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>>Anonymous  10jun2019(mo)20:01  No.69280  OP  P1
PPHJ nude

Made a nude version cause there wasn't one before for whatever reason.

PPHJ (nude).swf (5.95 MiB)
690x520, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 25 fps (00:00).
Ver41, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  10jun2019(mo)20:36  No.69281  A  P2R1
thanks anon, this whale makes me hard
>>Anonymous  10jun2019(mo)21:43  No.69282  B  P3R2
I think the reason there wasn't a nude version yet is because the nips she drew look so bad. Back when the original came out I used a flash decompiler to delete the clothes and I was like "Oh, that's why there's no built-in nude option."
>>Anonymous  11jun2019(tu)01:20  No.69283  C  P4R3
>those heart lips
what in the everloving fuck that is horrifying
>>Anonymous  11jun2019(tu)03:43  No.69284  B  P5R4
Hoo boy, if you think the lips are bad in this one don't go looking for ZSTF.swf PP mangles Samus' face in that one with those big janky lips.
>>Anonymous  11jun2019(tu)16:11  No.69293  A  P6R5
ikr? It's like a kid drawing what they think it's "hot". It's fuking terrible, but yet I can see what they were going for and find it hot too.
>>Anonymous  12jun2019(we)02:00  No.69299  D  P7R6
>>Anonymous  13jun2019(th)00:08  No.69313  E  P8
Yet another landwhale reskin. Helps with nofap, guess that's something
>>Anonymous  13jun2019(th)22:51  No.69330  F  P9R7
It looks like someone took a machete to her face and manage to only hit her lips.
>>Anonymous  14jun2019(fr)10:18  No.69338  G  P10R8
What a surprise, yet another animation made by PP34 sucks.
I'm using this post as a pretext to find another (actually good) SFW of three girls going inside a dungeon and getting fucked. Anyone knows what's it called?
>>Anonymous  14jun2019(fr)18:28  No.69342  H  P11R9
It's by Derpixion. That's all you're getting.
>>Anonymous  15jun2019(sa)07:24  No.69359  I  P12R10
What a mess.
>>Anonymous  17jun2019(mo)03:47  No.69396  J  P13R11
this really isnt that bad. dunno why pp gets so much hate
>>???? ????  17jun2019(mo)06:13  No.69401  K  P14R12
It's mostly because she places everything behind a patreon paywall.
>>Anonymous  17jun2019(mo)19:16  No.69413  I  P15R13
Are you being ironic?
>>Anonymous  17jun2019(mo)20:11  No.69420  L  P16R14
idk, looks pretty functional to me
there was a flash by her that barely had any nipple sprites at all, I guess you're refering to that
>>Anonymous  19jun2019(we)00:49  No.69459  H  P17R15
She used to trace other people's art until one of them found out and confronted her about it. Not only does she charge people for her mediocre content, but her content is mediocre because she spent so long tracing shit instead of improving.
>>Anonymous  19jun2019(we)00:51  No.69460  H  P18
I should also mention that she'd charge people for the traced art too. There's a good chance she wouldn't be making flash animations if she wasn't getting paid.
>>Anonymous  19jun2019(we)06:24  No.69466  M  P19R16
I remember PeachyPop first flash animations were reskins of minus8's animations and one original. They weren't bad at all, but more importantly they weren't behind a Patreon paywall. Now if you try to get those same flashes directly from PeachyPop, they're behind a paywall.
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