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>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  18jun2019(tu)18:49  No.69449  OP  P1

work in progress

cadence.swf (1.3 MiB)
700x600, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 17 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  18jun2019(tu)18:53  No.69450  OP  P2
I saw minus had a cadence already and it made me upset halfway through making this one lol.
I would like to add stuff to this later.
>>Anonymous  18jun2019(tu)18:59  No.69452  A  P3R1
>cadence of hyrule means more cadence r34

truly the best timeline

>>Anonymous  18jun2019(tu)19:33  No.69453  B  P4R2
patrician taste
>>???? ????  18jun2019(tu)21:22  No.69456  C  P5R3
>>Anonymous  19jun2019(we)22:58  No.69477  D  P6R4
this is already great and you're telling me it's going to get better?!
>>Anonymous  19jun2019(we)23:35  No.69482  E  P7R5
No please make more! Cadence needs so much more porn! Minus8 and you are the best people making swf porn still!

Fucking this. I hope we get more stuff like her getting mating pressed or having ahegaos. Maybe even lip bites too! Din Din is great at those!

>>Anonymous  20jun2019(th)00:07  No.69483  F  P8R6
Fuck minus, he's a retarded pedophile who never actually listens to his fans or even TRIES to do shit beyond crappy loops, you however are a great artist and will continue to get better, hell i bet you'll make a full on smut game eventually.
>>???? ????  20jun2019(th)01:55  No.69486  C  P9R7
Whoa! Calm down.
But, I do agree with Dinner getting better.
>>Anonymous  20jun2019(th)02:41  No.69487  F  P10R8
Nah, everything i said was true, at least for a Pretty Moronic Retard
>>???? ????  20jun2019(th)06:54  No.69490  C  P11R9
You got me there
>>Anonymous  20jun2019(th)17:44  No.69496  G  P12R10
very nice, but needs different loops
>>Anonymous  21jun2019(fr)02:43  No.69509  H  P13R11
I dislike Minus' art due to it most of the time having obnoxious music and is animated where it jumps in and out constantly to try and be in beat with the music. It's a sure way to ruin any animation.
>>Anonymous  21jun2019(fr)03:06  No.69510  I  P14R12
I mean... the man will make shit he likes, so why the fuck does that trigger you? IDK why the fuck everyone dog piles on porn animators here that don't even hide their shit behind a paywall.
Cucks gotta find more reasons to be pissed off here now that they can't cry on tumblr.

Good shit. Can't wait to see more

>>Anonymous  21jun2019(fr)03:27  No.69511  F  P15R13
The man legitimately admitted he was a pedophile you fucking quack, i'm "triggered" because his praise is uwarranted. even he himself knows this.
>>Anonymous  21jun2019(fr)03:46  No.69513  I  P16R14
The man can draw. I don't give 2 shits about his irl. Why the fuck should anyone care about ideals and other shit?
He's a pedo? Fine. If he touches kids, he'll get thrown into prison. Good riddance. Is he not in prison? Welp. The man must not touch kids, so who the fuck cares?
Motherfuckers want to throw politics into everything on the internet. Every robot online gotta be pissed, stake up a cause, and mob up like NPC's. There's a place for that. It's called Tumblr. It's called Reddit. It's called Twitter. Go over there. You're literally in the porn section of a Flash board. Congrats.
>>Anonymous  21jun2019(fr)05:15  No.69516  F  P17R15
Nice job deflecting my second point of his work being unfinished overpraised garbage.
>>Anonymous  21jun2019(fr)05:47  No.69517  I  P18R16
I'm not paying the man to make porn, nor does anyone else does, so who fucking cares. He's a good animator, better than 90% of the people here online that still makes flash porn. His shit doesn't clip, animations are smooth, and doesn't trace work like half of the people here. He makes what he wants, in his own time. Not just another generic Zone clone charging $35 a month for you to jack it to animated titties. Are you paying the man? No, you're not. You're flaming on a SWF board. Getting triggered about a man making hentai flashes in a country where it's borderline illegal in the first place.
I don't really care for half of the music he chooses, however its not my art. It's not like I have to fap to it if I don't want to. I don't understand the outrage on any artist if they're not stealing art for a profit. If the quality is shit, then don't fucking fap to it. Move along. All you are doing is BUMPING THE FUCKING CONTENT YOU CLAIM TO HATE. However I do get off on normies getting triggered, so keep it up.

