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>>Anonymous  20jul2019(sa)15:57  No.70144  OP  P1
Creambee - OpenBar v0.9.swf (4.23 MiB)
1210x910, Compressed (Deflate). 14 frames, 26 fps (00:01).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  20jul2019(sa)19:32  No.70145  A  P2R1
This is some low effort trash.
>>Anonymous  20jul2019(sa)20:55  No.70146  B  P3R2
so typical creambee work right?
>>???? ????  21jul2019(su)07:42  No.70152  C  P4R3
This feels off
>>Anonymous  21jul2019(su)12:07  No.70154  D  P5R4
It's a ripoff of his own earlier work.
>>Anonymous  21jul2019(su)17:34  No.70158  E  P6R5
v1.0 is out.
>>???? ????  22jul2019(mo)01:54  No.70173  C  P7R6
Which one?
>>Anonymous  22jul2019(mo)10:03  No.70178  F  P8R7
So does this Creambee person ever finish their work?
Seems like every game is left in an unfinished state.
Of course why finish when people are pre-paying via Paytreon? Just take the fool's money and run I guess.
I bet they are already working on another flash v.01
>>Anonymous  22jul2019(mo)10:27  No.70179  OP  P9R8
This guy has finished most of the stuff he works on from what I've seen.
>>Anonymous  22jul2019(mo)18:02  No.70186  G  P10R9
creambee is one of the last good flash artists we've got left, don't you faggots push him to quit as well
>>Anonymous  22jul2019(mo)23:41  No.70191  B  P11R10

good? dude never finishes any of this flashes wtf you talking about, i don't care if he quits, dudes a total hack

>>Anonymous  23jul2019(tu)00:11  No.70192  H  P12R11
If he wants to quit because he got criticized, then let the thin-skinned faggot quit.
>>Anonymous  23jul2019(tu)05:02  No.70196  I  P13R12

yikes they'd rather have nothing at all apparently

>>Anonymous  23jul2019(tu)08:23  No.70199  B  P14R13

so you like half ass work, and guy taking money from paterons for it

>>Anonymous  24jul2019(we)00:50  No.70213  J  P15R14
>>Anonymous  24jul2019(we)04:09  No.70217  G  P16R15
you're the type of person who doesn't realize what you had until it's gone. the one drilling holes in the flash ship but not understanding why it's sinking.

first you'll complain at the quality of uploads. then the lack of uploads. then the repetitiveness of re-uploads. and when something new is actually created it's still not good enough. no positive comments, ever, only negative ones. why bother spreading encouragement? decent flashes get 0 replies, subpar ones 10+. finally when this place is a desert you grow bored and move on to something else to ruin.

>>Anonymous  24jul2019(we)04:32  No.70221  K  P17R16
>people like what I don't like
>people don't praise the flashes I like
I get and agree with your point but everyone needs to decide for themselves what a "decent" or "subpar" flash is that deserves replies or not.
also: number of replies have never been a consistent measurement for quality
>>Anonymous  24jul2019(we)09:59  No.70230  L  P18R17
If we're taking a fucking survey, i think Creambee is excellent. It annoys me that he thinks futa is just shemales and that every cumshot is half-internal and half-shotgun spurts all over the body, but i like his stuff all the same.
>>Anonymous  24jul2019(we)17:16  No.70236  F  P19R18
Every one of their flashes has unfinished tabs on them.
Did they finish Sun Shine Gals?
How about Princess Pipe Trapped? Lots of extra options that make a SFX when you touch them. Coming soon..
I wouldn't say these are trash, but low effort for sure.
>>Anonymous  24jul2019(we)20:43  No.70239  M  P20R19
To be fair to Princes Pipe Trapped he could've just stopped at Peach but he's adding extra characters. As for Sun Shine Gal I think he got overambitious as you can tell by the awful framerate. I wish he'd just make more short animations so we could have a wider variety of girls. I'm also not a fan of the style he's chosen. Like those old Josie and the Pussycats animations are great in their cute cartoony style but all the new girls are slathered with so much makeup they look like bad cosplayers.
>>Anonymous  25jul2019(th)12:05  No.70248  F  P21R20
I just think it's hilarious how this Paytrecuck shit turns into EA gaming Early Access.
This feature - Coming soon. Buy the season pass on Paytreon lol.
How about people complete their product. Then consumers purchase it when it's complete? Crazy idea huh? God forbid consumers get a good deal am I right?
Then comparing the unemployed artists creating these to your average man in the workforce getting real shit done. You know. People who are actually paying taxes. Not everyone gets to dodge taxes with e-begging.
>>Anonymous  26jul2019(fr)03:00  No.70260  K  P22R21
Funny enough, even Paytreoncucks aren't exempt from paying taxes.
Most of them don't take those as donations, but as payment (like a contract for services) with no other income.
There has been some controversies over this where some e-whores from twitch got screwed over, because they obviously never payed any taxes.
You can call shit upon a lot of people by giving the tax authorities a good hint.
>>Anonymous  26jul2019(fr)11:02  No.70269  F  P23R22
Pretty obvious why Paytreon is so popular for the beggars. Tax evasion. It's not income, they are gift donations after all.
No other income? Yeah except the EBT card, and disability check from the last workplace con job.
If you're ever worked anywhere you know what I'm talking about. That 1 in ten people who get hired, then proceed to milk disability for a phony claim.
Just glad we have this site :)
But at least they aren't Andrew Wilson.
>>Anonymous  27jul2019(sa)05:33  No.70282  K  P24R23
Even if you get disability bux, getting free donations still deduce from that money, so you would have to pay at least part of it back.
>>Anonymous  27jul2019(sa)09:17  No.70286  F  P25R24
Not if you don't claim the "gift" donations as a form of income.
It's like those losers who play instruments outside a grocery store and expect a tip for being a public jester.
Meanwhile a "We're Hiring" sign is on the grocery store. But fuck work am I right? Work is for the Paytrons.
>>Anonymous  14aug2019(we)08:52  No.70591  N  P26R25
>1 in ten people who get hired, then proceed to milk disability for a phony claim


>>Anonymous  14aug2019(we)10:12  No.70593  O  P27R26
Welfare queens were a myth invented to make you proud to be a cuck for your boss.
>>Anonymous  15aug2019(th)01:57  No.70602  K  P28R27
Why? Wouldn't they rather make you jelous?
>>Anonymous  16aug2019(fr)06:24  No.70642  F  P29R28
1 in ten isn't accurate. In my country today it's more like 1 in five people are disability/welfare con artists.
Just look at how many people in the US are online begging for money instead of looking for work.
So many GoFundMe and charity scams these days it's hilarious.
>>Anonymous  25aug2019(su)19:34  No.70799  P  P30R29
im in a flatline
>>Anonymous  4sep2019(we)17:01  No.70920  Q  P31R30
Only on this shitty site could people go from 'okay' reworks of hentai to arguing about welfare cheaters and imaginary statistics. Holy shit, you fucking idiots suck.
>>Anonymous  5sep2019(th)00:28  No.70927  K  P32R31
you just described the entirety of the internet, congratulations
>>???? ????  5sep2019(th)02:10  No.70929  C  P33R32
There are a lot more places than here that talk about that.
>>Anonymous  5sep2019(th)08:43  No.70931  O  P34R33
and they're all retards
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