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>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  2apr2019(tu)05:42  No.67818  OP  P1
Ver. 2.0

Late April Fools joke? ..Or could it be legit?

super_smash_a_pokegirl_ver_2.0.swf (16.16 MiB)
640x500, Compressed (Deflate). 4192 frames, 18 fps (03:53).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  2apr2019(tu)06:59  No.67819  A  P2R1
Click the dot in the i
>>Anonymous  2apr2019(tu)07:19  No.67820  B  P3R2
>long live /f/
>sabrina and green
very nice
>>Anonymous  2apr2019(tu)18:21  No.67825  C  P4R3
New drawing software with the lesbian scene?

Excellent work.

>>Anonymous  2apr2019(tu)18:51  No.67827  D  P5R4
Everything I know, in order of the menu since I don't know their names:

- Click 2x Abra, Bulbasaur, 2x Abra, 4x Bulba, then Abra.
- Click his gland after cumming.
- Zoom out (right click > 100%) and click the hidden icon, or click the text.
- When you can see her panties, zoom out to reveal a hidden button.
- Click the couple, then wait and click on the sun icon, then click her butt.

Lyra: Click when there's a dark patch of grass.

Misty: Click two bra straps, click camera, click sun, click panties, click camera. Click phone, in grid click bottom-left, right, middle, top.

>>Anonymous  2apr2019(tu)19:47  No.67828  E  P6R5
Thanks mate. Appreciate your hard work
>>Anonymous  2apr2019(tu)19:49  No.67829  F  P7R6

Thanks for the guide, however

>Zoom out (right click > 100%) and click the hidden icon, or click the text.

All I can see is a sea of white and no hidden icon? Am I doing something wrong?

>>Anonymous  2apr2019(tu)21:51  No.67832  OP  P8R7
>his hard work
Gee thanks

He's talking about May. There's two hidden buttons below her.

>>Anonymous  2apr2019(tu)22:25  No.67833  G  P9R8
Click Hypno's pendulum after 60 seconds for HypnoXSabrina or HypnoXLeaf (its random)
>>Anonymous  2apr2019(tu)22:37  No.67834  G  P10
>packs like 4 prior requests into the Sabrina one
Absolutely based
>>Anonymous  2apr2019(tu)23:02  No.67835  H  P11R9
Discover something new everytime I open this? >>67827 Check
Fappable content frequently? >>67834 Check
Awesome easteregg that celebrates /f/ (even if this can't be posted there). >>67820 Check
>>Anonymous  2apr2019(tu)23:53  No.67838  I  P12R10
Good job dude! I see that you're still on 18 FPS.
>>Anonymous  3apr2019(we)00:20  No.67843  F  P13R11

Sorry, I still don't get it.
>Click 2x Abra, Bulbasaur, 2x Abra, 4x Bulba, then Abra.
I get a screen with Abra and Pikachu, and there's not much else happening.

>>Anonymous  3apr2019(we)01:07  No.67845  J  P14R12
Cant get this to work. Are you sure its 60 seconds?
>>Anonymous  3apr2019(we)01:21  No.67846  J  P15
Anyone know how to do the secret for the white hair girl?
>>Anonymous  3apr2019(we)05:39  No.67850  K  P16R13
Character Select: VS Mode from Gale of Darkness
Leaf: Mystery Gift from FRLG
Kris: A remix of Pokégear Radio: Pokémon Lullaby from Crystal
May: Route 113 from RSE
Misty: Cobalt Coast from Hey You, Pikachu
Dawn: Spin Trade from Platinum/BW2.
Giratina-O's extra Dawn scene: Spotted! Pokémon Collector from DPP
Hilda: Route 10 from BW
Rosa: Join Avenue from BW2
Serena: Super Training! from XY
Lyra: National Park from HGSS
Sex Maniac: Another Chapter in Looker's Tale and Looker's Sorrowful Theme from XY
Chicken-chan: Poke Pelago (Night) from SM
Roxie: A mix of Virbank Gym from BW2 with the Big Rock Finish minigame from Rhythm Heaven

New ones are a remix of Team Rocket Hideout from RBY and yer good ol' Bourbon House for the april fool's scene.

