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>>Anonymous  3jun2019(mo)21:59  No.69186  OP  P1
2730511_Hal_lori.swf (2.86 MiB)
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>>Anonymous  4jun2019(tu)18:47  No.69193  A  P2R1
mice is nice
>>Anonymous  4jun2019(tu)20:08  No.69194  B  P3R2
Nice referencing Monty Python s1e2 "Sex and Violence" (1969)
>>Anonymous  5jun2019(we)17:24  No.69212  A  P4R3
lol no idea what you're talking about
>>Anonymous  5jun2019(we)22:03  No.69216  B  P5R4
It's a sketch from Monty Python's Flying Circus: "The Mouse Problem"
You can look it up on Wikipedia, but the sketch is about men who want to be mice.

'Mice is Nice' was one of many signs being held up by cartoon protesters at the very beginning of the sketch before the fictional title "The World Around Us" is shown.

>>Anonymous  5jun2019(we)22:54  No.69222  C  P6R5
I assume you're overestimating furries.
>>Anonymous  6jun2019(th)01:54  No.69224  B  P7R6
No, I was congratulating >>69193 for their reference, even as it became apparent that they did not understand the reference.
>>Anonymous  6jun2019(th)08:09  No.69230  A  P8R7
it's just a common rhyme dude
>>Anonymous  6jun2019(th)17:01  No.69234  D  P9R8
this is why god left us
>>Anonymous  7jun2019(fr)01:49  No.69239  E  P10R9
Clearly we passed the peak of artistic creativity.
>>Anonymous  8jun2019(sa)00:43  No.69251  F  P11R10

How can something that has never existed leave us?

>>Anonymous  8jun2019(sa)03:20  No.69254  C  P12R11
Because God can do whatever the fuck.
>>Anonymous  14jun2019(fr)21:59  No.69348  G  P13
Now they went ahead and traced over Boogie's works, it's shit.
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