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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  6feb2015(fr)08:48  No.17666  SWF  P1

This is the thread regarding the collection system:

Suggestions or opinions are most welcome!

>>Horsie  6feb2015(fr)19:28  No.17672  A  P2R1
How do I get the flash from a thread on
>>æ!Dd7n98Z5E6  6feb2015(fr)19:30  No.17673  B  P3R2
Nice tips Zoor,
A worthy start for your newest developement,
I was hoping for something more integrated into the .org chan,
but nonetheless, appreciation for your efforts as always.
Now to just put my flashes into a collection... will take a while :3
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  6feb2015(fr)19:44  No.17674  SWF  P4R3
If you search for the file name of a flash here on .org you should find it on .com, just use the form at the top of the page and then click the [W] link next to the result.

Hehe, didn't even notice my trips. Typical mod get! Looking forward to your see your collection. What kind of integration were you hoping for here on .org?

>>æ!Dd7n98Z5E6  6feb2015(fr)19:53  No.17675  B  P5R4
idk. Just that the collections page and the chan are two separated entities, while they should be more one of a page.

Also: How can you delete posts from a collection?

>>æ!Dd7n98Z5E6  6feb2015(fr)21:11  No.17678  B  P6
The hardest part is to determine the flash Index number, as sometimes there are lots of flashes with the same name, and there's (nearly) no way to determine which one the swf at hand is, without uploading it somewhere, so it comes up at the front page (´д`)
>>æ!Dd7n98Z5E6  6feb2015(fr)23:58  No.17680  B  P7
Minor, but
would be great if you can create a new bundle within the editor on the collections page.
Also, I suppose it would NOT be possible to have a (sub)bundle within another bundle (only one layer of categorization)?
An other suggestion would probably be a "hidden" bundle, that contains files only viewable in the editor, but this would kinda run contrary to the idea of that system.

Sounds like a whole lot of effort, so I go with:
Just needs a way to delete files from the collection as whole.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  7feb2015(sa)00:53  No.17681  SWF  P8R5
I made .org to be separate from .com and .net, the idea was that if I wanted to I could put it on a different server. Since I'd like people to be able to make collections with all flashes and not just the ones they upload it kinda have to be this way. But I could add some link here on .org that tries to search for the flash on .com to see if it has been archived.

If you're having problems determining the flash index number of a swf file you have on your computer you can try to search for the number of bytes of that file. For example if you search for ">7 966 524" you will only find flashes that has been seen with a file size of exactly 7966524 bytes. That should narrow things down.

Concerning deletion... yeah it's not possible yet. Haha, pretty basic stuff I know but it's a planned feature. Kinda rushed to get this collection thing out there even before everything was implemented. I plan to have checkboxes for each flash, if checked the flash is "hidden" (counts as deleted). That way you could create a "hidden bundle" by just making a regular bundle and then set every flash in it as hidden. The bundle will count as empty and won't show up outside edit mode. I'll probably make it so that if you name a bundle "Hidden" the flashes added into it will default as being hidden.

Creation of new bundles from edit mode is also one of those planned features, by the way. As is swapping places of the bundles.

I'm not planning to support bundles within bundles at the moment as it would require a bit of re-coding. But it's not impossible to arrange something like that in the future, maybe, if more people need it.

Another feature I'd like to get in is bundle links at the top of a big multi-page, multi-bundle collection which will give you the ability to browse only a certain bundle in the collection if you want to. A simple little filter for searching in the existing collections and their bundles might be useful to add later as well, if the number of collections grow plenty.

>>æ!Dd7n98Z5E6  7feb2015(sa)01:09  No.17682  B  P9R6
sounds awesome!
Well, I'll retire for now.
Simple as it is, this new feature is really a great extension to the server.
I always hesitated to make a good private collection, because of the archive, so I missed a lot of good flashes.
But on the other side the .com engine isn't so reliable anymore when it comes to classics, since at some point it grew out exponentially and people started to post crap version of swf just to bypass the post limit.

tl;dr - a great way to have your own Flash Collection, always accessible.

