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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  24aug2015(mo)10:47  No.22625  SWF  P1
Patreon Beta

Discussion thread for the testing period.

Please avoid new discussion here, take it in instead.
Please avoid new discussion here, take it in instead.
Please avoid new discussion here, take it in instead.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  24aug2015(mo)10:47  No.22626  SWF  P2
After a lot of hesitation...

I've finally decided to try and replace the ads on swfchan with patreons. There has been some interest shown for Patreon in the past here on the board and after seeing all of the success other people has had with it I really shouldn't delay this any longer.

Before announcing on the whole site I'll ask here on .org if anyone want to try "beta testing" it? It means backing me just as you normally would but with a bit of extra patience in regards to receiving the rewards - I'd like to figure out a way to automate the rewards if possible but I first need to know how Patreon actually works. Or maybe account creation on simply has to be done manually, I have no idea right now.

As usual I'm approaching this endeavour with scepticism, people haven't been happy to donate in the past but perhaps these are different times? Patreon seems to have struck a chord with people and from what I've seen so far they seem very good to me too. Sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit all existed in several similar forms before they simply got it "just right" and became de facto for those concepts online. Is Patreon becoming de facto when it comes to donating online?

The milestones I've scribbled down will be reached if 300 people supports the site with 5 bucks each. That is 1.2% of the daily 25k unique visitors that the site sees. It sure would be awesome to have swfchan without ads.

Go ahead and take a look at swfchan's Patreon page linked above (and below). As you can see I've taken a special approach: My Patreon profile is not linked to directly and you don't support swfchan directly either. That way PayPal can still be used since you don't support anything that is NSFW (you support me as a person). Don't let this bother you though, the money goes towards keeping swfchan free of ads and to ensure that swfchan stays online.

During this "beta phase" (afterwards too naturally) I'd like to hear your opinions on this from every angle so that everything looks good when it's announced for everybody on the site. The plan is to simply put the Patreon logo to the right of the swfchan logo when the time is right, that way nobody can miss it. It'll link to

>>Anonymous  24aug2015(mo)11:56  No.22628  A  P3R1
Uhm... that's not going to work. sorry.
Most people here actually hate patreon and joke about the idiots paying for 'breeding season', which is a broken mess of a cash cow.
>>Horsie  24aug2015(mo)14:09  No.22632  B  P4R2
I'm super cool.
>>Anonymous  24aug2015(mo)14:43  No.22633  C  P5R3
Just because people use patreon for very wrong reasons it doesn't mean you cannot use it to support worthy persons, YOU DUMB FUCK.
>>Anonymous  24aug2015(mo)16:28  No.22638  A  P6R4
How very diplomatic of you.
Also I was talking about the broad mass of people here simply hating patreon for what it is and I bet I'm right concerning this.
>>Anonymous  24aug2015(mo)16:30  No.22639  D  P7R5
I was supportive of this idea until you became rude.
>>Anonymous  24aug2015(mo)17:03  No.22644  C  P8R6
A - I'm not the admin, so I don't get any money from you. I can be as rude as I want to. I'm not here to talk anyone into giving away 1$ they would rather put into breeding season.

B - Yeah sorry, I did not want to appear more rude than what you would expect from, let's say, an anonymous imageboard inhabited only by furrys and trolls.
Just seeing that practically the 1st comment was
>Hurrr breeding season makes money off patreon and that's wroong, so patreon is a baaad thing
why not change the fact that only jerks get money off patreon - is what would come to my mind, but because of that shitty flash game, nobody thinks of that?
Seems like a very prosperic logic to me (SARCASM WARNING)

To be clear, I do plan to support swfchan on patreon, but clearly not because of the board, rather the valuable services and archive SWFAnts has provided for free over the years.
I mean, just think of /f/ without any archive. That clearly deserves some compensation.

>>Anonymous  24aug2015(mo)17:28  No.22645  D  P9R7
Anon, assuming everyone is paid equal in BS dev team, as of now, they are getting paid 48.5$/hr if they work on the game 5 days a week and 8 hours a day, and they probably don't even work half of that long, and it is rising, and they have been working on it since 3.5 years.

Just look at the last update, that shit is despicable and outrageous. Of course it is going to make people thinking ill of Patreon.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  24aug2015(mo)17:41  No.22646  SWF  P10R8
From what I've read it seems like people are opposed to the idea of somebody making too much money from Patreon and not to the idea of Patreon itself ("too much" being decided individually on a case-by-case basis). Maybe it won't take off for me but I have to at least try since I've tried everything else so far. Many of those that support these adult flash games are on Patreon already, maybe they want to support a flash archive as well?

Thanks mate, you're number one!

