stereo 44kHz 1411kbps <PREVIEW>
>>Anonymous  8may2011(su)03:03  No.1186-1187  OP+  P83-84R4
Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn (1995)

This game is big, it's the father of all modern RTS games. Sure that's debatable but it is the RTS father in my world.

I remember playing this very early in my life and it really was on a different level compared to the other games I had seen earlier in my life. And it featured real music! Which was rare. And the music was really good. There were plenty of tracks, even plentier if you count those that were in the expansion (almost 70 tracks).

I've picked out four of my favorites and as custom would have it I begin with Act on Instinct.

Frank Klepacki - C&C95 - Act On Instrinct.mp3 (3.95 MiB)
02:52 stereo 44kHz 190kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Frank Klepacki - Act On Instrinct
"Command & Conquer Soundtrack Collection" 2000 [Game]
Track: 1/22
Album artist: Frank Klepacki
Publisher: Westwood Studios
Encoder: LAME3.92
>>Anonymous  8may2011(su)03:04  No.1188  OP+  P85
Gotta love that guitar in this one.

Frank Klepacki - C&C95 - Just Do It Up.mp3 (3.33 MiB)
02:22 stereo 44kHz 194kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Frank Klepacki - Just Do It Up
"Command & Conquer Soundtrack Collection" 2000 [Game]
Track: 16/22
Album artist: Frank Klepacki
Publisher: Westwood Studios
Encoder: LAME3.92

>>Anonymous  8may2011(su)03:06  No.1189  OP+  P86
This is the "mechanical man" song, but not many people know that it's actual song title is "Target".

Frank Klepacki - C&C95 - Target.mp3 (3.69 MiB)
02:52 stereo 44kHz 178kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Frank Klepacki - Target
"Command & Conquer Soundtrack Collection" 2000 [Game]
Track: 15/22
Album artist: Frank Klepacki
Publisher: Westwood Studios
Encoder: LAME3.92

>>Anonymous  8may2011(su)03:08  No.1190  OP+  P87
This song reminds me of a very early gaming memory, playing as NOD on the first or second mission where you were killing civilians. The title of this track feels very well-picked and as you can here there's a little Michael Jackson in this.

Frank Klepacki - C&C95 - C&C Thang.mp3 (5.06 MiB)
03:12 stereo 44kHz 219kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Frank Klepacki - C&C Thang
"Command & Conquer Soundtrack Collection" 2000 [Game]
Track: 17/22
Album artist: Frank Klepacki
Publisher: Westwood Studios
Encoder: LAME3.92

>>Anonymous  8may2011(su)03:17  No.1191  OP+  P88
I haven't played that game either, last Metal Gear I played was 2. The track you posted was pretty good, but it didn't do very much for me until at 2:03.
>>Anonymous  8may2011(su)03:20  No.1192  OP+  P89
Also, you just posted a whole song in wav format. Do you have many songs in wav? =) Takes about 10 times more space than a high bitrate MP3, hehe.
>>Anonymous  8may2011(su)05:03  No.1194-1195  A  P90-91R5
In this case, it was less than double the size of the original since they're FLAC. Couldn't help it, Foobar can convert files and it includes mp3 but when I try to convert to that it tells me to locate lame.exe, seems it needs some actual codec software, I can only wonder why, when it already plays lame mp3's.
Now that I think about it, non-MP3's do end up being a tad too big to be practical for posting here. I've had some trouble even getting mp3's to play, so a WAV might be a pain.

And yeah, that MGS tune only warms up about halfway, but it's certainly absolutely worth sharing and I couldn't just cut the track shorter. Bad mojo.
I, too, only played MGS 2: Substance. Hasn't been another for the PC since.

Oh yeah, got all C&C soundtracks up to C&C Renegade, for now.
I'd have posted Voice Rhythm from Covert Ops, myself.
>There were plenty of tracks, even plentier if you count those that were in the expansion (almost 70 tracks).
Oh? The released soundtrack albums, game's plus expansion's, total 29 tracks (22+7).

Ah this is a good queue to put up Pharotek from C&C Tiberian Sun, but that collection's all FLAC too.
Guess I'll pick another ol' goody we've overlooked thus far.
Shit be brewin'!

20_wednesday_7.mp3 (2.36 MiB)
01:32 stereo 44kHz 214kbps VBR <PREVIEW>
Duane Decker - Wednesday 7
"Mechwarrior 4 Vengeance Soundtrack" 2000 [Game]
Comment: 302 066 201 2
Encoder: LAME3.90.
>>Anonymous  9may2011(mo)01:56  No.1196  OP+  P92R6
Voice Rhythm and Pharotek are both good too, that series have many great songs. Can't say I like that "Wednesday 7" music at all that you posted, it doesn't stand out. I guess you have to have played the game and remember something good while listening to it.

That thing I said about 70 tracks was all wrong, I must have blacked out for a moment and thought about the Red Alert 1 soundtrack also being part of the C&C95 soundtrack. :)

>>Anonymous  9may2011(mo)02:23  No.1200-1201  OP+  P93-94
Blaster Master (1988)

I haven't played this NES game myself but from what I gather from videos of it it feels like it was pretty big for its time. The game's title always reminds me of "Master Blaster" -- a character from the 1985 movie "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome" (actually two characters, a little master guy sitting on the shoulders of the larger blaster guy). I like that movie, and I like this music. It's a shame that I can't find it in higher bitrate, if anyone can please upload it. Doesn't mater too much since its bit music but better quality is always a plus.

blaster master - intro and arena 1.mp3 (676.4 KiB)
01:26 mono 44kHz 64kbps CBR <PREVIEW>
Encoder: LAME3.92
Created: 22/2 -2011 18:03:52 Last modified: 19/8 -2019 20:15:37 Server time: 19/08 -2019 20:39:24