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>>Anonymous  13jul2019(sa)02:33  No.69980  OP  P1
Marie Rose and Horse - by DevilsCry

Source:!PnpTxLZA!mUC844TjqiFUJ0t6-gzNL w

MarieHorse-DevilsCry.swf (1.35 MiB)
1280x720, Uncompressed. 240 frames, 59.94 fps (00:04).
Ver6, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: Yes.
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>>Anonymous  13jul2019(sa)23:01  No.69997  A  P2R1
love how easy it has become for people to create 3D porn. don't get me wrong, it still requires a lot of work but you don't need to be born with the talent of drawing. 3D has really exploded in the last couple of years and it'll only look better and better as time go on.
>>Anonymous  14jul2019(su)17:03  No.70011  OP  P3R2
Personally i appreciate it. I have 0 skills at drawing, and having 3D models ready to use it's a huge advantage. You still need to learn to animate, but it definitely makes everything easier.
>>Anonymous  14jul2019(su)20:53  No.70017  A  P4R3
>I have 0 skills at drawing, and having 3D models ready to use
are you DevilsCry? if so nice work on this bro, looks really good
>>Anonymous  14jul2019(su)21:15  No.70018  A  P5
how do you get started with "SFM" animations anyway? is there a guide? i don't even know what it stands for myself. noticing that there are some models in that mega link you posted
>>Anonymous  14jul2019(su)23:19  No.70022  B  P6R4
It's Source Film Maker, which was used to make all those Team Fortress videos.
>>Anonymous  15jul2019(mo)00:09  No.70023  A  P7R5
oh yeah, i knew that now that you told me what it stood for haha.
almost thinking about trying this myself... how easy is it to find stuff though? item models i mean. i imagine half the work is finding all the objects to fill the scene. i guess there's probably a japanese community site somewhere filled with girls and all kinds of sex toys.
>>DevilsCry  15jul2019(mo)00:43  No.70024  OP  P8R6
(Heya, i'm DevilsCry. Sorry for the late reply, i rarely check this xD).

For source filmmaker models you can check in you need to make an account and adjust your settings in order to see nsfw models. Personally i had to learn to port from MMD to SFM, since i wanted to use some models more anime-like, which are more easy to find for MMD (and nobody cares, so i had to learn by myself xD)

Animate with SFM is easy, and everything is free, so in the end is just a matter of time, practice and how much "care" you have in order to do stuff. Personally i'm a lazy bastard and i don't go on full-detail mode, but i do this as hobby, for fun, so i never intended to do "pro" works like studio FOW and such does. I just wanted to se some kinky stuff, and since nobody did it, i had to do it myself :p

(And thanks, this animation ended looking good, but my average quality is usually more mediocre. This is one of those rare gems that sometimes i'm able to make look half-decent by pure dumb luck xD)

>>Anonymous  15jul2019(mo)01:02  No.70025  A  P9R7
answering within 4 hours is not a late reply on swfchan! ;)

cool, but did you really find a horse with its dick out on I would probably also want to use anime-models, where do you find your MMD files? i bet my nut it's a japanese site. do you then use Blender to convert them to SFM?

in your 144-FeliciaBondage-1min.mp4 there's a ballgag and ropes, did the model have those variations or did you download the ballgag and ropes and paired them together on the model? Are those bondage toys/ropes also on

>everything is free
except for Source Film Maker itself, I suppose?

thanks for helping out btw, i'm sure there are more people that would love to try this out but don't know where to start

>>DevilsCry  15jul2019(mo)02:12  No.70027  OP  P10R8
Heya again. Just in case, is better if you email me to . I fear to forget about this site, and i don't get notifications here, so... xD. I'll always answer back there, unless i'm sleeping or working, but i'll reply for sure :3

SFM is free too. You can get it from steam. This is the main reason why there is a lot of 3d porn now, specially SFM, everything is free (unless you want to commision models not available)

Regarding the questions...

1) Yes, actually there was a model of a horse with a penis already added to it on sfmlab. It seems it got deleted, but i still have the original .zip if you ever need it. Worst case, there are actually 2 separate models for a horse and a horse penis, so you could load both in one scene, attach the penis to the horse's pelvis and that's it.

