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>>Anonymous  9may2019(th)00:20  No.68611  OP  P1
Hearthbone (art by Shädbase)

was horny and bored, so i modded some Shädbase 'teen' art into an existing x-ray flash.

link (right click) to the art is in the flash.

Hearthbone.swf (824.5 KiB)
1000x1414, Compressed (Deflate). 2 frames, 60 fps (00:00).
Ver17, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  9may2019(th)00:26  No.68612  A  P2R1
>>Anonymous  9may2019(th)04:40  No.68614  B  P3R2
Oh, I see: Hearthstone...
It's an online-only collectable card game set in the Warcraft universe. I've never heard of Hearthstone until now. I must say, the logo vaguely resembles that of the HeroQuest board game's logo.
>>Anonymous  9may2019(th)04:50  No.68615  B  P4
Clearly, this belongs in the Porn category... but I can't find the file's page in order to categorize it. What's going on? It won't even come up in a Google search using the Site: filter.
>>Anonymous  9may2019(th)08:45  No.68620  OP  P5R3
sorry, i don't know shit about adding something to 'porn'.
>>Anonymous  9may2019(th)10:52  No.68623  C  P6R4
More than a bit surprised to find someone on the internet who hasn't heard of Hearthstone before, it's one of the most well known and popular games in the world and has been for a few years now.
>>Anonymous  9may2019(th)11:20  No.68625  B  P7R5
I like Warcraft I and II, but I don't play MMORPGs. Maybe that's why.
I play offline, and I like tangible collectables.
>>Anonymous  9may2019(th)18:44  No.68631  D  P8R6
Idk what you mean specifically.
Distinguish between the archived file on .com and this upload on .org
In order to have it in the porn category here on the chan, just always go to /fap/ and upload it there.
For the file to be found in the porn filter, use the "find in archive" link here under the file properties and go to the actual file in the archive. Open (get) the file. There you can choose to tag it in different categories, one of which is porn (true).
>>Anonymous  9may2019(th)19:21  No.68635  OP  P9R7
thank you. i did what you said and voted accordingly.


>>Anonymous  10may2019(fr)21:36  No.68660  E  P10R8
>>Anonymous  10may2019(fr)21:45  No.68661  F  P11
>>Anonymous  11may2019(sa)01:51  No.68664  G  P12R9
simple but i like it. and don't think i didn't notice that subtle magnifying lens effect! good work dude, hope you get horny and bored more times!

would have liked it if her facial expressions were swapped, like she was acting all slutty with her clothes on and then got all "what have i gotten myself into" when they were off. i know shadbase drew them this way but seems like the tops of the two images could be switched.

>>Anonymous  11may2019(sa)02:12  No.68666  G  P13
never understood the deal with digital card games. magic the gathering i get because you meet with people IRL to have a good time and when you buy cards you get something physical that you actually own for all eternity and can do whatever you want with (for example sell to someone else through whatever means).

meanwhile in heartstone you buy a license that flips a byte in their database and you can't do whatever you want with it. not put it on the wall or use it as a bookmark, not even sell it on any 3rd party exchange. if the game goes offline forever your license expires and you have nothing. and there's no IRL social interaction (lan parties don't count to typical usage).

if you buy digital card packs they can adapt the chance of you getting something the more money you spend, nobody would be able to tell (same goes for all online gambling and loot boxes). if their system ever notice that you will keep buying no matter what until you get that rare card they can just lower the chance of you getting it, or set the chance to zero, until they feel you've spent enough money. sure with IRL card packs you also trust that the chances of getting a rare card is what they say they are but at least they can't adapt the randomness to each account that way and the percentages are more verifiable IRL.

(i know there's a digital version of magic the gathering, i'm not saying that one is any better than heartstone)

>>Anonymous  11may2019(sa)02:24  No.68667  G  P14
i just realized if you have the magnifying glass on the small size and you point at her ass it kind of gets the effect that i were talking about
>>Anonymous  11may2019(sa)11:58  No.68680  OP  P15R10
thanks, but i didn't make the flash. i just swapped the images, and disply rect size of an existing flash. original creator is 'jellse' (right click)

i get horny and bored a lot. when i find fitting images i make similar flashes. this one was particularly fun because it's rather young and taboo. :p

i found another similar flash that uses a smart phone instead of a lens. may use it in the future.

>>Anonymous  12may2019(su)07:44  No.68691  H  P16R11
Wow man. MtXGamblingstone hate 11/10
HeroQuest reference = 19/10. Love that game as a kid.
GamblingStone is exactly what is wrong with modern games that is entirely worthless to consumers, but great for shareholders and the far upper tiers of management at Activsion.
I stopped supporting Acti as a whole years ago. I refuse. Also playing War2 right now instead because it's a far better game. War3 is the last worthwhile Blizz game. Everything else is a waste of not only money, but time.
Hoping Acti fails soon. The entire AAA industry really, I want them all to burn for their selfish greed. Compare even a game dev to any hard-working man out there. No contest. They can go find real jobs.
>>Anonymous  19may2019(su)17:34  No.68797  D  P17R12
welcome to games as a service
we're no fun all games

also: think about "bad luck" in such games
irl, it's actually predetermined that some cards go into some booster packs and are bought at some stores
so there's this feeling that this one rare card MUST be out there somewhere, in one of those little packs, 100%
meanwhile digital "booster packs" are just roulette wheels, you have x% to get card Y, so if people are unlucky, NOONE for basically all eternity might get that one card, or everyone could get it, sure it's unlikely, but possible
how about systems where for every Xth bad card your chance to get a good one rises incrementally? nah, just put in a RNG generator and call it a day
infinitely worse than actual card games, why even make it cards? it could be anything, as digital cards aren't really cards? BECAUSE MUH NOSTALGIA

don't know if pasta, but
>stop supporting activision LAST YEAR
>hehe lol, AAA must burn amirite?
13 years old much?

>>Anonymous  19may2019(su)22:38  No.68799  G  P18R13
>NOONE for basically all eternity might get that one card
true, i had not thought about that. even if there's the same percent chance to get a card in digital vs physical the digital chance will always stay the same while with physical cards the chance increases for everybody every time someone buys a pack that didn't contain the rare card. because physical prints have a set number of cards ever printed and digital have infinite theoretical cards.
>>Anonymous  20may2019(mo)00:33  No.68809  OP  P19R14
noone is not a word. not trying to be a dick. just trying to help.
>>Anonymous  20may2019(mo)00:41  No.68811  D  P20R15
yeah, sorry OP, didn't catch that in my ALLCAPS rage, I always confuse no one and nobody
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