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>>Anonymous  22may2019(we)09:55  No.68859  OP  P1
Hey /fap/, anon who made >>68361 here again. Back with another edit as well. I was having a hard time with minus8's ghost flash as I'm still trying to export my edit to a stable edit with controls, so I decided to start something else to take a break from that.

I found this thread >>68206
with Lusty lizard's Crash landing flash. After going over the two flashes with JPEXS, I had discovered that there was models for the alien chick to be completely nude, so I begin to work on it. The first flash wasn't that hard to edit, but dear god. The second one was absolute hell. One thing that I have noticed from working with flashes was the way artist created them, Minus8 makes his with a simple base that he adds new shapes and sprites off of, which makes edits easy. But Lusty? holy fuck, she makes individual shapes and sprites for each FRAME. What this means is that there are literally thousands of shapes and sprites that I have to go though in order to make edits to. Not only that but I had discovered annoyingly that removing or editing certain shapes straight up breaks the flash. Which means I had to make a workaround and write down the shapes not to remove or touch. This same concept goes with the ads and other bullshit that she put in it. After this, I had discovered that some shapes were straight up broken as lusty used the clothes hide little mistakes with the sprites. This meant that I had to use GIMP in order to create new shapes to fix this. Finally, I had to carefully remove hundreds of shapes one by one as they were the clothes I had previously mentioned as I couldn't delete them en mass without breaking the flash. All in all, it took about 3 days of work to finish

tl;dr: Lusty's flash was a complete clusterfuck and a bitch to edit.

Programs used:
JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler
GIMP 2.10.10

CrashLandingPartTwo - nude.swf (5.73 MiB)
1088x720, Compressed (Deflate). 8 frames, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver17, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  22may2019(we)10:06  No.68861  OP  P2
Next flash should be Minus8's Ghost Flash with controls. But do suggest any flash that you want me to edit. Leave a link to it and I'll go over and see if anything can be done.
>>Anonymous  22may2019(we)10:07  No.68862  OP  P3
Also a link to part one: >>68860
>>Anonymous  22may2019(we)10:22  No.68863  OP  P4
Holy shit nice work anon. That explains why the bitch takes so long to make her flashes, she makes everything from scrach instead of using model bases to work off of.
>>Anonymous  22may2019(we)12:44  No.68865  A  P5R1

It's only the same as what ZONE does, why is it such a surprise?

>>Anonymous  22may2019(we)13:44  No.68867  B  P6R2
Wow I never thought I'd see edits of LLs stuff. She could definitely learn some ways to improve her workflow and make things easier for herself.
>>Anonymous  22may2019(we)23:10  No.68880  C  P7R3
Why are you congratulating yourself? You know what IDs are, right?
>>Anonymous  23may2019(th)01:38  No.68881  D  P8R4
>He doesn't know swfchan tells you who the OP is.
Get a load of this asshole.
>>Anonymous  23may2019(th)02:36  No.68883  E  P9R5
ok that's both funny and sad.
still, cheers for your effort on the flash.
>>Anonymous  23may2019(th)04:50  No.68888  F  P10R6
fuck double posts
>>Anonymous  23may2019(th)04:51  No.68889  F  P11
had a good thing going until this cringefest
>>Anonymous  23may2019(th)06:21  No.68892  OP  P12R7
OP here, so to explain myself I was drunk as shit the night I posted the flash. For some reason I thought it would be funny to post a comment not realizing how commenting works on this site. I apologize for sucking my own dick. Highlights of that night was me pissing myself in the car, and shoving my entire face inside a ice cream cake then proceeding to pass out in said cake
>>Anonymous  23may2019(th)06:47  No.68893  G  P13R8

I think it's safe to say we've all been there.

>>Anonymous  23may2019(th)08:17  No.68894  H  P14R9
Are you australian? Because i hear they get drunk and then shitpost wildly, sometimes even arguing with themselves.
>>Anonymous  23may2019(th)11:17  No.68895  OP  P15R10
Nope, American. Got drunk because the baby fuckin died
>>Anonymous  23may2019(th)18:39  No.68900  E  P16R11
yeah right
>>Anonymous  27may2019(mo)04:57  No.68960  I  P17R12
Explain more
>>Anonymous  27may2019(mo)06:59  No.68962  OP  P18R13
Look, do you guys want me to continue shitposting or do you want me to show some screencaps of my next edit?
>>Anonymous  27may2019(mo)07:47  No.68964  I  P19R14
I want to be your friend
>>Anonymous  27may2019(mo)12:14  No.68967  D  P20R15
I mean most of us came for the edits so sure.
>>Anonymous  28may2019(tu)22:27  No.68997  J  P21R16
came for the uncensored edits, stayed for the OP comments

OP is a true gentleman of culture!
Cut the samefagging, but a self pat on the shoulder is acceptable when putting in this much work for the community.
Godspeed, little flashmonger.

>>Anonymous  29may2019(we)03:26  No.69021  K  P22R17
what a bizarre thread
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