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>>DWM  2jun2019(su)22:01  No.69147  OP  P1
Up and coming Game/ Unrelated Request

Swf Unrelated.

So, first things first, Kincaid is an in-development furry porn game wherein the titular character explores various planets and gets boned by the local wildlife.
S'pretty good.
Link to gamejolt cause I'm only supposed to use swf files:

Second thing: I seek your aid fellow anons. I have been searching for an old porn game I found a while back, and I can't track it down anywhere.
It was a WIP (possibly even just a tech demo), but the gist of it was 2 demon girls (sisters?) had been ousted from their position of power, and now needed to build up an army to take revenge. So they set up shop in an old abandoned farm, kidnap some women, capture some local monsters, and have them breed. This yields stronger monster offspring, and demonizes the women, both yielding powerful allies for your army.
The only thing I can remember interacting with were spiders, so I don't know if you could do anything else, or if the creator has updated the game at all.
Anyway, if you know what it's called, have a copy, or know where to find it, I will be indebted to you.

peachybedbulge - Copy.swf (528.2 KiB)
600x600, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 25 fps (00:00).
Ver41, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  2jun2019(su)22:07  No.69149  A  P2R1
I feel like that game is somewhere on the legend of krystal forum? It sounds familiar.
>>Anonymous  2jun2019(su)22:39  No.69151  B  P3
Sage for landwhale flash
>>DWM  2jun2019(su)22:57  No.69152  OP  P4R2
I'm not sure what that means
>>Anonymous  3jun2019(mo)00:04  No.69153  C  P5R3
You know damn well what that means
>>DWM  3jun2019(mo)02:42  No.69160  OP  P6R4
Humor me, and pretend I don't
>>Anonymous  3jun2019(mo)07:21  No.69171  D  P7R5
Is this what you're looking for: portal/view/730127 ? (remove spaces, duh). I've never heard of this game but you're description and a quick google search lead me to this; so far pretty amusing
>>Anonymous  3jun2019(mo)08:49  No.69179  E  P8R6
why the spaces? links are meant to be clicked
>>DWM  4jun2019(tu)00:23  No.69187  OP  P9R7
Sadly, no, that is not the one I'm looking for. I found that game as well during my initial search.

In the game I'm looking for, you play directly as the demon girls in a turn-based rpg-style fighting minigame when you go looking for monsters. And the breeding mechanics are much more detailed.
Thank you for looking though, I appreciate it.

>>DWM  4jun2019(tu)03:25  No.69188  OP  P10
I checked the LoK forums (well, as well as I could do anyway; it's a bit of a mess over there). But I couldn't find it there.
>>Anonymous  5jun2019(we)22:29  No.69219  F  P11R8
Hmm, only gorepete's stuff (like Sakyubasu No Tatakai I) comes to mind about demon chicks.
It sounds so run-of-the-mill, but I really can't remember any such game with turnbased rpg AND breading farm elements...
>>Anonymous  6jun2019(th)01:00  No.69223  G  P12R9
You don't mean Dustys Castle, don't you?
>>DWM  7jun2019(fr)02:56  No.69240  OP  P13R10
I didn't know who you were talking about until I looked up his name.
The game I'm thinking of was very similar to his stuff; now that I think about it, someone may have actually used some of his assets to make the game I remember. At the very least, the styles were parallel.
But no, as far as I can discern, he did not make the game I'm looking for.
>>DWM  7jun2019(fr)02:58  No.69241  OP  P14
No, the game I'm thinking of actually had some level of resource management attached to it, as well as having a battle system rather than yes/no prompts.
The style was similar though
(also the game I'm looking for had spiders. I'm quite certain of that)
>>Anonymous  12jun2019(we)17:59  No.69306  H  P15 =46&t=6994&cache=1
this one?
>>DWM  6jul2019(sa)00:50  No.69810  OP  P16
You absolute legend!
This is it!
Ahh, finally, vindication that I didn't just dream it all.
Thank you good sir, I am in your debt.
(Yes, I know the game is a bit basic, but it fits a niche I particularly enjoy)
>>Anonymous  6jul2019(sa)04:10  No.69813  E  P17R11
Here it is on swfchan: 7s+Breeding.swf
Appears to be only one version released of it, on Fri Aug 19, 2016. At least there aren't a second version in the linked thread.

Why did you sage the thread when you were posting exactly what OP wanted?
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