By the way, you also haven't added the collections to the bottom of the .com page yet ;)

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  7feb2015(sa)03:09  No.17690  SWF  P10R7
It will be linked to from the front page of .net since that domain is mostly meant for user generated content (and the .net front page needs to get a boost in purpose, I have more plans for it later though). I'll also link to it at the bottom of all pages, among the nodes that are there right now. Just haven't bothered yet since it's linked to from all the pages on com/net right now due to the announcement. Much later, if collections take off as a thing, there might also be featured links in the top navigation somewhere to the most useful collections available (I'm thinking maybe one or two chosen at random at a time).
>>Anonymous  8feb2015(su)01:29  No.17721  C  P11R8
Excellent feature, thanks for implementing it. It's the start of something great, but still needs more polishing.

An option to make your collection not appear in the collections list would be nice. I want mine to be more complete before it being showcased.

Also, yeah, a delete feature is needed.

>>reshiramdragon  9feb2015(mo)09:28  No.17764  D  P12R9

This almost feels like added your own favorites.
This is perfect now I can find videos that I can collect and convert them into mp4 when the time comes

>>reshiramdragon  9feb2015(mo)11:11  No.17769  D  P13
I'm making one already, I'm mostly putting the ones I've downloaded before and some I really did wanted. So hit me up "Best sex ever"
>>Anonymous  10feb2015(tu)00:05  No.17800  E  P14R10
sorry to be off topic but some people use crazy long file names so it would be convenient if the "Click on a file name below..." always listed "[flash#].swf" as a naming option
>>Anonymous  11feb2015(we)00:02  No.17828  B  P15R11
Is there any way you could increase the Order number by an extra digit?
Making the Order number count not global, but for each bundle would also work.
>>kadir  11feb2015(we)10:24  No.17844  F  P16R12
bulma tit flash


>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  11feb2015(we)22:44  No.17856  SWF  P17R13
An option to toggle a collection between private and public was a good idea, I'll add it to the TODO list.

Ah you mean on the flash's home page. Didn't understand your request at first. Sorry but I won't add any file names that haven't actually been seen for the flash. It's easy enough to just rename the flash yourself, isn't it? Just double click on the flash's ID number before you click any of the links leading to and press CTRL+C to put its ID in clipboard.

I think the order numbers will remain global for the whole collection, complicates things a bit if they aren't and it doesn't add that much of a benefit.

What do you mean by "increase the Order number by an extra digit"? Do you mean that when a new flash is added the order number is increased by 100 instead of the current 50?

>>Anonymous  12feb2015(th)00:06  No.17858  B  P18R14
Nah, just tried to point out that the number can't get high enough for me to conveniently sort and arrange them. I would need an extra 0 at the maximum number (someting like 6000? -> 60000). Don't know how much of a hassle that would be. It always tells me I got it too high so it was lowered.

fyi: My system would look like this,
First digit is bundle number - then two digits sort number and an extra digit if you have to squeeze something in between or if flashes are connected in a way (or if more than 100 swfs per bundle yo).
But this way would then only allow for 5 bundles.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  12feb2015(th)12:44  No.17872  SWF  P19R15
Ah okay, right now you can only set the order number 50 higher than the current highest order number. It's like that so that someone doesn't immediately set the number close to the max that can be stored in the database field, then a higher storage number can't be had when a new flash is added.

So, there is no maximum order number, just that you need to increase the order number by 50 at a time (60000 can be used if you have 1200 flashes in your collection).

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  12feb2015(th)12:47  No.17873  SWF  P20

It's now possible to hide flashes in your collections, just check the box next to the "hidden" text and it won't show up unless you are in edit mode.

If you make a bundle called "Hidden" all flashes added to it will default to being hidden.

To permanently get rid of a flash in your collection you simply put "del" into both the description field and the comment field. It will be removed immediately after you save.

>>Anonymous  12feb2015(th)15:42  No.17876  B  P21R16
Oh, ok. Not quite what I was assuming and not sure if I understood completely what you mean, but I think I got it for now.
Nonetheless yaay >>17873
>>reshiramdragon  15feb2015(su)20:57  No.17943  D  P22R17
bundle edit

I want to move the swf to the bundles I made but I get errors for saving them. Please give us instructions on how to use it.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  15feb2015(su)23:14  No.17944  SWF  P23R18
Each bundle has a number (0, 1, 2, 3...) which is written like [#] next to the bundle title in edit mode. Each flash has a bundle number you can set. Just change that number and press save. Now that flash will in the bundle that has that number within its brackets. 0 is always the first bundle, 1 the second bundle and so forth. Maybe I should change it so that 0 is not used and the count starts on 1? I'll add it to the TODO.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  15feb2015(su)23:17  No.17945  SWF  P24
Or maybe you mean that you can't actually collect the flashes that you want in the first place? Then I need to know what error messages you are getting. Though doesn't the error messages themselves contain a clue to what's wrong?
>>reshiramdragon  16feb2015(mo)06:13  No.17957  D  P25R19
Nvm I figured out the bundle part.

