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>>Anonymous  3oct2019(th)01:57  No.71446  OP  P1
Repeated use C.swf (1.98 MiB)
800x800, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 17 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  4oct2019(fr)04:35  No.71492  A  P2R1
ok this is very hot, is the character from some show or is it original content?
>>Anonymous  4oct2019(fr)13:11  No.71500  B  P3R2
Look like 420chan's mascot.
>>Anonymous  4oct2019(fr)19:27  No.71503  C  P4R3
It's from the CN show Clarence
>>Anonymous  18oct2019(fr)17:45  No.71780  A  P5R4
thanks! guess it's this one, though the effects make her hair color different in the flash
>>Anonymous  7nov2019(th)14:13  No.72129  D  P6R5
After downloading this file I suddenly started getting adware. After deleting it, it suddenly disappeared. Not saying theres causation, but the correlation seems pretty fishy to me.
>>Anonymous  8nov2019(fr)05:55  No.72136  A  P7R6
sounds like the fakest of news, even IF this file somehow installed adware on your computer (which it didn't) why on god's green earth would the adware disappear just from you deleting the swf file? either you're lying for some reason or more likely you got confused from something else running on your computer.
>>Anonymous  9nov2019(sa)12:37  No.72150  D  P8R7
Hey man, Im just pointing out a correlation and that people may want to be more cautious. I too am skeptical about a swf files ability to download adware, but it seemingly disappeared after I deleted it.
>>Anonymous  11nov2019(mo)17:59  No.72175  A  P9R8
i downloaded this flash and when i viewed it a bird started making an annoying noise outside my window but as soon as i deleted the swf file it stopped. i'm not saying there's causation going on but the correlation is very fishy. be careful with flash out there guys.
>>Anonymous  12nov2019(tu)01:31  No.72178  E  P10R9
And it also so happened that after downloading this flash I was struck with the thought that this would be nice without all the camera movement.
It is not super clear but I think that this invasive thought was caused by the downloading of this flash, be careful guys..
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