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>>Anonymous  6apr2019(sa)02:39  No.67919  OP  P1
Posting an old imcomplete Flash the EroPharaoh made but never released.

Marie Kanker EroPharaoh.swf (898.8 KiB)
1280x720, Compressed (Deflate). 2 frames, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver36, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  6apr2019(sa)02:57  No.67920  A  P2R1
Shame. Not enough Ed, Edd, and Eddy porn.
Few things that are are.. not half as good.
>>Anonymous  6apr2019(sa)04:46  No.67922  B  P3R2
Is that Double-D she's riding?
>>Anonymous  6apr2019(sa)04:59  No.67923  C  P4R3
Ero stuff is always good, its a shame flash is on its way out. I guess most animators are just making gifs now.
>>Anonymous  6apr2019(sa)06:55  No.67924  D  P5R4
Is he still in jail? Betting it was illegal porn.
>>???? ????  6apr2019(sa)07:01  No.67925  E  P6R5
I guess he is still in there.
>>Anonymous  6apr2019(sa)08:45  No.67928  F  P7R6
What the hell did he get arrested for? When?
>>Anonymous  6apr2019(sa)08:47  No.67929  OP  P8R7
No idea. A couple of months ago.
>>Anonymous  6apr2019(sa)17:38  No.67931  G  P9R8
All he said he was arrested for was a non-violent crime since December 5th. Other than that, there's been no update since the end of January.
>>Anonymous  7apr2019(su)01:15  No.67932  H  P10R9
fucking woot? didn't know EroPharaoh was arrested.

How did you get your hands on this if he never released it?

>>Anonymous  7apr2019(su)02:34  No.67933  OP  P11R10
It was part of a flash compilation someone posted over at f95.
Here: tion-2019-01-17-eropharaoh.24221/
>>Anonymous  7apr2019(su)06:30  No.67934  I  P12R11
It can also be found here: 97
>>Anonymous  7apr2019(su)09:52  No.67937  J  P13R12
>non-violent crime
CHIIIIIIILD PORRRRN -pedophile-but-1674105.png

>>Anonymous  7apr2019(su)16:11  No.67939  I  P14R13
Which would be strange since he wouldn't do commissions of characters under 18 with their standard physicality, and would age them up instead.
>>Anonymous  8apr2019(mo)03:42  No.67951  K  P15R14
Breast size options should be D, DD and DDY.
>>Anonymous  8apr2019(mo)07:44  No.67952  L  P16R15


"Do you have a single fact to back that up?" - JC Denton

>>Anonymous  9apr2019(tu)00:15  No.67967  M  P17R16
>Losing our resident hentai flash creator to a big old slice of pizza
I happens every time, I swear.
>>Anonymous  9apr2019(tu)04:58  No.67972  N  P18R17

"non-violent crime"
either pizza or he stole from someone and got pinched. my only two guesses

>>Anonymous  10apr2019(we)00:21  No.67993  O  P19R18
"Arrested" lmao
It's just an excuse for a break
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