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>>Anonymous  2apr2019(tu)17:23  No.67824  OP  P1
God I wish that were me

otoko_santa.swf (11.53 MiB)
992x1403, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 48 fps (00:00).
Ver36, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  2apr2019(tu)23:50  No.67836  A  P2R1
tutorial please -_-
>>Anonymous  2apr2019(tu)23:51  No.67837  A  P3
wait figured it out. don't bother people, it's gay.
>>Anonymous  3apr2019(we)04:33  No.67847  B  P4R2
He's right.
Even before you get her knickers off, there's an obvious bulge.
>>Anonymous  3apr2019(we)16:37  No.67862  C  P5R3

What did you expect from a filename that says "otoko" santa?

>>Anonymous  3apr2019(we)17:01  No.67864  A  P6R4
im not weeaboo so i assumed otoko was the artist name or name of the character
>>Anonymous  3apr2019(we)18:39  No.67868  B  P7R5
Agreed. I don't read/speak Japanese, so I thought it was the character's name.
>>Shrek  3apr2019(we)22:57  No.67876  D  P8R6
Why are you geh?

You are geh.

>>Anonymous  3apr2019(we)23:32  No.67881  C  P9R7

No problem. Know this, though, if you want to avoid shota and such:
男の子 or おとこのこ (otokonoko) or any variations thereof, for example こう (kou) mean "boy."
The last one is disputable in any other context but sexually explicit content.

>>Anonymous  5apr2019(fr)16:24  No.67910  E  P10R8
Ko means child in both genders. I think it's even used more frequently for girls. Otoko means Man, so otoko no ko means child of man, as in: child that is a man.
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