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>>Anonymous  17feb2011(th)02:31  No.106  OP  P1
Takeshi Ohta

Trying this thing out. This is a thread with stuff by Takeshi Ohta. He is a fetish kind-of guy with big love for lolis being tied up and getting teased by different weird dildos.

Takeshi Ohta - Naisho no Little Ecstasy (Secret Little Ecsta...rar * (92.21 MiB)
Unpacked: 92.2 MiB. Files: 212. Directories: 0. Images: 212.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: japanese untranslated, loli flatchest, bondage, pretty large insertions, peehole insertions (urethra sex), half-rape (?), full rape too?, anal, dildo focus, group sex, forced stimulation... etc

>>Anonymous  17feb2011(th)02:37  No.107  OP  P2
looking great, ill definitely share more later
>>Anonymous  21feb2011(mo)10:48  No.138  OP  P3
Alright, here's some more from Takeshi Ohta (or as he might be more known as, "Ohtado".

Takeshi Ohta (ohtado) - Sweet Produce! (C73).rar (7.5 MiB)
Unpacked: 7.5 MiB. Files: 34. Directories: 0. Images: 34.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: japanese untranslated, loli flatchest, bondage, long anal dildo and other weird dildos, bite-gag, egg-vibrator, peehole insertion (urethra sex), girl-on-girl, licking, big clit, cover-put-on-penis (?)

>>Anonymous  21feb2011(mo)10:53  No.139  OP  P4
Takeshi Ohta (ohtado) - Sweet Produce2! (The Idolmaster)...rar * (11.94 MiB)
Unpacked: 11.94 MiB. Files: 30. Directories: 0. Images: 30.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: english translated, loli flatchest, chastity belt with moving anal dildo, girl-on-girl, menthol mouthwash painted inside ass, PAIN (you THINK??), licking, blowjob, anal, peehole insertion, threesome

>>Anonymous  21feb2011(mo)11:11  No.140  OP  P5
original name of this is
(同人誌) [おおた堂] 双変 ~みんないっしょにアイしてね~

i prefer to have folders in english though so i have renamed it using a translation service. if anyone has a more correct translation please do tell.

Takeshi Ohta (ohtado) - change it to double - all together...rar * (39.19 MiB)
Unpacked: 39.18 MiB. Files: 125. Directories: 0. Images: 125.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: japanese, loli semi-flat/flatchest, anal, vaginal, weird dildos, suction, large clit, peehole sex, large insertions, electric torture, bondage, needles, deepthroat, whitehead gag (medic gag). pain.

>>Anonymous  21feb2011(mo)12:30  No.143  OP  P6
Takeshi Ohta (ohtado) - Love Love Linker Core2 (A's) (C70).rar * (11.42 MiB)
Unpacked: 11.42 MiB. Files: 36. Directories: 0. Images: 36.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: japanese, loli flatchest, non-loli, anal-focus (dildos), three girls doing stuff to a fourth, pee-hole insertion, large insertions, syringes (tranquilizers?), kissing, anal-expansion. girls only.

>>Anonymous  21feb2011(mo)12:38  No.144  OP  P7
Takeshi Ohta (ohtado) - Spiral Princess (English) [SaHa].rar (9.42 MiB)
Unpacked: 9.42 MiB. Files: 28. Directories: 0. Images: 28.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: english translated, loli flatchest, monster, bondage, weird dildo, anal-only, colon-sex, huge dick, pain-that-feels-good

>>Anonymous  21feb2011(mo)12:49  No.145  OP  P8
Takeshi Ohta (ohtado) - Sweet Produce3!.rar (6.84 MiB)
Unpacked: 6.84 MiB. Files: 30. Directories: 0. Images: 30.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: japanese, loli flatchest, bondage, two girls one guy, deepthroat, balls-in-ass, vacuum pump on tit, licking, weird "cover" put on dick, electric needles, inside-out ass, pain