Usually not the first to find the secrets but the Misty scene is already in the game. Password 7 6 5 2 on the phone. You can thank me later.

>>Anonymous  3apr2019(we)10:36  No.67856  A  P17R14
Click Abra on this screen.
>>Anonymous  3apr2019(we)13:05  No.67857  L  P18R15
Someone explain Misty phone pls >>67827
>>Anonymous  3apr2019(we)13:21  No.67858  M  P19R16
you click it, don't slide
>>Anonymous  3apr2019(we)15:03  No.67860  N  P20R17
Why does the May easter egg have old Scooby Doo dialogue? What?

Also, how do you do the Roxie scene that's in the thumbnail of this post?

>>Anonymous  3apr2019(we)15:43  No.67861  O  P21R18
Doesn't do anything for me.
>>Anonymous  3apr2019(we)16:47  No.67863  K  P22R19
>>Anonymous  3apr2019(we)17:09  No.67866  P  P23R20
>he actually put the yuri scene in
I love you!
>>Anonymous  3apr2019(we)17:12  No.67867  K  P24R21
These two are April's fools tricks, right?
>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  3apr2019(we)19:27  No.67869  OP  P25R22
Nah they're legit. You must not be doing them correctly.
>>Anonymous  3apr2019(we)23:05  No.67877  H  P26R23
the instructions given were for all of the girls, not just Leaf
+ Click 2x Abra, Bulbasaur, 2x Abra, 4x Bulba, then Abra.
+ Click his gland after cumming.
+ Zoom out (right click > 100%) and click the hidden icon, or click the text.
+ When you can see her panties, zoom out to reveal a hidden button.
+ Click the couple, then wait and click on the sun icon, then click her butt.

also this >>67845
I have no idea how to trigger this, is there an extra in the scene with sabrina?

Maybe the easteregg counts as her special scene? Or the side characters don't always have extras. I also got nothing on Selene or Serena.

Finally Misty's phone!

>>Anonymous  3apr2019(we)23:14  No.67878  Q  P27R24
What really is suppose to be the endgoal in the first scene? Her being awake and covering herself?
>>Anonymous  3apr2019(we)23:27  No.67880  Q  P28
Oh you can get some pickachu scene. Is that it then?
>>Anonymous  4apr2019(th)00:00  No.67882  R  P29R25
Guess Im just dumb. I've tried May's guide but to no awail.
>>Anonymous  4apr2019(th)00:59  No.67885  S  P30R26
I think this game must be glitching out because clicking on Hypno's pendulum doesn't work and clicking on Abra on the pikachu scene doesn't work either.
Or it could all be a really "funny" April Fools joke
>>Anonymous  4apr2019(th)01:29  No.67886  T  P31R27
Pretty sure when the last step of clicking on Abra is just the still when Leaf gets mad at Bulbasaur. The pikachu scene is the surprise itself.
>>Anonymous  4apr2019(th)01:43  No.67887  U  P32R28
How do you get to the scene in the bottom right of the thumbnail?
>>Anonymous  4apr2019(th)01:50  No.67888  T  P33R29
Click the dot of the i in "pokegirl" in the main menu
>>Anonymous  4apr2019(th)16:43  No.67893  F  P34R30

>the instructions given were for all of the girls, not just Leaf

Oh, I see! Thanks, mate.

>>Anonymous  4apr2019(th)20:44  No.67894  V  P35R31
I absolutely love you, Dinner.
I love this.
But I think you should split it into multiple .swfs which can each be posted on /f/. One for all female MCs, and a new one for the female gym leaders and other relevant characters of each region. Of course, the ultimate goal is great porn of each female gym leader and E4 member.
>>Anonymous  5apr2019(fr)00:50  No.67895  W  P36R32
So can you verify if Green has secret scenes or was that guy lying?
>>Anonymous  5apr2019(fr)01:48  No.67897  S  P37R33
lying cunt
>>Anonymous  5apr2019(fr)02:19  No.67898  X  P38R34
For anyone who is as dumb as me and can't zoom out: You can also press TAB until the hidden key is chosen and press SPACE.
>>Anonymous  5apr2019(fr)02:40  No.67899  I  P39R35
/f/ should double or triple the file size limit, 10 mb was too little 10 years ago and between the low amount of lurkers on /f/ and the CloudFlare caching it will have little impact on bandwidth.

