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>>Anonymous  27jun2019(th)20:39  No.69628  OP  P1
5BHENTAI 5D Marris Swallows Mom.swf (343.9 KiB)
550x400, Compressed (Deflate). 1965 frames, 22 fps (01:29).
Ver9, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  28jun2019(fr)07:19  No.69634  A  P2R1
I will never understand vore. Not for as long as I fucking live.
>>Anonymous  28jun2019(fr)18:17  No.69658  B  P3R2
it's a trash tier fetish together with furries, gigantess, onara, scat, guro, dickgirls ... the list goes on
>>Anonymous  28jun2019(fr)20:27  No.69660  C  P4R3
Funnier than all of Adam Sandler's recent movies. The thing is the brown skinned girl didn't even look that bad, shame she's wasted on this trash fetish.
>>Anonymous  28jun2019(fr)20:48  No.69661  B  P5R4
Forgot NTR, man, fuck NTR.
>>Anonymous  29jun2019(sa)00:39  No.69669  D  P6R5
I'm a male in my early 20's. If you were to ask me who I am, the 1st thing I would instantly say is "I am an anal vore fanatic". It's who I am. It's my identity. Anal vore is my life, and it felt important enough for me to tell my friends and family. I decided the best way to tell them would be to have an anal vore "coming-out party", though I didn't tell them that the party was going to be about anal vore ahead of time. I'm not stupid. I knew they would look it up in Google and see a bunch of stupid things and criticisms by trolls about it, so I decided that to make the best impression of anal vore I would have to present it to them myself.

I ordered pizzas and planned a lot of fun activities we could do that would explain to my friends and family what anal vore is

It started when they came in through the door. I gave everyone a sealed envelope and told them not to open it until I said so. When everyone had arrived (grandparents, aunts and uncles, my parents, 3 of my cousins, and a couple non-family friends), I announced what the purpose of the part was and had them open the envelopes. I had commissioned a popular artist that I really like to draw sketches of each of my family members/friends anal voring me, and I printed these pictures out and put them in the envelope (he agreed to do the sketches for $5/each BTW so it wasn't too expensive for me). Everyone kinda laughed and a couple of them were confused when I explained (my grandpa got kind of mad at me though). I basically explained to them that I'm into anal vore and what it is. I don't think they took it very well though because they joked a lot about it (they kept asking if I was serious or if I was joking). A couple people (my parents and grandparents mostly) seemed upset though, unfortunately.

>>???? ???  29jun2019(sa)03:04  No.69671  E  P7R6
Is this a copypasta?
>>Anonymous  29jun2019(sa)04:29  No.69673  F  P8R7
Wow haven't seen this relic in years. The last time I saw this was when ModeSeven was still posting under the user name NitroTitan. What's with all these recent reposts ?
>>Anonymous  29jun2019(sa)17:16  No.69676  G  P9R8
>Implying some fetishes are worse then others
>>Anonymous  29jun2019(sa)17:56  No.69677  C  P10R9
And then you jumped up and shouted "The Aristocrats!"
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