>>Anonymous  21feb2011(mo)13:01  No.146  OP  P9
Takeshi Ohta (ohtado) - Chicchyaitoko-suki.rar * (43.64 MiB)
Unpacked: 43.63 MiB. Files: 158. Directories: 0. Images: 158.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: japanese, loli small tits/flatchest, bondage, anal beads, pee-hole sex, tied in weird positions, rape kidnap, anal focus (has vagsex), ballgag, clit-electric, stimula-liquid, multistory, clit exposure

>>Anonymous  21feb2011(mo)13:06  No.147  OP  P10
that was the best ones i've got from him, my favorites. if someone wants more i guess i could upload a couple more, just give the word.
>>Anonymous  28feb2011(mo)22:42  No.345  A  P11R1
Oh god please upload moar! I just had Sweet Produce 2 before and love his style!
>>Anonymous  28feb2011(mo)22:42  No.346  A  P12
This is amazing, please post some moar!
>>Anonymous  1mar2011(tu)09:26  No.351  OP  P13R2
Okay, sure. Glad someone found the uploads useful. Hopefully I don't upload any duplicate stories accidentally, my folders are in a bit of a mess.

Takeshi Ohta (ohtado) - Frontier Spirits! (ProJpg) (C74).rar * (19.49 MiB)
Unpacked: 19.5 MiB. Files: 26. Directories: 0. Images: 26.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: japanese, loli flatchest, hands tied, finger in peehole, pushing-out-clit-from-inside, sucking long clit, non-loli (tits), weird dildo in ass, brushing clit/inside of ass, anal sex ("cover" on penis)

>>Anonymous  1mar2011(tu)09:31  No.352  OP  P14
Takeshi Ohta (ohtado) - Love Love Linker Core.rar * (10.67 MiB)
Unpacked: 11.08 MiB. Files: 30. Directories: 0. Images: 30.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: japanese, loli flatchest/small tits (two girls, no guys), licking asshole, weird dildos (long/big), anal, a little peeing, fingers in ass, kissing, chest-tied with ropes, anal beads, dildo-in-peehole

>>Anonymous  1mar2011(tu)09:36  No.353  OP  P15
Takeshi Ohta (ohtado) - naisho dayo! mahou no club katsu...rar (9.79 MiB)
Unpacked: 9.79 MiB. Files: 30. Directories: 0. Images: 30.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: japanese, loli, several girls (experimenting? no guys), weird dildos, peehole penetration, anal, vaginal, pain, titbrab, anal beads, kissing, long dildo

>>Anonymous  1mar2011(tu)09:42  No.354  OP  P16
with "text" in the description i mean that this mostly has some big images and then a bunch of text that one would have to read to know what is going on between the images (if one cares about the story)

Takeshi Ohta (ohtado) - P-LOVE@! (THE IDOLM@STER) (34).rar (7.77 MiB)
Unpacked: 7.8 MiB. Files: 32. Directories: 0. Images: 32.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: japanese, loli with tits, vaginal (cellphone in vag), anal, penis-in-vag, blowjob (money shot), clit pinching, vibrators on tits, long nipples being pinched, dildos, a little peehole action. text.

>>Anonymous  1mar2011(tu)09:57  No.355  OP  P17
Takeshi Ohta (ohtado) - Succubus Distortion!.rar * (66.09 MiB)
Unpacked: 67.78 MiB. Files: 161. Directories: 0. Images: 161.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: japanese, loli-demon, non-loli (big tits), a-lot-of-story, dildo, vag/anal/peehole sex, TENTACLES (organic monster/alien/leeches), tit-sex, rape, deepthroat, clit-penis, womb-filling, bondage, needles

>>Anonymous  1mar2011(tu)10:07  No.357  OP  P18
Takeshi Ohta (ohtado) - Sweet Produce SP.rar * (20.27 MiB)
Unpacked: 20.67 MiB. Files: 30. Directories: 0. Images: 30.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: japanese, loli-flat, two girls one guy, anal-plug for ass-cleaning, long-anal-dildo, suspension-bondage, enema, "stomach-expansion", magnetic dildo-pair put in both girls peehole pushing them together