Just to be clear, >>22633 isn't me. I would never call someone a "dumb fuck", especially in a thread where I'm asking for favor. If I did do that (which I never would) I certainly wouldn't do it under an alternative identity just a couple of hours after my first post. I might have to recreate this thread later since things have already gotten so out of hand.

I understand that Patreon is a touchy subject and that not all people approve of it but surely it's better than popups? There has been so many problems and complaints with the ads, people have been asking for an alternative way to support the site other than unblocking the ads. Just trying to provide that alternative and I don't think my Patreon profile will ever reach levels of "too much" either.

>>Anonymous  24aug2015(mo)20:01  No.22652  A  P11R9
>From what I've read it seems like people are opposed to the idea of somebody making too much money from Patreon and not to the idea of Patreon itself.
That is correct, however, as a result of that Patreon itself already has a rather bad reputation. Especially here on this site.
Sure, it might work out, but like I see things at the moment the grudge against Patreon as a whole might be too much.

Oh, And of course you are not >>22633 That flashy Admin logo is rather obvious ^^

>Hurrr breeding season makes money off patreon and that's wroong, so patreon is a baaad thing
You didn't get my point at all...

>>Anonymous  25aug2015(tu)02:11  No.22661  E  P12R10
As one of the more vocal critics of Breeding Season, I'd like to say that I'm not put off by swfchan having a Patreon account. This website provides a very valuable service and the admin is constantly putting effort into making it better. This is the kind of thing that actually does deserve to have people throw money at it (within reasonable limits).

Patreon as a whole is fairly cancerous. But, if it's what it will take to keep this website up, go for it. Just hope they don't selectively enforce their ToS against you, like they did with 8chan.

>>Anonymous  25aug2015(tu)05:23  No.22669  F  P13R11
Vocal minority, brother.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  25aug2015(tu)10:51  No.22674  SWF  P14R12
>selectively enforce their ToS
Why did 8chan's "buffer Patreon" get shut down? Because I asked Patreon if it was OK to do what I'm doing and they said they saw no problem with it. His Patreon was about making videos of his cat Hachi and that Patreon page is indeed gone but I haven't really heard why. Perhaps the reason was that he had a clear Patreon for 8chan first and then when it got removed they saw his Hachi the cat Patreon as a kind of ban evasion and shut it down because of that? Or was it because he made it too obvious what the Patreon really was for?
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  25aug2015(tu)10:55  No.22675  SWF  P15
Edit: Removed double post.

Wow the site is really slow right now, even I got a double post because of it. The server is having some major issues with its Internet connection. It was slow yesterday too, needs to be fixed ASAP.

Edit 2: Fixed, site is back to normal.

>>Anonymous  26aug2015(we)01:58  No.22687  D  P16R13
Because Hotwheels is a copyright infringement.
>>Anonymous  26aug2015(we)11:54  No.22708  G  P17R14
this can't be the reason, even if it was for his first patreon it shouldn't have been for his second since it was about his cat and he should have learned not to use that nick from the first time
>>Anonymous  27aug2015(th)00:49  No.22746  E  P18R15
From what I can gather, Hotwheels repurposed his existing account for 8chan to one for his cat, rather than creating a new account. Evidently changing what a Patreon is for isn't allowed. Though having feminazis lobbying to shut it down ( g-with-patreon-to-cheat-8chans-hotwheels-1715) probably didn't help.

Straying off topic, I found this gem while looking for info:
> While we understand your commitment to free speech, we will not allow 8chan to continue using Patreon, as several boards facilitate the distribution of harmful content and activity, such as illustrated child exploitation imagery. Other violations include facilitating the promotion and/or encouragement to commit self harm, and facilitating the promotion and/or encouragement of pedophilia practices. While we are aware that illustrated child exploitation imagery is not illegal in the United States, we take a strict stance, regardless of the law, on the usage of Patreon to fund or facilitate its distribution.

Which is complete and utter bullshit:

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  27aug2015(th)01:39  No.22750  SWF  P19R16
Thanks for the info. Hm, doesn't sound promising that they shut down 8chan due to external pressure and when realizing that they basically gave the finger to free speech they blamed it on loli. So they like to play the "protect the children" card when it's convenient but look the other way as long as they don't get pressured by some group. Hope swfchan doesn't get singled out like that. Would be especially crappy by them since my Patreon profile isn't for the site itself, it's for me as a person (and they told me this was an OK thing to do).
>>Anonymous  27aug2015(th)02:23  No.22757  H  P20R17
Better screen cap all that stuff then in case they ever do it.
>>Anonymous  27aug2015(th)03:56  No.22761  D  P21R18
>hire an amateur indie team to make farmville but with sex and bestiality
>sign a contract for a 50% share in exchange of providing patrons from swfchan to kick start the project
>in case they do too well, ask them to break shit on purpose and repair them
>rinse and repeat with every update
>net 20k in profit every month
>>Anonymous  27aug2015(th)12:48  No.22779  E  P22R19
Gods, the wonders never cease., $519.06/mo: g
smudgeproof, $332/mo: g?dl=0
sketchman, $229/mo: -jodie-from-abdl-game-lafwirm/
Mental Crash, $96/mo: 003
Areg5, $52/mo: /My-Date-with-Emily?page=9
925999, $46/mo: Babyfur-547829181