Lets put you in that spot. You now have a following. 9,000 anons are now screaming at you that they want MLP cub scat, or whatever content you do not like. Do you listen to them, or do you keep making the shit you like when you are not making a dime off this shit?

>>Anonymous  21jun2019(fr)06:00  No.69518  F  P19R17
Normies huh, i think you're on the wrong boat, and people aren't asking him to make MLP scat or whatever strawman you pick,they're asking him simply to make something that isn't fucking incomplete.
>hey man i like this bread you make but it's always just half a loaf that's colored weirdly
>can you make it a full loaf?
>>Anonymous  21jun2019(fr)06:16  No.69519  I  P20R18
I see a bunch of stuff that's complete. Go search minus8. Just because you want a full scale interactive game doesn't mean he wants to make one.

In fact, I'm actually surprised he even makes anything seeing he's from Korea. the guy literally had an IRL friend have cops knocking on their door because he was streaming making an Ivy animation. Yea, Ivy. One of the Soul Calibur characters with huge titties that looks like she's in her mid 40's. They live in a nation with a government that believes hentai is harmful to their teens and has a ban on the production of porn in the country.

>>Anonymous  21jun2019(fr)14:25  No.69525  J  P21R19
Sure is a lot of Autism in this thread.

Excellent work so far! I can see a lot of improvement in this one. More Necrodancer content fills me with life.

Y'all sleeping on Mary and Dove though. They're prime mating press material, any yet they have nothing.

>>Anonymous  21jun2019(fr)14:50  No.69526  B  P22R20
-8 has made some fappable as hell stuff, so stfu
he's not "trying" to sync it to the beat, he's the best at synching animation to music, period
true, he's got a slightly more chaotic release schedule these days with lots of smaller stuff started and never quite polished, but fuck, that doesn't make everything he made in the past vanish
I mean, with his personality it's a miracle he hasn't btfo forever or got partyvanned yet
just look at his pacman animation, it got everywhere, I've seen shitty webms of it on quite a many boards and even here anon did a great lot of work on modding and optimizing shit
if I had to pick one thing that -8 is absolutely terrible at, it's optimizing his flashes for poor cpu performance, but fortunately, that's something anyone can easily edit after his artistic work is set in stone

Fuck people bashing some queer north korean over some shitty pedo personality
Get to that level of drawing and then you can shit on the people bringing us joy

>>Anonymous  23aug2019(fr)00:24  No.70735  K  P23R21
Hitler is a scummy person that killed millions. But he drew good still life art. Fuck hitler BUT you cannot say his art was shit. Same goes for -8, pedo as he may be. He has not touched a kid nor has he been arrested nor has there been any source saying he commited a crime. If he did then fuck him. But he did not, and you cannot deny there are hella lot of fappable stuff from him. So if I can admit that nigga hitler is a good artist yall can admit -8 ain't so bad as yall claim.
>>Anonymous  23aug2019(fr)00:40  No.70736  L  P24R22
Hitler did nothing wrong except lose the war.
>>Anonymous  23aug2019(fr)02:26  No.70737  M  P25R23
Victors write history. Then again killing millions upon millions of people for a bit of pseudoscience isn't exactly what a morally neutral person would do.
>>Anonymous  23aug2019(fr)07:06  No.70745  F  P26R24
Millions of people weren't killed you dipshit
>>Anonymous  23aug2019(fr)18:22  No.70760  N  P27R25

If this retarded nonsense was right, then we wouldn't simply think "Hitler should have listened to his generals." The reason faggots believe that is because those same generals who survived were allowed to write one-sided memoirs that are 100% believed by autists today. Especially why Genghis Khan and the vikings have been written as barbaric chuds.

