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>>Anonymous  16jul2019(tu)16:04  No.70063  OP  P1
(warning) male girl

A: auto

3gou_uncensored([平和ちゃん (heiwachan)]ハッカドール...swf (412.2 KiB)
1000x810, Compressed (Deflate). 23 frames, 24 fps (00:01).
Ver32, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  16jul2019(tu)23:31  No.70072  A  P2R1
>male girl
Oh dinky darn, I like me girls female, mate.
>>Anonymous  17jul2019(we)04:57  No.70076  B  P3R2
>male girl

Yes, the best kind.

>>Anonymous  17jul2019(we)06:45  No.70079  C  P4R3
girls can't be male by definition
>>Anonymous  17jul2019(we)21:36  No.70092  A  P5R4
[insert 10 paragraph rant by some SJW tranny about non-binary-pangenderism]
>>Anonymous  17jul2019(we)22:12  No.70098  D  P6R5

Cry more, cuck

>>Anonymous  17jul2019(we)22:28  No.70099  E  P7R6
>male girl

And to think that it used to be an ironic term a few years ago.

>>Anonymous  18jul2019(th)00:10  No.70100  A  P8R7
Humanity slippedy slipping right off the slippery slope.
>>Anonymous  18jul2019(th)01:01  No.70101  F  P9R8
You guys always crack me up
>>Anonymous  18jul2019(th)01:26  No.70103  G  P10R9
That's a girl (male), not a male (girl), reee
>>Nick Gurs  18jul2019(th)02:10  No.70105  H  P11R10
why is swfchan full of faggotry?

Nigger porn, Tranny porn

what's with all the (((poz))) anon?

>>Anonymous  18jul2019(th)03:38  No.70107  E  P12R11
It's all lost anon, abandon hope.

I'm not even caucasian and I feel disgusted by interracial.

>>Anonymous  18jul2019(th)11:13  No.70110  I  P13R12
> male girl
Back in my days that was either a trap or a cross dresser.
>>Anonymous  18jul2019(th)17:04  No.70112  J  P14R13
Do you go on every forum just to call people a cuck? That's not even the proper definition.
>>Anonymous  18jul2019(th)22:40  No.70120  A  P15R14
to be fair, swfchan has been the den of degenerate porn right from its very conception
idk, people just spam a lot of niche shit right now, before swf vanishes off the internet
f.e. these heiwachan people have good stuff, but like every 2 out of 3 flashes are gay for some reason, they really like that shit
lurking on the board isn't an acceptable way of finding stuff to fap to, you should rather look in other ways
it's more like stumbling across a gem every now and then and the rest is furry gay shit

also: nigger porn is more of a joke, and a black cock isn't nigger porn, so don't exaggerate

shit dude, that's a futa, traps are just wannabe trans crossdressers

>>Anonymous  19jul2019(fr)00:17  No.70122  D  P16R15

For a lot of the lurkers on swfchan, gay furry porn is the gem.

>>Anonymous  19jul2019(fr)04:51  No.70123  K  P17R16
Bring me your wife
>>Anonymous  4sep2019(we)07:50  No.70917  L  P18R17
Imagine getting offended by moving pixels.
>>Anonymous  4sep2019(we)22:24  No.70925  M  P19R18
it's fiction my dude.
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