>>Anonymous  27aug2015(th)12:48  No.22780  E  P23
was a dupe post
>>Anonymous  27aug2015(th)12:48  No.22782  E  P24
was a dupe post
>>Horsie  27aug2015(th)12:48  No.22786  B  P25R20
Don't worry. If it works, it works. If they shut it down, you stay like before.
Also, all depends on how well the Patreon goes, and right now it's not looking worth the effort to shut it down even for a very bored troll.

I hope nobody is using "this patreon is doomed" bullshit to have an excuse to not participate. I don't really have much money, and this is the first Patreon I ever paid. I'm sure even going for the 1USD is enough if a few people start being patrons.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  27aug2015(th)13:15  No.22790  SWF  P26R21
The board stood still during the night (well, my night) due to a permission denied error... Fixed now, sorry about that.

Since it's only been announced on .org so far I won't despair just yet, 63% of swfchan's visitors only touch the .com and .net domains. Most that visit .org only check out /fap/ directly via the navigation links at the top and won't see any threads on /disc/, a rough guess is that less than 10% of the site's visitors know about this beta phase of Patreon. So it's not game over just yet.

>>Anonymous  27aug2015(th)16:20  No.22801  I  P27R22
I'm calling it now. Some dipshit is going to find this site, get his (who are we kidding, it'll probably be a her) pwecious feelings hurt, blow the whistle to this operation and raise a ruckus until the shitstorm becomes loud enough for Patreon not to go along with this anymore because a negative image hurts profits and that's how companies work.

I guess we're only still here because we're small.

>>Anonymous  27aug2015(th)16:26  No.22803  C  P28R23
True dat. Feminazis and social justice warriors are maybe the only plague that doesn't affect swfchan in any way yet.
Hope they will never give a fuck, because they should really not.
>>Anonymous  27aug2015(th)19:30  No.22809  D  P29R24
The best defense is offense. We should go and get them first.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  28aug2015(fr)02:00  No.22829  SWF  P30R25
Thinking about adding a new base reward tier for $1.00 or more per month which would be to have yourself on a hall of fame list (though you don't have to be there if you don't want to of course). Would that be fun or just feel pointless?

Got the idea from the long list of donors to Dwarf Fortress:

On swfchan's list you would get to decide your own name, location, text color and set a quote to be placed next to an image that you upload to /res/. Anything goes as long as it's within reason and as long as it isn't an advertisement or promotion in any way. Probably should limit the text and images to not be "shocking" (porn/gore) since people might not be interested in being on such a page otherwise. Not that I expect anyone to actually use their real name but still, it would make the list more fun to scroll through for everybody.

People would remain on this list even if they stopped supporting swfchan one day.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  29aug2015(sa)00:12  No.22881  SWF  P31
Changed some text on patreon.shtml regarding being an Anonymous supporter, turns out I can see donor's account information even if they hide their pledge from everybody else and even if they set their profile as private.

Have figured out a decent way of automating rewards so I will probably make a simple 1 USD/month tier which will look like this:
+ No ads on flash.asp while signed in.
+ Optional auto-skip feature.

Holding off on the wall of fame for now but I haven't abandoned that idea.

>>Anonymous  29aug2015(sa)11:17  No.22898  J  P32R26
swf is officially dead, long live the king.
Shame it was assassinated by one of its former great supporters for money... kinda like Jesus actually.
>>Horsie  29aug2015(sa)14:57  No.22905  B  P33R27
I really like the hall of fame idea. I would be proud to be there.

And while I'm not bothered at all that you have my real data, It's really a good idea to have this clearly stated on the patreon page.

>>Anonymous  30aug2015(su)21:24  No.22952  K  P34R28
The hate for Patreon explained:

>stop liking what I don't like

Breeding season is ugly af, but if somebody else pays for it then that's their own business.

>>Anonymous  30aug2015(su)21:30  No.22953  K  P35
Dot-swf should have been dead ages ago; it only persisted because big businesses are better at exploiting brand loyalty than the masses are at changing their loyalty to someone who appreciates it better. Flash was a mess before Adobe even acquired it, and all they've done is make it more like an Apple/MS/Google product.