2) The rope and ballgag from that animation with Felicia are separate models from a bondage props pack (i'm not sure if it's available in sfmlab, but originally it was there). It takes some time, but for that animation i loaded felicia, the ballgag and the rope, and then i attached everything to Felicia's body, making sure to fix clipping abd making some adjustments while animating. Again, it takes time, but is not hard :3

3) For MMD models i used to lurk Not all models are nude, and the quality of some is awful. I used blender to port them into SFM, but i stopped almost one year ago because it consumed a lot of my time (a normal port usually took around 6-7 hours, and hard ones almost a week), so now i rather chill with the models currently available (and new releases on sfmlab) and do stuff from time to time when i'm bored, like this animation with Marie Rose :3

>>Anonymous  15jul2019(mo)05:29  No.70030  A  P11R9
Thanks again man, some good karma heading your way! I didn't think it would involve so much work to change from MMD format to SFM format, had hoped you could just download a plugin and press a button.

I just found this site with MMD stuff on it, seems like an absolute treasure trove:

>>DevilsCry  15jul2019(mo)16:43  No.70047  OP  P12R10
Yeah, unfortunately, MMD and SFM models don't follow exactly the same "skeleton", so they need to be adapted. Plus most of the available MMD models have the bones in japanese and they need to be translated. Thank's god there is a plugin that manages to do a decent translation and you only need to do some minor adjustments...

Ah, yes, bowroll is also an option, like, but is hard to find proper download links (and some download links are a download for the actual nsfw pic, not the model itself), and some people hide them using password-protected downloads... or directly censoring the models (you load the model in blender, remove the clothes and... surprise, the model has holes, and not the ones you're expecting :p). Sadly, the MMD community is infamous known for being selfish and not really willing to share stuff, so it's really hard to find some models.

There are a ton of MMD models that i would have loved to use for SFM but... i never found them either becuase they were censored, password-protected, or the quality of the model itself was awful. It was a rail pain. Kinda worth it once you managed to get a good one, tho, but i have a big list of "abandoned ports" simply because i couldn't make them work :(

>>DevilsCry  15jul2019(mo)19:24  No.70048  OP  P13
By the way, i made a crappy attempt at adding sound to this animation. You can watch it here:!nnRlASzb!43SwE3O09K5aNyFn4TEU5Q wFEh0Royz75NSexAZrH6w (i didn't upload it here since is just a whole minute of the same loop over and over)
>>Anonymous  17jul2019(we)07:20  No.70084  A  P14R11
noticed that some files were password protected, don't know why they would do that. they are uploading it to be shared after all.

it's an improvement!

>>Anonymous  17jul2019(we)21:47  No.70096  B  P15R12
because shekels, my goy
sharing isn't always caring
>>Anonymous  18jul2019(th)06:26  No.70108  A  P16R13
I suppose.

OP if you read this (or for anyone else interested) I discovered that some people are using "Honey Select" or "PlayHome" to create great looking 3D porn. Might limit you and make people's works kind of look the same tho, but putting it out there if people want to know what to search for in order to start making their own porn scenes.

>>DevilsCry  18jul2019(th)18:54  No.70116  OP  P17R14
To be fair, most of the password-protected MMD models is just pure ego "haha, i have this. you want it? better work for it". A lot of those ones usually have the password hidden in the description of one of their videos, so they conveniently get a view whenever you access the video looking for the password...

Others directly just show pictures/videos of a model to show off "Hey, i made this. You want it? haha, is mine. fuck you".

Regarding "Honey Select"... yeah, "it depends" regarding what you want to do. Personally i find it slightly annoying to work with. It kinda reminds me to MMD itself: is "pretty easy" if you just load animations already done, but if you want to make one from scratch... ugh. Besides, it's harder to find good models for it, since most people is mainly focused on SFM/MMD/Blender (Blender is the best option, but it's complex, and personally i hate it xD).

If you want to start animating, SFM is a good choice because there are a lot of free resources and it's a pretty basic easy to use tool. Most of the "pro" animators usually learn with SFM and eventually switch to Blender to increase the quality of their animations.

I never intended to be a pro, so i'm quite happy just chilling with SFM from time to time :3

OP if you read this (or for anyone else interested) I discovered that some people are using "Honey Select" or "PlayHome" to create great looking 3D porn. Might limit you and make people's works kind of look the same tho, but putting it out there if people want to know what to search for in order to start making their own porn scenes.

>>Anonymous  5aug2019(mo)18:52  No.70471  C  P18R15
How do you load MMD and SFM models into Blender?
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