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>>Anonymous  24apr2019(we)09:13  No.68299  OP  P1
Yet another edit

I think this is as much as I can reasonably do with this flash in an editor, or at least all I can think of.

Cadence - Brown Note - Lewderest.swf (2.28 MiB)
800x700, Uncompressed. 1 frame, 63.53 fps (00:00).
Ver12, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  24apr2019(we)20:56  No.68311  A  P2R1
Which Program are you using to edit this? JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler?
>>Anonymous  25apr2019(th)01:09  No.68318  B  P3R2
I'm wondering myself... This isn't as transparent as it should be for MAXIMUM LEWD
>>Anonymous  25apr2019(th)01:48  No.68319  B  P4
reasonable is never the limit, OP

we must go d e e p e r

>>Anonymous  25apr2019(th)12:10  No.68321  OP  P5R3
I can do some tweaks, if it bugs you THAT much, but I hate uploading little edits of this. Someone else already flooded /fap/ with like 15 different ones. and I'd feel like a big ol' cooter.
Plus, replacing parts of the dick, the nipples, the boobs, or some the eyes fucks around with their placement since they're linked together.
Whatcha thinkin'?
>>Anonymous  26apr2019(fr)03:39  No.68331  B  P6R4
bigger, more x-ray, whatever you can do to make this the most lewd things imaginable

if we have the technology, we should push the limits 100%

>>Anonymous  26apr2019(fr)03:42  No.68332  B  P7
also i was gonna try my ahnd at editing it myself but do whatever you must
>>Anonymous  26apr2019(fr)03:42  No.68333  B  P8
also sorry for double post but how did you do this in JPEXS? is there a certain thing to look for?
>>Anonymous  26apr2019(fr)04:41  No.68334  C  P9R5
Kinda wish there was a tutorial or something for JPEXS as I have no idea how to use it myself. All the stuff I made so far has been though tedious trial and error or just pure luck
>>Anonymous  26apr2019(fr)08:29  No.68335  OP  P10R6
I pretty much dun got me learnt as I went.
There's no tutorial that covers the shit you'll actually need, just the big buttons up at the top that you'll barely touch if you want to edit.

To be fair, it's a decompiler, not an editor, but still.
Here's a VERY broad-strokes picture of what I used mostly.

 JPEXS flash basics.jpg

>>Anonymous  26apr2019(fr)08:32  No.68336  OP  P11
Well fuck. Apparently swfchan doesn't into .pngs and it makes them .jpgs.

>>Anonymous  26apr2019(fr)20:43  No.68343  D  P12R7
Hey I'm the anon that made the Minus8 Ghost Gallery edit
do you think you can help me out? I can't seem to get the far left ghost's belly button back no matter what I do. I took a look at the JPEXS flash basics image and got nowhere with it
>>Anonymous  26apr2019(fr)23:20  No.68347  OP  P13R8
Are you sure she ever had a bellybutton?
Pinky was the one with a corset. Didn't have a bellybutton visible through it, I thought.

If you want her to have one, export the bellybutton from the far right, flip it in an image editor, and replace the corset with the bellybutton image. You'll have to move the X and Y data to get it to fit, but if the corset moved, it should stay where it needs to through the flash. You'll have to do that for all the frontal angles, but it shouldn't be too rough.

>>Anonymous  27apr2019(sa)02:56  No.68349  D  P14R9
Your right that she didn't have one, the corset acted as the shape to her belly. So what I did was replace it with another one of the girls belly shape as they all share the same one. The issue is that the belly button is an independent shape, that acts as the belly buttons to all the ghosts. I can't seem to get it to apply to pinky no matter what I do
Here is a shot of my shapes and what I'm working with
This is the Raw edit data for just the belly that links with the belly button
The Belly button's raw edit data
And Finally Pinky's belly shape raw edit data

The underlying issue seems to be that I lack the knowledge to what to do as anything I try and do either breaks the flash, the shape, or the sprite.

>>Anonymous  27apr2019(sa)03:10  No.68350  D  P15
Also here is a image of an edit I'm working on but this fucking problem is seriously pissing me off
>>Anonymous  27apr2019(sa)07:28  No.68352  D  P16
Also another image of my next edit, same issue
>>Anonymous  27apr2019(sa)09:20  No.68354  OP  P17R10
You just need to work around problems with stuff if you're using JPEXS.

If all the bellybuttons are tied together, and you can't create one for Pinky, try pausing the loop at a good bellybutton picture, and use it for reference. Export shape 465, and try giving her a bellybutton in GIMP or Photoshop.
If it doesn't fit perfectly, there's nothing stopping you from giving her a different type of bellybutton. You're jury rigging it, so don't expect perfection. Instead, if it's impossible one way, go a different route.
Or, have her keep the corset and just remove the section covering her breast.
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