People just pirated it anyway, then there's this huge moral stink over how Adobe deserved $1000 for every little kid who fools around with playshapes. The new engines are free-to-start like a modern MMORPG or MOBA; pay if you're in love with it. No more monopolies, no more being at Adobe's mercy for comparability, no more using 99% of an eight-core CPU because the dev has no clue how to design a game. (Flash made it way too easy to do that without realizing, and teenage devs usually don't realize.)

>>Anonymous  30aug2015(su)22:39  No.22958  I  P36R29

That is literally the worst possible thing you can do, anon.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  30aug2015(su)23:50  No.22960  SWF  P37R30
Let them come! There is one dwarf yet in Flashia who still draws breath!
>>Anonymous  31aug2015(mo)00:01  No.22962  D  P38R31

I heard /pol/ conducted a raid on them and cause massive PTSD and two suicides.

>>Anonymous  1sep2015(tu)07:52  No.23040  L  P39R32
Patreon is a way better solution IMO. I always have adblock on for Swfchan because the ads are extremely intrusive. It wouldn't hurt to include obvious incentives like 4chan does for donations. (No captcha and other privileges you can think of and easily integrate.)

Out of curiosity, what's the bandwidth cost for Swfchan on average? It would help to list that on the Patreon so people know what you need to keep the lights on without ads.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  1sep2015(tu)17:39  No.23049  SWF  P40R33
I don't feel comfortable to disclose exact upkeep costs because it's not so much to be honest. I'm in Sweden after all, aka King Internet Land (well it was, the rest of the world is catching up). The costs of domains, power, bandwidth etc are there for sure but the two biggest 'costs' are really server upgrades (when and if they come around) and my time. I've always tried to be honest with that when asked, without some money as motivation I probably wouldn't have invested all the time that I have in swfchan and other flash related things. If the money would come from donations rather than ads I would feel twice as motivated since I'd know people appreciate what I do so much they are even willing to buy me a beer. I know that some doesn't like the fact but I need some kind of return at this point in my life or I might as well just hang out on /f/ and post some flashes every now and then. I do that now too of course but then I would free up a lot of time to spend on my other hobbies and projects.
>>Anonymous  1sep2015(tu)19:09  No.23055  M  P41R34
How much money is it for all internet for swfchan about?

Like how many dollars for each visitors (I know most of them don't give money)?

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  1sep2015(tu)20:58  No.23057  SWF  P42R35
Sorry I don't understand the question.
>>Anonymous  2sep2015(we)03:49  No.23069  J  P43R36

So all this is about some Swedish cuck trying to get rich to pay his immigrant friends to fuck his wife?

Shameful, money should never be ones motivation to do anything.
Unfortunate such a good place is held hostage by such cancer.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  2sep2015(we)05:15  No.23072  SWF  P44R37
Nope, all this is about is getting rid of the ads on swfchan. Money was never my motivation with this site, that much should be obvious, but anyone can see that such a thing naturally helps a great deal to ensure that you keep taking time out of your life to work on something that is entirely voluntary. Besides, without the ads I'd have to use both my time *and* money on the site. With them I don't have to invest any of my own cash for upkeep and I get a little something extra for the hours I put in.

Most people probably can't argue that this is "unfair" or "dishonest" and still keep a straight face. I don't expect anything from my visitors --as long as folks still find swfchan worth coming to I'm happy-- but it would be dumb of me to not jump on this opportunity to maybe exchange the bad ads for donors that want to help, especially when some people have been specifically asking for it.

>>Anonymous  2sep2015(we)19:24  No.23088  C  P45R38
Its funny how serious (and bad trolling) everyone gets as soon as spending some money is involved.
I wouldn't begrudge it to you at all if you got insanely rich by this patreon, which it doesn't look like it at all right now with 8 dollars. But I'd love to see early no-ads-at-all-acess for serious donors too.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  2sep2015(we)21:10  No.23090  SWF  P46R39
>early no-ads-at-all-acess
I would do this if I could, problem is swfchan was built to be as static as possible to save server resources. Most pages are shtml files, which basically only allows another html file to be included, so no logic that involves checking for user accounts can be implemented without me rewriting the whole site from scratch. But supporters can use adblock without feeling bad about it. ;^)
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  3sep2015(th)19:11  No.23134  SWF  P47
Supporter Accounts

The system that creates supporter accounts is now ready, please check patreon.shtml for instructions on how to activate your account so I can make sure everything works the way it should and that the instructions are straightforward enough.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  7sep2015(mo)01:07  No.23207  SWF  P48
It's time

Everything is as ready as it'll ever be, it's time to end the "beta testing" period and see for real if people are willing to donate to the site via Patreon. Thanks to you three that have showed your support so far, even if nobody else is interested I will at least know that 3 out of 25k really like the site. :)

I'll make the global announcement within 24 hours.
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