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>>Anonymous  7jun2019(fr)19:32  No.69245  OP  P1
[MMD R-18] Vocaloid Rin Fellatio

by MMD Sushi

[MMD R-18] Vocaloid Rin Fellatio.swf (19.11 MiB)
320x240, Uncompressed. 4786 frames, 30 fps (02:40).
Ver6, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: Yes.
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>>Anonymous  7jun2019(fr)23:27  No.69248  A  P2R1
the next time you make a video inside a flash pls use Swiff Army Knife + SwfH264
links are at the bottom of every page on swfchan. you'll get way better quality
>>Anonymous  8jun2019(sa)03:22  No.69255  B  P3R2
also, uh, sound would be nice
>>Anonymous  8jun2019(sa)23:21  No.69264  C  P4R3
This tool lacks a seekbar or pause, really bad IMO even compared to this low-quality low-optimized port. Or maybe I just need adderall
>>Anonymous  9jun2019(su)21:48  No.69271  A  P5R4
what? the flash that lacks a seekbar is the one OP posted in this thread.
if you use SwfH264 you can seek in the video with arrow keys and space pauses.
so not only do you get better quality but you also get "a seekbar" (not clickable, used by pressing keys).
you might be confused by the javascript seekbar added by
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