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>>Anonymous  23may2019(th)17:55  No.68898  OP  P1


wiki: ree.swf

necofla004_05free(uncensored).swf (958.1 KiB)
800x600, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 40 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: Yes. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  24may2019(fr)21:37  No.68924  A  P2R1
This game is shit, nobody wants to spend half an hour on a guessing game of the 50 points put on a body with arbitrary requirements, that end up actually lowering the bar the more you touch.
>>Anonymous  25may2019(sa)00:34  No.68928  B  P3R2
nice.. to be honest..

autoclicker headpats work fine after you remove shoes, apron and the first bit of the skirt... then maybe later -> use kiss on mouth!
super simple with autoclicker :D

>>Anonymous  26may2019(su)01:04  No.68940  C  P4R3
I don't get this faggot ass game. You can have every indicator at maximum, every other piece of clothing off but when you try to get the panties off it's an insta game over.

Fuck this.

>>Anonymous  26may2019(su)02:32  No.68941  A  P5R4
I realized autoclicker too, but it's still such a garbage design for a game. Gives no indicator of what the fuck is too soon or requirements are, randomly causes clicks to be bad for no reason.

I strip her entirely, and yet with both bars maxed it still breaks the game to insert inside her. makes no sense, tried everything.

>>Anonymous  26may2019(su)04:12  No.68942  D  P6R5
This is just to goddamn hard for so little.
Bitch gets dry just by looking at her.
>>Anonymous  26may2019(su)04:13  No.68943  D  P7
I found that you need to get her over 40% to fuck her without problem.

 the secret.jpg

>>Anonymous  26may2019(su)23:26  No.68956  E  P8R6
Somehow got it to 96%. Couldn't get it any higher. After 40%, you get can raise it a bit by rubbing a dick all over her various body parts. At ~70%, your mouth icon uses tongue, which'll give you some more percentages. The lower right button near the meter triggers squirting.
>>Anonymous  27may2019(mo)05:05  No.68961  D  P9R7
I couldn't get it over 97%. I think I used all possible combinations.
>>Anonymous  28may2019(tu)14:55  No.68984  F  P10R8
game's easy. Don't know what people are complaining about
>>Anonymous  1jun2019(sa)10:04  No.69102  G  P11R9
I don't want to play.
There are better swf games with a more receptive protagonist than this.
>>Anonymous  5jun2019(we)05:14  No.69206  H  P12R10
i figured this one out, mostly.

1) use the hand tool and pat her face, head, hands and arms to raise the love bar. after its high enough, you can start to pat her feet, ankle and thighs too.

2) once love bar is really high, use the mouth tool and kiss her. then go back to petting, and repeat until the love bar flashes. at this point you're safe to do whatever you want for a while.

3) strip her, making sure you raise the love bar when needed

4) use the hand tool, mouth tool and dick tool on various parts of her body. if love bar ever falls low, use the tips above to raise it back until its flashing.

5) as the percent goes higher, you can dry hump her (panties on) or fuck her (panties off)

6) use all the possible tools on all parts of her body. sometimes u need to raise or lower her arms. this will get you to like 90%. the remaining 10% is finicky but you can get it if you fuck her really fast while doing a bunch of other stuff. make sure u cum on her at least once (dry hump) and in her. just keep experimenting with all the tools at various stages of fuckery.

7) at 100% you unlock 3 more options for fucking her which are honestly pretty good. there seem to be 5 more unlockable options after that but i havent figured out how to unlock them. =/

>>Anonymous  5jun2019(we)22:42  No.69221  I  P13R11
I found that short rubs (click, waggle, release) do the most efficient progress, even if it sometimes goes down instead.
Also kissing can be spam-clicked.

Still game over'd.
Fucking had blinking bar, did a thing and it goes to 0 instantly.
Man, a fucking no instant death edit would go a long way.
Also on my first try I unintentionally stuck my finger in her mouth which instantly lowered the bar to minus 50.

>>Anonymous  8jun2019(sa)01:46  No.69252  J  P14R12
here is the control map from the authors page

You can play with almost mouse operation (touch operation)
In addition, shortcut keys are also available.
Tab scene change
Z hand tool
X mouth tool
C Chin ○ tool
V position change
B Background switching
N light switching
T Serif ON / OFF
M Sound ON / OFF
H fixed (hold)
A Automatic (Auto touch)
G raise and lower arms and legs
0, Space Manual (Manual mode)
1 to 4 Speed ​​1 to 4
5, F finish
O Show / Hide Option
Q Quality change
Num 1-8 Positions 1-8
Num 0 Remove all
Num. Dress it all
Num + Zoom +
Left click Click, etc.
Right-click zoom viewpoint movement
Drag Nade, manually move ○, etc.
Wheel rotation Momi, Perez, etc.
Ctrl + wheel zoom
Right button + wheel zoom
※ If you scroll with the mouse wheel, please open swf directly.

>>Anonymous  8jun2019(sa)01:47  No.69253  J  P15
also, this game is not in its final release, hence the options not being available.
"So far only scene 1 but like the previous flash,
It is hate, licking, sucking, hentai.
The finished product will be able to play Scene 1 to Scene 5 + α."
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