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>>Anonymous  23jul2019(tu)06:35  No.70197  OP  P1
Monster Mind 1.07.2.swf (9.31 MiB)
768x432, Compressed (Deflate). 2 frames, 60 fps (00:00).
Ver21, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  23jul2019(tu)16:07  No.70206  A  P2
Not this shit again
>>Anonymous  24jul2019(we)11:41  No.70231  B  P3R1
Fuck off, Anon, nobody cares about your shitty puzzle game. We know you're the fucking programmer looking to get out of the circlejerk at E621, so don't come at us with that bullshit "I just found this, hork hork hork" excuse.
>>Anonymous  24jul2019(we)16:36  No.70235  C  P4R2

The salt is real

>>Anonymous  26jul2019(fr)09:53  No.70268  D  P5R3
this game takes suck a long time to beat. fuck this
>>Anonymous  26jul2019(fr)23:56  No.70275  E  P6R4
The balance between effort and reward here is way off. And really, mastermind was never a really good puzzle game to begin with. So yeah, fuck off with this shit.
>>Anonymous  27jul2019(sa)01:43  No.70276  F  P7R5
why you mofos ragin here when you can just go to the hacked game and infinitely finger the rewards without the hard assed gameplay?
>>Anonymous  27jul2019(sa)05:35  No.70283  G  P8R6
massacremind > monstermind
>>Anonymous  27jul2019(sa)07:08  No.70284  E  P9R7
Why even use the hacked version when there's plenty of alternatives with actually good art?
>>Anonymous  28jul2019(su)00:18  No.70301  F  P10R8
Because the focus is them "not wanting to play the game" so I offered "just rewards without playing" suggestion?
>>Anonymous  28jul2019(su)08:24  No.70315  C  P11R9

Just because you don't think the art is good doesn't mean other people think the same way.

>>Anonymous  29jul2019(mo)05:53  No.70328  H  P12R10
Just because someone thinks mattress foam tastes good doesn't mean it actually does.
>>Anonymous  29jul2019(mo)09:38  No.70332  I  P13R11
wheres the option to give them tits
>>Anonymous  29jul2019(mo)17:01  No.70338  J  P14R12
I agree.
>>Anonymous  27aug2019(tu)15:23  No.70822  K  P15R13
hacked version when
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