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>>Anonymous  15jun2019(sa)08:28  No.69361  OP  P1
I fucking give up.

rock_boy_nomal.swf (8.64 MiB)
841x595, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver41, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  15jun2019(sa)08:33  No.69363  A  P2R1
It's all in the expression.

Paper is either "Eye sparkle and closed mouth" or "Normal eyes and open mouth"

Rock is either "Normal eyes and toothy grin" or "Eye sparkle with open mouth"

Scissors is either "Normal eyes with closed mouth" or "Eye sparkle with toothy grin"

At least, as best as I can figure out. Seems to work 90% of the time.

>>Anonymous  15jun2019(sa)08:37  No.69364  A  P3
Nevermind this doesn't even have the sex scene, lol.

Full game here

>>Anonymous  15jun2019(sa)09:44  No.69366  B  P4R2
what does the second option under the sex unlock do?
>>Anonymous  15jun2019(sa)14:42  No.69371  C  P5R3
Translation of option:
Believe in the power of your time stop.
(It came to be able to take off during the time stop)

You should know when time stops.

>>say10  15jun2019(sa)15:12  No.69372  D  P6R4
how do you stop time??? i've tried everything, even went on a 30 win streak. pls help
>>Anonymous  15jun2019(sa)15:41  No.69373  C  P7R5
finger-guessing game
>>sae10  15jun2019(sa)18:19  No.69378  D  P8R6
update: timestop is when the screen goes dark and the timer pops up for the rock-paper-scissors game. if youve unlocked all the things and you get him to cover himself, when you timestop you can undress\move the hand
>>Anonymous  16jun2019(su)00:08  No.69380  E  P9R7
how many sex scene their is ? because just Under the first one their is an option who won't do anything
>>Anonymous  16jun2019(su)15:25  No.69386  F  P10R8
If you translate the description on heiwachan, it says the game is unfinished.
>>Anonymous  16jun2019(su)22:01  No.69392  G  P11R9

Makes a billion clothing option but no option to remove the wiener..

>>Anonymous  19jun2019(we)15:10  No.69468  H  P12R10
of which are none in the sex scene
>>Anonymous  19jun2019(we)23:05  No.69479  G  P13R11
This is not the complete game, someone linked to it earlier.
>>Anonymous  20jun2019(th)22:31  No.69503  I  P14R12
can't it be uploaded here? or does it load external flashes?
a hack to make it less like work would be appreciated too
>>Anonymous  20jun2019(th)22:41  No.69504  J  P15R13

>>Anonymous  21jun2019(fr)00:03  No.69505  I  P16R14
thanks but god damn it, i didnt realize it was a boy
>>Anonymous  21jun2019(fr)04:13  No.69515  K  P17R15
>>Anonymous  21jun2019(fr)18:18  No.69529  L  P18R16
just wait for someone to hack it, I'd rather play the dress up options than play grindy RNGesus RPS nonstop for 20 minutes just to earn the means to fap.
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