>>Anonymous  24aug2019(sa)00:33  No.70762  M  P28R26
So enlighten me very angry and visibly upset anon, what is your stance on the subject? You don't believe concentration camps existed to systematically destroy deemed "inferior races"?

You believe there is some kind of jewish gene that must be rooted out from society? You believe in the Neurenberger laws and respect them as they are? You think this was real science with a true foundation in logic and reasoning?

The second world war was, which might surprise someone who isn't exactly capable of reading more than 2 sentences, very well documented. We don't base our views on "some one sided memoirs". I will however agree, like I said, the winner writes history - so even the good sides about the socialist party are seen in an evil light.

>>Anonymous  24aug2019(sa)00:39  No.70763  N  P29R27

Of course it's well documented. That's why all I'm saying is that the "Victor's write history" stance is clear bullshit.

>>Anonymous  24aug2019(sa)02:57  No.70766  M  P30R28
I'm very conflicted on what point you're even trying to make at this point but:

Imagine we'd live in the third reich now. I can guarantee you a large portion of us would legitimately believe the allies were scum that tried to ruin a perfect world.

In the same light Hitler did some good things(make the germans feel pride again after being humiliated, create jobs, develop cutting edge war machinery no other country could, stimulate the economy etc) that are completely neglected in highschool to favor of the binary evil we know as the socialist party today.

Victors do write history - granted with a little research you can circumvent the deliberate forming of a socially acceptable opinion, but nonetheless the fact that the allies winning influenced our stance on things is obvious.

>>Anonymous  24aug2019(sa)05:51  No.70768  N  P31R29

I was taught in High School that the American faggots were genociding Natives, that bombing Japan in WW2 should not have happened, and Versailles was unfair to Germany. While this is a gross oversimplification on how it was exactly taught, the Victors did allow their own history textbook to be written like that so technically you're right.

Victors write history, but not always to their favor. Then again, losers also write history too. How else would the history channel teach me the narrative that the Waffen SS were badasses in combat, the Wehrmacht committed no war crimes, and the tiger and panther are very great tanks. Confederate chuds lost the Civil War to keep slavery, but its not that uncommon in the south to push support for the Confederacy and simplify the issue to "States rights." Even Stalin's image was under scrutiny right after he died by the next Chairman Khrushchev.

Survivors write history, victors and losers alike, or those who live in the present.

>>Anonymous  25aug2019(su)00:06  No.70778  M  P32R30
You went to a good highschool then.

Even though I agree there is much nuance to it you still feel the perpetual presence of the itching stigmas left behind. An example being, back to ww2 as it is so easy to target, someone saying "I think Hitler had a point about <some thing>" would cause an immediate bad taste in the mouths of many - as most of us aren't exactly familiar with the concept of looking at things considered evil in a positive light(there's, eg, also a very interesting discussion about making artificially constructed pedo-porn legal in the Netherlands - to cater to the needs of those we generally find absolutely disgusting. The opposition camp is very keen on using the "but it is appalling" pathos driven argument).

Culture shapes people and shapes opinions, and culture is ultimately determined by the winning dogs. In our case the allies won, which then helped the world rebuild from the previous disaster and fight deemed hostile ideologies(communism). Luckily the culture in Europe is very free now, which it probably wouldn't have been in the third reich. Nonetheless the media and educational system do attempt to manipulate people into thinking certain things to favor some kind of stability(obvious example "Russia/China bad", capitalism good).

I guess to summarize "victors write history" is only loosely true. It might have been much more palpable the first decades after having rebuilt the nations in question.

>>Anonymous  5oct2019(sa)16:25  No.71522  E  P33R31
can we go back to saying how hot it is cadence is being tentacled?
>>Anonymous  5oct2019(sa)17:39  No.71523  O  P34R32
>Posts in a thread more than a week since last post
>Necromancing threads
Good meta joke
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