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>>Anonymous  21jun2019(fr)03:34  No.69512  OP  P1
Minus8 Cadence Edit

One of you fuckers posted a jpeg of a JPEXS tutorial, so there are probably gonna be a shit ton of low-effort edits like this in the future.

You brought this on yourselves.

Minus8 Necrodancer - Brunette Edit.swf (2.19 MiB)
800x700, Uncompressed. 1 frame, 63.53 fps (00:00).
Ver12, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  21jun2019(fr)11:21  No.69523  A  P2R1
>implying I dont love this due to the lack of necrodancer porn
PPPPU is known even to people who hate hentai. We can do the same with cadence. maybe even the people who made the game will know people will just see her as mating press material
>>Anonymous  7jul2019(su)07:17  No.69834  B  P3R2
Glad you liked my tutorial.
Any content is good content when you can sift through them with a search function.
>>Anonymous  7jul2019(su)07:21  No.69835  C  P4R3
Got that jpeg on hand?
>>Anonymous  8jul2019(mo)16:42  No.69871  B  P5R4
Yeah, but swfchan downscaled it too much so I had to imgur it.
plz no bulli ;_;

>>Anonymous  8jul2019(mo)23:20  No.69880  D  P6R5
I would doubt that this is a case of useful attachement anyway.
It's not really made to share actual image files.
Just keep in mind that literally anything other than imgur would be better, just upload it to some kawaii online host or even google drive or wherever.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  9jul2019(tu)22:26  No.69893  SWF  P7R6
Have put it here now:
Created: 21/6 -2019 03:34:18 Last modified: 19/8 -2019 05:35:52 Server time: 19/08 -2019 05:50:52