not going to happen though because "people will just upload 30 mb videos". probably true however if that's really an issue (protip: who cares?) that could be solved by only allowing 10 mb uploads if the swf is detected to contain video. no way that much effort will be put into a flash board in current year so we're probably stuck with 10 mb until the end.

>>Anonymous  5apr2019(fr)04:22  No.67903  G  P40R36
You mischievous nigger, making me decompile the flash to check.
>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  5apr2019(fr)05:57  No.67905  OP  P41R37
lol dork
>>Anonymous  5apr2019(fr)16:41  No.67912  H  P42R38
It's beyond the bottom of the screen, like when you look for hidden sauce. Use the T/W option to make the flash towerlike.

What's this about a pikachu scene with Leaf?

We can be happy if they even let /f/ live. I'd not start spamming about filesize limits these days.


>>Anonymous  6apr2019(sa)11:57  No.67930  Y  P43R39
I come to you from 8chan with the following information: SWFs are enabled on most boards except /b/ because the fag in charge is worried about security exploits, the file size limit is 16MB which sadly means this one just barely won't fit on it, our /f/ is dead as shit aside from the Trials in Tainted Space thread for some bizarre reason, and even odder is the 4chan /f/ format doesn't let SWFs work on 8chan for reasons i've never seen explained and probably nobody bothers to investigate.
>>Anonymous  10apr2019(we)12:29  No.68008  Z  P44R40
You spouting utter nonsense, ive made the flash tower like, and there is still nothing.
>>Anonymous  10apr2019(we)12:29  No.68009  Z  P45
Youre spouting bullshit, theres nothing there
>>Anonymous  10apr2019(we)13:37  No.68010  AA  P46R41

>for some bizarre reason

You mean besides "Every channer is a closet furry in denial"?

>>Anonymous  10apr2019(we)21:56  No.68019  H  P47R42
Here's May and Dawn respectively for ABSOLUTE NEWFAGS:


>>Anonymous  10apr2019(we)23:55  No.68026  D  P48R43
Big thanks to Anon K for the music list, wouldn't have been able to find the names so quickly otherwise. It's probably gonna convert it to jpeg, if someone can tell me a good image uploader I'll put it there too.


>>Anonymous  11apr2019(th)00:05  No.68027  D  P49
oh fuck that's worse than i expected
uhh have these links and email me ( if they're gone
>>Anonymous  11apr2019(th)06:15  No.68040  AB  P50R44
don't forget to click the abra in the victory screen for Leaf
>>Anonymous  11apr2019(th)17:51  No.68048  AC  P51R45
>Click 2x Abra, Bulbasaur, 2x Abra, 4x Bulba, then Abra

Why so many clicks? To get to the Abra/Pikachu scene this can be done quicker, unless there's something else?

Also Leaf as 3 (slightly) different naked poses. =O

>>Anonymous  11apr2019(th)21:51  No.68050  D  P52R46
Updated the guide to not look like something a conspiracy theorist made. It now actually has internal consistency and borders to stop it from looking like a giant collage. This should be the final version, unless w.t. was really good at hiding something.

I wanted to show her naked along the way.

>>w7-890  12apr2019(fr)07:56  No.68060  AD  P53R47
hold on wait

>>68027 >>68050 aaand ARCHIVED

>>68019 did you forget to upload this pic

>>68027 why are both files same

>>68050 did you decompile this

>>the faggot strikes again  12apr2019(fr)08:05  No.68061  AD  P54
nice guide thx btw

nvm they use different hosts

archive links here

>>sorry  12apr2019(fr)08:07  No.68062  AD  P55
>>68061 (remove the b)
>>Anonymous  15apr2019(mo)19:48  No.68114  S  P56R48
What are you talking about, you liar??
You click abra on the victory screen and then procceed to the pikachu/abra screen. There is no leaf after that.
>>Anonymous  15apr2019(mo)23:25  No.68115  B  P57R49
have you tried opening your fucking brain
>the victory screen for Leaf
>>Anonymous  16apr2019(tu)19:51  No.68123  H  P58R50
>>68050, it's featured in there

Also ANYONE ever got any extra scenes in the new Hypno scene?
I could not find myself any for the love of god.

