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>>Anonymous  13jun2019(th)03:01  No.69317  OP  P1
Posting some new stuff from here: =46&cache=1

Kingdom Hearts Darkness of Light.swf (4.03 MiB)
1100x550, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  14jun2019(fr)06:13  No.69334  A  P2R1
mildly annoyed that Futasistance is only a 2 point gain, I mean, I worked hard to setup that 100% and line up my schedule and I'm getting the exact gain I would do doing normal setup.
>>Anonymous  14jun2019(fr)11:18  No.69340  B  P3R2
Just going to wait for someone to post a hacked version because I don't feel like putting a spreadsheet together for a porn game.
>>Anonymous  14jun2019(fr)21:56  No.69347  C  P4
Disney crap is unfappable, tbh
>>Anonymous  14jun2019(fr)22:14  No.69349  D  P5R3
pretty decent game, i guess im in there for the grinding and not the story
>>Anonymous  14jun2019(fr)22:40  No.69350  E  P6R4
So every new game, a new girl will be the target ala RNG. Every time you wanna get the girl you have to map out who talks to who and corrupt them in order under 9 days before Aqua comes and kick your teeth in. Is this /fap/ or is this grind fest? At times like these I wish I knew how to tear down a flash and hack it. But I have neither the attention span to read all those instructions and experiment with flash decompiler just to fap.
>>Anonymous  15jun2019(sa)03:48  No.69354  F  P7R5
It's all RNG, and I'm pretty sure there are many RNG-created instances where it is IMPOSSIBLE to complete.

Think Plague Inc. If you aren't spawned in Madagascar, there's a high probability that you won't complete the game even if you do absolutely everything right. Even if you ARE spawned in Madagascar, there's a possibility you won't complete the game even if you do everything right.

This game has the same dumb RNG mechanic. Here are some basic rules for the spawning:
-The Pure Heart will NEVER be alone
-The Pure Heart will NEVER be friends with the "loner" (char who can be found alone)
-The Pure Heart will NEVER wander alone at night
-The Pure Heart will often meet with the same people twice throughout the day
-The people the Pure Heart meets with will NOT be loners, and they will not wander alone at night
-The only way to get all the characters is if you get the Pure Heart early (which gives a corruption bonus)

Given a combination of all these factors, 95% or more of RNG-created instances in this game are impossible from the start. You can find out from the first day, but unlike Plague Inc. you actually have to take 1-2 minutes to find out whether the instance is possible or not. This would come out to an average of 20-40 minutes just to get an instance that is actually possible.

Then, even if you get one of the 5% that are possible, you have to do EVERYTHING RIGHT or else you won't get all the princesses and won't get ANY gallery openings.

>>Anonymous  15jun2019(sa)05:40  No.69355  G  P8R6
I actually managed to finish the game and didn't get anything for it. Nothing in the gallery unlocked or anything.
>>Anonymous  15jun2019(sa)08:25  No.69360  H  P9R7
Gallery isn't even there, the lazy cunt only did the "framework"

- Gallery framework added
- Fixed bug where Elsa wasn't showing up on the information extract

Someone fix this aaaaa

>>Anonymous  15jun2019(sa)12:28  No.69369  I  P10R8
There's not any instances where the game generates an impossible win scenario, the issue is mapping out every possible path and identifying which path the game actually generated for you.
GoRepeat's not really lazy, as evidenced by his absurd obsession with including needlessly complex or difficult things in all his games and outright refusing to humor the mere idea of game design clarity, and then almost endlessly fiddling with the games because some minute thing wasn't to his liking.

His issue is he's entirely whimsical and moves from project to project without warning; for instance, he was working on his Miraculous Reunion game and then spontaneously dropped it before releasing his first update to start working on Darkness of Light again out of nowhere, including finishing up the gallery.

>>Anonymous  16jun2019(su)22:06  No.69393  J  P11R9
someone hack this alreadyyyy
>>Anonymous  16jun2019(su)23:37  No.69394  K  P12R10
Nope. The game is hardcoded in terms of interaction - only the characters and the location change. The game is beatable, as I've done it myself after 3 tries(at which point it just became annoying) but you have to be extremely efficient and you can make maybe 1 or 2 mistakes max.

- Target is never alone
- There is always 1 character that interacts twice with the same, and is twice alone. This character will be the first to leave room at night
- One of the characters tied to main target will interact with the main target twice(and is the shortest chain)
- Targets that leave the room at night are again in a hardcoded order, but the game gives you useless characters after the first. You can circumvent this by getting someone above 28 corruption to get them to become the character available at night

There's a bunch more but the above should already prove my point. A small walkthrough, as that's all you horny bastards(myself included) care for:

- DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CONVERT ANYONE OTHER THAN BELOW(it will fuck up what character leaves the room at night because you have to be super efficient)
- Find someone who is alone, and is not alone the next event(this is the aforementioned twice alone, twice with the same person). Twist them first. They will become the first person to leave at night. Get them converted in 2 nights max
- Convert the person attached to the previous character. Convert them in 1 night
- Continue this chain until you reach the target. If you get miss 1 night by having a character roam about that isn't in the chain you're screwed

>>Anonymous  16jun2019(su)23:38  No.69395  L  P13R11
Is the gallery working or not?
>>Anonymous  17jun2019(mo)12:48  No.69406  M  P14R12
I tried to hack the save file but this happened...

 hackin fail.jpg

>>Anonymous  17jun2019(mo)17:19  No.69408  N  P15R13
THE HORROR, I'm actually kinda turned on

>>Anonymous  17jun2019(mo)18:57  No.69411  O  P16R14
i found the values for unlocking the Doors at night with JpexS... buuut it didn't work, maybe some who can ACTUALLY understand code can make a Hack
>>Anonymous  17jun2019(mo)20:16  No.69421  P  P17R15
anyone else getting these twitching mouths on the empty gallery screens? fucking nightmare fuel
>>Anonymous  17jun2019(mo)20:46  No.69423  O  P18R16
somehow i did it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ... have fun
>>Anonymous  18jun2019(tu)12:08  No.69435  M  P19R17

I actually did find the values to there corruption values. When you have Frhed configured to use the OEM character set, then the value is the one followed by 3 smiley faces. Note that the pure heart will have a heart and 2 smiley faces.

If you want to view the message for achiving full corruption, then you need to set this value to 5f or _ so that they will have 95 corruption, as hitting 100 percent with any other proceeding value will skip this message.

 64 or D is hex for 100.jpg

>>---  18jun2019(tu)15:37  No.69441  Q  P20R18
this is fucing insane
i cat get more then 28% \o/
hack this someone pls
>>Anonymous  18jun2019(tu)18:58  No.69451  R  P21R19
you can convert the person who the pure heart interacts the most directly: get her to 28%, enter their room at night, find them in the woods and get them to the point when they let you in their room, corrupt them until you can corrupt the pure heart right next to them, and you're good to go
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