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>>Anonymous  7may2019(tu)00:11  No.68572  OP  P1
Made it a little more bearable for those that actually bother to read....

THE Sleeping Rape ENG.swf (2.45 MiB)
1024x768, Uncompressed. 16 frames, 30 fps (00:01).
Ver9, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  7may2019(tu)08:32  No.68583  A  P2R1
integral job OP
>>Anonymous  7may2019(tu)10:20  No.68590  B  P3R2
Thank you. The dialog is much better; quite enjoyable. I particularly like how at first they are horrified, but then change their minds with how good the sex feels.

It's too bad that every section is like reading the same book. I think it would be nicer if instead of the game ending after each creampie, it would go back to the main menu, and then selecting a different girl results in a different dialog (or sex position) than if it had been the first one clicked on (like a story advancement).

A final goal/reward would also be a nice addition. The girls seem to enjoy the sex when drugged, so maybe if the correct options are selected in each of the 3 encounters, it would open a fourth encounter in which all three girls come after you for revenge, and having discovered you passed out, together they take turns forcing you to fill their womb with love seed.... or maybe they each summon a female friend, resulting in a 6-on-one reverse gang bang (you are now their sex slave).
That last idea would take a lot of work to put together, I'm sure.

This is not a request, just thoughtful suggestions.

>>Anonymous  7may2019(tu)16:04  No.68593  C  P4R3
magisterial work OP
>>Anonymous  7may2019(tu)17:22  No.68594  D  P5R4
>>68590 This is a translation so I don't think the guy who edited it can do anything about that
>>oldgrandpa  7may2019(tu)21:52  No.68596  E  P6R5
i like better wen i don't know what are they talking....
so i can use my imagination.....

btw techically is a good flash but...SUCKS!!!
why you ask ?
because you can't select speed!!! can cum only one time and
then you must REPEAT EVERYTHING!!!!!

a failed fappable material AH AH AH.....

>>Anonymous  9may2019(th)14:02  No.68626  F  P7R6
what happens with rapist after?
>>Anonymous  9may2019(th)18:45  No.68632  G  P8R7
lives happily ever after
>>???? ????  10may2019(fr)00:06  No.68640  H  P9R8
Is this a joke or is Anon bad with english?
>>Anonymous  10may2019(fr)06:03  No.68649  I  P10R9

Both? Both.

>>Anonymous  10may2019(fr)07:52  No.68650  B  P11R10
>>68626 >>68632
That's what I was suggesting.

Not so much fail as a missed opportunity.
Just as an example, Harpy.swf: when you get to the end (or type Gallery on the tele), you get to creampie the harpy. Even when you change sex positions, it still shows her as having been creampied until you clean her or restart the flash.

>>Anonymous  11may2019(sa)19:25  No.68685  OP  P12R11
I'm sorry this isn't to your liking anon. Fortunately, the original is still available for your enjoyment. I'll try to keep your thoughts in mind the next time the mood strikes me to clean something up!
>>Anonymous  18may2019(sa)14:10  No.68770  J  P13R12
ignore the retard anon one has to ask why would he even bother with a flash titled ENG at the end if he like to make up the dialong himself. Everything else he said is best for the ass to learn Japanese and complain to the original maker.

That said thanks for effort in translating all this had a more than decent fap actually having understandable dialog. Too bad the game itsself speeds past some of the pop up windows. Also praise be to the maker for not putting in a shitty pleasure bar or clickfest mechanic good animation to on the wife and first sister second sister could have had more ass bounce.
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