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>>Anonymous  16sep2019(mo)19:01  No.71096  OP  P1
torrent of nuigurumer? Apparently this is from a game is called "ぬいぐるまー" by "light".

lolicon.swf (805.3 KiB)
320x240, Compressed (Deflate). 12 frames, 24.8 fps (00:00).
Ver8, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  16sep2019(mo)19:30  No.71097  A  P2R1
Dude, that is ancient and is probably not possible to find a working torrent.
>>Anonymous  17sep2019(tu)11:46  No.71108  B  P3R2
Title - Stuffed Toy

Genre - Adventure + Simulation
SupportedOS - Windows 98SE/2000/Me/XP
Vista supported
Release date - 24 Dec 2004
Price - 8,800 yen + tax
JAN code -4529904000351
Media - DVD-ROM

Unless you can look for moonspeak torrents or any gaijins who bought and made copies for torrents. The only way is to buy it in yen with no english trasnlation. Good luck.

>>Anonymous  18sep2019(we)01:14  No.71122  C  P4R3
at least it's still alive!
>>Anonymous  21sep2019(sa)19:29  No.71203  D  P5R4
just gotta wait for that guy willing to buy porn on a physical DVD-ROM shipped from japan in 2019 lulz
>>Anonymous  22sep2019(su)05:10  No.71205  A  P6R5
is it not even a digital format? lol
>>Anonymous  22sep2019(su)18:34  No.71216  E  P7R6
I found this game 8/forum/hentai-games-38/japanese-[041224][light]-n uigurumer-|-ぬいぐるまー-340225/

and reupload

but i cant find this scane in game files

>>Anonymous  22sep2019(su)20:40  No.71217  B  P8R7
can you find more of their line of games?
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