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>>Anonymous  3apr2015(fr)12:18  No.19002  OP  P1
Looking for a flash

It's an old flash that I used to watch a lot in like 2002 or so. It was a song about Michael Jackson's nose.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?

>>Anonymous  3apr2015(fr)14:46  No.19003  A  P2R1
not me, not much to go on there
>>Anonymous  3apr2015(fr)23:20  No.19020  B  P3R2
Sorry mate, I only know about the michael quest flashes
Did you skim the .com engine results?
>>Anonymous  4apr2015(sa)12:06  No.19030  OP  P4R3

No, it's not on the .com. I remember some lyrics from the song though so maybe that will help people.

"Michael Jackson's nose
Who knows where it goes
My god, what's happened to it
(something about nostrils)
My god, what's he doing to it

Back in the days of A, B,C, easy as 1,2,3!
He had cartilage and tissue and mucus membrane
Then the gloved one started to go insane
He wanted to be whiter, he wanted to be a girl I suppose
So he started cutting parts of his nose"

Those are the only things I remember from the song and some specific words might not be right but that's the gist of it.

I remember that it was never on Newgrounds so that made it even harder. Sadly I found all those years ago on a site that just collected flashes like a lot did back then and the site is long dead now.

>>Anonymous  5apr2015(su)19:31  No.19052  B  P5R4
you might want to check an archive page (waybackmachine) of this page for the file name!
>>Anonymous  6apr2015(mo)22:31  No.19078  C  P6R5
the video is still available on youtube with a simple google search of the lyrics you posted, is it the same thing as the flash?
>>Anonymous  7apr2015(tu)03:00  No.19089  OP  P7R6
I'm sorry but I can't find any video on YouTube.
>>Anonymous  7apr2015(tu)21:20  No.19111  C  P8R7
>>Anonymous  8apr2015(we)09:38  No.19124  OP  P9R8

(The spin the bottle stuff and the thing before the it starts is new though)

The flash itself seems to be lost to time though, but this will do.

>>Anonymous  8apr2015(we)17:49  No.19130  A  P10R9
Cool, you got what you wanted OP. Well almost, the actual flash would have been better but still. Nice that someone could help after all.
>>Anonymous  8apr2015(we)23:21  No.19137  B  P11R10
Trips for anonymous delivery
>>Anonymous  10may2017(we)06:31  No.49306  D  P12R11
i'm looking for that same flash - that youtube link is down now :(

does anybody have a link?
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