>>Anonymous  19apr2019(fr)14:49  No.68165  P  P59R51
Will there be more versions after this, or do you consider the project finished?
>>Anonymous  19apr2019(fr)16:55  No.68169  H  P60R52
As far as I'd love Dinner to keep on making pokegirls, his talents are just way too good to not make tons of other projects instead.
You'd not want him to get creatively burnt out.
>>Anonymous  19may2019(su)02:31  No.68777  AE  P61R53
Any way to keep up with what Dinner does other than check around here?
>>Anonymous  20may2019(mo)18:13  No.68826  AF  P62R54
What's up with the lily and moon sprites next to the smeargle
>>Anon  20may2019(mo)19:03  No.68827  R  P63R55
Indeed. I've searched the internet all over for on this dude. Can't find a Pixiv, Blog, Twitter etc. DinDin<3 If you can see this, do you have any socials or shit that one can follow your progress on?
>>Anonymous  20may2019(mo)23:06  No.68830  AG  P64R56
He has 2 weird games on "itch io" most of the proper fixed and uncensored updates happen on "h-flash com/author/wtdinner" the rest are either archived stuff on forums or treads under wtdinner or dindin. Don't understand why he likes to play hard to get when signing up to HF, FA, Twitter or newgrounds is so easy.
>>Anonymous  20may2019(mo)23:22  No.68831  H  P65R57
Maybe he's shy :3
>>Anonymous  27may2019(mo)20:36  No.68971  AH  P66R58
Hold up, fags! He has a Deviantart!
Kinda sad, since he can't post porn there
>>Anonymous  28may2019(tu)04:34  No.68976  AI  P67R59
Don't go messing with em,ya cunt.
>>Anonymous  28may2019(tu)07:49  No.68978  AJ  P68R60
maybe he wants to separate his normal art from his porn, so he doesn't scare away normal people from his art and tarnish a potential in art
>>Anonymous  28may2019(tu)11:27  No.68981  AG  P69R61
Zone-sama did porn and early safe for work flash animations they got a job working for the skullgirls project. Dindin could too maybe.
>>Anonymous  28may2019(tu)20:22  No.68987  I  P70R62
Why do people still use DeviantArt anyway?
+ The thumbs load inside the page as you scroll down (no pages so if you refresh you lose your place).
+ No filenames for quick CTRL+F in people's galleries.
+ No good site categories with newest-first sorting.
+ No way to find what you want without wading through auto-generated related stuff you've already seen (shit tag system).
+ Mixed IRL with drawn/3D porn. Who wants to be looking at delicious cartoons and suddenly see an IRL whalecow or some faggot who has gagged himself?
+ Absolutely nonsense censorship rules (no penis in vagina, no loli, I think there's even something about no implied non-consent).
+ You can't simply go to next/previous images when viewing someone's gallery (you'd think that's basic stuff for a gallery).
+ When landing on someone's gallery page you are first shown featured images, which often will be almost empty, so you need to click "all" (unnecessary extra clicks).
+ Super ULTRA bad search system in people's galleries, if someone uploads 3 images named "abc 1", "abc 2" and "abc 3" you might not find "abc 2" when searching for "abc" but you will find 1 and 3. Why??
+ Download links expire if you leave the tab open for too long.
+ Sometimes you can view someone's gallery by clicking "view gallery" in the right side bar, other times that link is not there for some reason. So then you need to click the user name and then enter the gallery. Why the inconsistency?
+ Not a grid in the gallery, one row will have 5 images, the next 3 images, then 4. Depends on image widths. Not a big deal but kinda odd and allows your eyes skip over images sometimes when scrolling down.
I don't get how the site can still be this crappy after so many years. Whoever runs DeviantArt mustn't be interested in using it himself. A competitor site should have taken over the way it's handled but I guess DA has reached critical mass so new artists just want to sign up on the biggest platform.
>>Anonymous  28may2019(tu)20:22  No.68988  I  P71
duplicate text removed
>>Anonymous  28may2019(tu)20:23  No.68989  I  P72
>wall of text doublepost
>>Anonymous  28may2019(tu)20:25  No.68991  I  P73
do people post swfs on 8chan or is it extremely rare?
>>???? ????  28may2019(tu)22:18  No.68994  AK  P74R63
I don't even think you can
>>Anonymous  28may2019(tu)22:38  No.69000  H  P75R64
Yes, you can (depends on board).
I've seen quite a lot of SWF game threads on /v/ as most pre-millenials have a lot of good memories about them, even if they never got into the flash community specifically.
>>Anonymous  28may2019(tu)22:48  No.69001  H  P76
Let me just quickly say this: no.
Zone was such a special case, there's so much going on with that.
No, smut art (especially depraved one) will most likely always get in the way of "real" artists (sadly).
To put it short: connections matter more than raw skill (which zone also had), like everywhere else in the world.