>>Anonymous  1mar2011(tu)13:19  No.371  A  P19R3
Wohoo, youre awesome OP. Its pretty hard to find Ohta's work for some reason.
>>Anonymous  1mar2011(tu)23:13  No.375  OP  P20R4
i'll upload a few more then =)

Takeshi Ohta (ohtado) - Chikage Sakuya.rar * (17.25 MiB)
Unpacked: 17.5 MiB. Files: 59. Directories: 0. Images: 58.
Contains: JPG, TXT <LIST>

Description: japanese, loli-ish, chastity belt + anal vibrator, tied-ropes, big-black-bars (overly-noticable censorship), pussy/ass licking, anal sex, dildo in vagina/ass, sudden penis-clit + denied to cum, lesbo

>>Anonymous  1mar2011(tu)23:17  No.376  OP  P21
Takeshi Ohta (ohtado) - himitsu toshokan.rar (4.92 MiB)
Unpacked: 5.23 MiB. Files: 30. Directories: 0. Images: 30.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: japanese, loli with small/big tits, dickgirl, glasses, anal, oral, strapon, peehole-action, hands tied, three girls (lesbian), no guys. older-girls kinda raping younger

>>Anonymous  1mar2011(tu)23:21  No.377  OP  P22
Takeshi Ohta (ohtado) - Nanairo Ink.rar (7.21 MiB)
Unpacked: 7.47 MiB. Files: 26. Directories: 0. Images: 26.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: japanese, loli with very small tits, tentacles (bondage), triple anal + vaginal. text-only pages at the end (separate story though). self-fingering, vaginal sex, hands-tied, egg vibrators in vag.

>>Anonymous  1mar2011(tu)23:25  No.378  OP  P23
Takeshi Ohta (ohtado) - Pretty x Pretty (C66).rar (7.11 MiB)
Unpacked: 7.14 MiB. Files: 24. Directories: 0. Images: 24.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: japanese, loli with tits, tentacles (bondage), dual anal, finger vag, kissing, two girls (one with bigger tits), no guys, wanking clit so it becomes clit penis, fucking/sucking clit-penis

>>Anonymous  1mar2011(tu)23:35  No.379  OP  P24
Takeshi Ohta (ohtado) - White Passion.rar (9.65 MiB)
Unpacked: 10.3 MiB. Files: 28. Directories: 0. Images: 28.
Contains: JPG <LIST>

Description: jap, maid punish, big tits, rope-suspense-bondage, "spikes" (rods?) into nipples (not piercings), pain, electric-torture, huge dildo (ass), breast-milking, nipple-whip, vag-sex, tit-fucking, monoglove

>>Anonymous  2mar2011(we)21:51  No.384  A  P25R5
didnt know ohta did this much, very nice OP
>>Anonymous  3mar2011(th)23:27  No.411  OP  P26R6
there are a couple of CG releases as well. plus a whole bunch of pretty boring hentai manga where there are like 4 pages of only text then 1 page with a full-page image and then 4 more text pages and repeat. the ones posted in this thread are the ones worth fapping to
>>Anonymous  4mar2011(fr)03:16  No.424  A  P27R7
ah i wished there was even more. this is by far my favorite artist, along with JKP and gorgeous takarada. ya know any others with this kind of extreme style op?
>>Anonymous  6mar2011(su)07:55  No.526  OP  P28R8
Hmm... No, can't think of anyone that is really equivalent with Ohtado sadly. Oyster maybe? He does nice stuff, although not in the same way.

Might up some Oyster later, sharing in this way was pretty fun (though time consuming).

>>Anonymous  10apr2011(su)20:34  No.1011  B  P29R9
I fap at the speed of light with Takeshi Ohta. Awesome pee hole fuck fetish.
>>Anonymous  25nov2011(fr)20:18  No.2780  C  P30R10
>>Anonymous  1dec2011(th)21:29  No.2797  OP  P31R11
A new one?! Do WANT!
>>Anonymous  6dec2011(tu)16:12  No.2809  C  P32R12
It has not been found yet.
I want too.
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