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>>TechIlliterate  3jul2019(we)02:00  No.69739  OP  P1
just need help finding a game

There was a little indie game I had downloaded. it had an rpg maker opening screen but was a side scrolling beat-em-up kind of thing, with magic attacks. If you downed somebody you could rape them, the UI wasn't friendly to use. You played as a demon queen who's advisor got her a dick so she went on a rampage to fuck everyone she could.
I normally wouldn't be bothered to find it, but I was on the last scene and that 90% complete feeling nags away from me.
I deleted it because I didn't want my little brother opening it and forgot what it was called. I figured there is enough of y'all one might be willing to help me find it, Thank you for your time.

TL:DR I'm dumb, deleted file without saving a backup. Need help finding side scrolling beat em up where demon queen rapes things.
Sorry if this is the wrong board.

>>Anonymous  3jul2019(we)04:08  No.69746  A  P2R1
If it helps at all, I remember it being a LoK project and IIRC, her sister gave her the dick.
>>Anonymous  3jul2019(we)04:11  No.69747  A  P3
Actually, I might have found it.

>>Anonymous  3jul2019(we)17:29  No.69760  B  P4R2
here's the linked flash on swfchan:
>>Anonymous  3jul2019(we)21:33  No.69771  C  P5R3
Maybe Eroico?

Also: Protip, OP, if you don't want others to find specific files on a PC, just put it into a password protected .rar file somewhere.
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