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>>Anonymous  26apr2019(fr)20:45  No.68344  OP  P1

Lord dominator flash

Dominated.swf (1.63 MiB)
1750x1218, Compressed (Deflate). 658 frames, 24 fps (00:27).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  26apr2019(fr)20:49  No.68345  A  P2R1
Not bad
>>Anonymous  30apr2019(tu)23:39  No.68433  B  P3R2
It is a solid 6/10.
>>Anonymous  1may2019(we)00:07  No.68435  C  P4R3
more like a 4/10, no sound, artwork isn't great. Animation is fluid but there's barely any variation (yes there's 3/4 animations but they're all super short loops). I feel like this is one of those things that you can look back on in the future and see how far an artist has come, I hope they keep at it.
>>Anonymous  1may2019(we)16:45  No.68446  D  P5R4
>>Anonymous  1may2019(we)17:08  No.68453  E  P6R5

man, I wonder if this would be as famous for r34 if not for the flash zone's working on right now

>>Anonymous  2may2019(th)00:03  No.68465  F  P7R6
I'd give it a 4.5/7.
>>Anonymous  4may2019(sa)01:41  No.68503  G  P8R7
cum on, it's good
>>Anonymous  5may2019(su)19:52  No.68535  E  P9R8
>>w7-890  6may2019(mo)21:52  No.68569  H  P10
>>68503 atleast its not 0/10 (remove the 1 plz) >>68535
>>Anonymous  8jul2019(mo)07:40  No.69855  G  P11R9
just realized this isn't Invader Zim inspired but a character from a 2013 series called "Wander Over Yonder". haha and derp
>>Anonymous  9jul2019(tu)06:28  No.69885  I  P12R10
dis won is nice
>>Anonymous  11jul2019(th)18:20  No.69936  B  P13R11
You should watch it.
>>Anonymous  15jul2019(mo)06:42  No.70039  G  P14R12
Why? I'm probably 15 years above their target audience.
>>Anonymous  15jul2019(mo)21:56  No.70050  E  P15R13
So ... you let other people decide what you can watch?
>>Anonymous  16jul2019(tu)09:58  No.70061  G  P16R14
The issue is that I don't appreciate humor meant for kids as much as an adult.
>>Anonymous  16jul2019(tu)23:28  No.70070  E  P17R15
Then I seriously wonder why you spend any time posting in threads here...
>>Anonymous  17jul2019(we)06:54  No.70081  G  P18R16
guess it's because it's possible to find cartoons appealing in porn form while not appreciating them in non porn form
>>Anonymous  17jul2019(we)21:38  No.70093  E  P19R17
I was rather hinting at the fact that banter in swfchan threads is kinda close to liking humor meant for kids, but okay.webm
>>Anonymous  18jul2019(th)01:04  No.70102  B  P20R18
There is always subtle adult relating stuff hide in plain sight by the writers/animators.
>>Anonymous  18jul2019(th)18:24  No.70114  G  P21R19
few with internet access grow up

haha, sounds like someone watching the new my little pony show would say

>>Anonymous  19jul2019(fr)18:50  No.70127  B  P22R20
I like animation and writing, if I could be somehow that live out of it I would be quite happy.

Anyways, don't watch if you want or do if you want.
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