Just wanna add I will be adding my last bundle of mlp that I liked and and downloaded

>>reshiramdragon  21feb2015(sa)08:08  No.18049  D  P26
Ok I just finish the mlp collection bundle feel free to check it out, because I'm done adding anymore past flashes I had enjoyed.
>>asdasd  25feb2015(we)03:03  No.18099  G  P27R20


>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  8mar2015(su)21:24  No.18300  SWF  P28R21
Just changed the global message at the top of the site so it was time to integrate the real link to the collections somewhere on the site. Upon actually thinking about it I've placed that link into the main menu instead of on the .net front page, so people's collections get more exposure. The .net front page will remain as it is for the time being (only showing recommendations).

In order to prevent the menu from looking too cluttered only "C" is printed out instead of the whole "COLLECTIONS" word. It would bring the text too close to the main logo otherwise. Two • were added to make it more eye-catching plus that I thought it looked pretty ugly to only have "C" as the link. Tried to see how it aligned as "COLS" or "COLLS" but I think it looks better this way, even if it seems weird at first glance. I'm open to suggestions though if anybody can think of something that would fit better as the link text.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  30nov2016(we)09:25  No.41611  SWF  P29
New Layout

I've changed the layout of the collections so that two columns are used instead of one. Since most people doesn't use any kind of description this will cause there to be a lot less empty space on the page. It should give a better overview at the cost of some people maybe missing a flash if they aren't looking thoroughly while scrolling.

The number of flashes per page has been increased from 100 to infinity as well, it makes it more pleasant to browse through a collection when subsections aren't cut off in the middle. Since some collections have hundreds of flashes I might try to improve thumbnail load times down the road by bundling them together into a single image and using CSS to split them. Right now though each thumbnail is downloaded separately as normal.

>>Anonymous  1dec2016(th)16:02  No.41633  H  P30R22
Cool, seems like an improvement. I think there should be a space between the filename and the filesize, and it would be nice if the flash description was orange again.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  1dec2016(th)17:08  No.41635  SWF  P31R23
Both those things should be true, maybe your browser is still using the old stylesheet file? Try pressing F5 on a collection page and it should download the new one. If it doesn't work let me know what browser you're on.

The description was always dark red though, the bundle/subcollection title is orange (as well as the lines leading down from it). The "comment"-text below the red description is plain black. I might move around those lines later since it could be a little confusing right now which link belongs to which thumbnail. And I plan to make URLs put in the comment text clickable someday.

>>Anonymous  1dec2016(th)18:58  No.41637  H  P32R24
Ah, my mistake. It works now.
>>æ  6dec2016(tu)19:11  No.41783  B  P33R25
Seems strange that the orange border goes across the left collumn entirely, but only the right flash thumbnail, so that the right collumn description is left outside... to me at least.

Also still waiting pretty please on possibility to edit:
* the order of subcategories (I mean you COULD just move ALL the files in one and rename it , but...)
* and also mass edits of files, because I want to keep a peculiar number order and don't want to edit every single one, save, scroll down again, repeat...
maybe even make it remember the screen position after an edit?
* number order without any limits (like when the number is too low to the next one, etc.)

Also, I encounter some problems with my passphrase every now and then (doesn't recognize it, then I reload some times and it works, pretty randomly), but only on the add button; never on the edit on collections one, for some reason...

As always though, all efforts are apreciated!

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  8dec2016(th)20:13  No.41873  SWF  P34R26
I will probably move the orange border, it is a bit confusing right now. I'll also try to do the other things you suggested, although I'm not sure what you mean by "number order without any limits". I can't think of anything that could be wrong with the add button regarding the password but I'll look into it!
>>Anonymous  14dec2016(we)22:12  No.42050  B  P35R27
Thanks! That would finally motivate me to kinda clean that mess up, a bit more.
Can't say I'm a fan of the new layout, but it certainly helps to quickly search for a single flash.
About the passphrase, maybe it would help to state [that there are non_unicode letters included]. Maybe that's messing with the hash?
Finally, about the order number, as previously stated:
When f.e. putting in a very high number, that is far from any other existing number,
the edit says "...successfull... Though the given sort order number was too high and was lowered."
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