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>>Anonymous  25jul2019(th)10:51  No.70247  OP  P1
Archive of swfchan

I couldn't find a contact for the admin so I figured someone here might have a clue. Is there any downloadable complete (for a certain date at least) archive of swfchan flashes? I'm sure there is a fuckton of flash content that is only on this site and it would be a shame if any of it became lost media.

>>Anonymous  25jul2019(th)18:09  No.70251  A  P2R1
There's no archive of the archive. Not yet at least.
>>Anonymous  26jul2019(fr)02:55  No.70259  B  P3R2
I think there are email adresses in the about sections, but posting here is normally the best way to contact SWFAnts, the admin.

To answer your question (based on earlier threads that asked the same):
No and No.
SWFAnts has had no intent of making complete backups accessible until now, for ... reasons. He knows very well about preservation efforts and is most likely thankful for any inquiry, but for the time being, downloading flashes GET per GET is the only way of downloading flashes from the servers.
If SWFAnts just suddenly dies, flash will die with him.

t. some Anon

>>Anonymous  28jul2019(su)12:57  No.70318  C  P4R3
With the world's biggest hentai archive suddenly dying and much content being lost, this is a very important question indeed.
>>Anonymous  29jul2019(mo)10:38  No.70333  OP  P5R4
I'm glad I'm at least thinking ahead of the game here in that regard. I really hope SWFAnts changes his mind on releasing a full archive in the near future.
>>Anonymous  1aug2019(th)16:23  No.70385  C  P6R5
For every good flash, there are multiple bloated unoptimized horrible pieces of shit made by disgusting fetishists. I wouldn't doubt over half of the size of a full archive would be completely undesirable by anyone but the aforementioned creators, but it's still worth doing for the sake of not losing everything.
>>Anonymous  14aug2019(we)09:27  No.70592  D  P7R6
I would like to have some sort of archive. I'm here for months now downloading stuff one per one, missing some important thing because I cant see preview image and the captchka. My god if I have to fill out another 10 of them just for 2 flash ill go insane
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