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>>Anonymous  26apr2019(fr)23:57  No.68348  OP  P1
Clixsposing Samus Bootleg.swf (1.82 MiB)
1100x800, Compressed (Deflate). 77 frames, 25 fps (00:03).
Ver17, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  27apr2019(sa)05:05  No.68351  A  P2R1
>>Anonymous  27apr2019(sa)08:51  No.68353  B  P3R2
Not a fan of the two ending animations skipping their first few loops and only looping the last one, but aside from that it gets the job done.
>>Anonymous  27apr2019(sa)17:09  No.68358  C  P4R3
this is really good
>>Anonymous  27apr2019(sa)21:10  No.68363  D  P5R4
Metroids fuck her when you click her head, pussy or tits.
Click the tentacles on each side of her to let them have some fun.

Try clicking the tentacles to the right, left, head, and ass, in that order. Let the head blow its load BEFORE moving on to the ass tentacle. And let the tentacle fill her ass full too...

Oh ... and there might be something special about that big E in the upper left corner too...

>>Anonymous  28apr2019(su)01:33  No.68364  E  P6R5
can i get an infinite health edit
>>Anonymous  28apr2019(su)03:14  No.68366  F  P7R6
Someone hack the gallery open, I'm not playing a shitty game just to see if the porn is any good. (and at less than 2mb how can it be?)
>>Anonymous  28apr2019(su)03:50  No.68367  C  P8R7
what Big E in the corner?
>>Anonymous  28apr2019(su)05:50  No.68368  G  P9R8
The tentacle thing didn't do anything. Am I missing something basic?
>>Anonymous  28apr2019(su)05:52  No.68369  OP  P10R9
I think you need to cum in all holes before doing the tentacle thing, And you need to do it in that order too.
>>Anonymous  28apr2019(su)10:32  No.68370  H  P11R10
there are 4 tenticles, click each of them to build up the unlock meter, click the e tank for megaman
>>Anonymous  29apr2019(mo)01:41  No.68387  I  P12R11
you sound like you don't know the flash format very good
>>Anonymous  29apr2019(mo)05:49  No.68394  F  P13R12
Yeah, because flash games don't get hacked all the time...
All it would take is infinite money, then you buy the gallery open and you're good to go.
>>lols  29apr2019(mo)06:54  No.68395  J  P14R13
What a laggy piece of crap
Someone please hack it for infinite money, this game is not worth it
>>Anonymous  29apr2019(mo)12:25  No.68397  K  P15R14
Get good faggot.

Get a better computer, pajeet.

>>Anonymous  29apr2019(mo)16:34  No.68403  L  P16R15
i doubt its about skill... more about time
>>Anonymous  29apr2019(mo)17:31  No.68406  M  P17R16
You embarass yourself.
>>Anonymous  29apr2019(mo)17:31  No.68407  M  P18
Time is a skill.
>>Anonymous  29apr2019(mo)20:48  No.68410  L  P19R17
IMO the time (about 30 mins for me, i think; didn't look at the clock) invested for the reward (gallery) is too much...
>>Anonymous  29apr2019(mo)21:56  No.68411  N  P20R18
Looking at the source code, there's a variable for unlocking a 'futa' and 'pirate' ending, but they aren't implemented anywhere.

Open the game with JPEXS (site is down, use their github). Go to scripts > frame 1 > DoAction (top one). In the right "P-code pane", add this after line 49:

Push register1 "cheatsDev" true

This will unlock all endings, and allow you to press the refund button to gain credits.

>>Anonymous  29apr2019(mo)23:49  No.68414  I  P21R19
I was thinking more along the lines that 2mb could easily be lots of quality content.
>>Anonymous  30apr2019(tu)12:48  No.68425  O  P22R20
The game ending was pretty well done, all the tentacles at once ending is surprisingly satisfying.
>>johndoe314  30apr2019(tu)20:28  No.68429  P  P23R21
I'm still not quite sure what to do with the megaman deal. I've completed in face, pussy, and tits, as well as the tentacles for face and ass, and the left/right going for a bit. But when I click the megaman face, he just inserts and explodes/dies. There doesn't seem to be any ending that I can find, at any rate. What am I missing?
>>Anonymous  30apr2019(tu)22:39  No.68430  Q  P24R22
You can upgrade your own health pretty quickly. At a certain point, it just becomes a grind of removing armor (only metric of earning points) and restarting to get the gallery. There are also two endings. The main one involves using 4 of the tentacles in the correct order.
>>Anonymous  30apr2019(tu)22:41  No.68431  Q  P25
Oh also, as far as I know only the gallery has goth Samus.
>>Anonymous  30apr2019(tu)22:42  No.68432  Q  P26
Don't let go of click or move your mouse away, those cancel the animation. I've gotten it to work in the gallery, but try holding click first.
>>Anonymous  30apr2019(tu)23:45  No.68434  R  P27R23
That's Corta's OC. He usually puts her in his edits.
>>Anonymous  1may2019(we)07:04  No.68438  L  P28R24
there are some other interesting things in the Code: Futa Ending? pirate Ending?

you can unlock the Corta's Character by clicking the "C" in the lower left of the Start menu

>>Anonymous  7may2019(tu)21:46  No.68595  S  P29R25
this steaming sac of old shit is what you people call good?
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