it's the basilica of strange fetishplay and furries, the name alone is carrying its legacy till the end of the internet
a relict of simpler times

>>Anonymous  30may2019(th)06:26  No.69056  I  P77R65
cool, if you come over one you've not seen before don't forget to share it with us over here. even if it aint porn
>>Anonymous  30may2019(th)21:51  No.69064  H  P78R66
I always do, fellow anon, especially since games are the topic I am most unfamiliar with (idk why, the names just didn't stick as with other flash memes, you just play the game and never think about it after, with some exceptions). To this day there are games in my memory that I couldn't find ever again.
Though I haven't yet seen something not in here in some form or another (also it's mostly not porn).
>>Anonymous  14aug2019(we)08:05  No.70589  AL  P79R67
So, when's the next update? This was posted in April and now we're in August and the last reply was in May, did op leave this website and started to post somewhere else or was op just inactive?
>>Anonymous  14aug2019(we)13:59  No.70595  AM  P80R68
This gets worse every time it gets updated.
>>Anonymous  14aug2019(we)22:35  No.70597  AN  P81R69
You dumb bastards bumped this so I thought a new one was out
>>Anonymous  15aug2019(th)02:02  No.70604  H  P82R70
haha, no

just look at the number of replies, 70 replies couldn't be really possible if this was just uploaded

>>Anonymous  15aug2019(th)22:29  No.70638  AO  P83
Compiled through the flash
>Nothing on Pikachu & Abra scene
>No special scenes on Sabrina scene
So yeah, nothing new here
PS 'professional artists' are Patreon e-beggars and waste of your time to rest of anons ITT. Not to mention half of them are thin skinned, libtard soyboys or landwhales See (PP34)
You'd have to be pretty retarded to pay for porn and 'exclusive look' on projects, which will be released and/or leaked anyway for pleasure of decompilers
Do it for free or don't do it at all.
I could name few artists that live with their parents, vote for bernie and moan about capitalism. Only went to college to end up in debt and mooch off his flock to fund his lifestyle.
In other words, fuck Patreon and anyone who is dumb enough to become a willing paypig for obnoxious cunts.
>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  16aug2019(fr)00:09  No.70639  AP  P84R71
Inactive. I'm kinda done with this project. I guess i can squeeze some new things into it if i can but don't expect much.
I don't have any socials. I post everything on 4chan, here or H-Flash. I would've started out on Newgrounds if i didn't grow up with 4chan instead.
>>Anonymous  16aug2019(fr)17:04  No.70651  B  P85R72
>>70638 btfo
>>Anonymous  16aug2019(fr)20:07  No.70655  AI  P86R73
Good thing this artist isn't a Patreon Massive beggar and is a cool dude,Right?
>>Anonymous  17aug2019(sa)04:11  No.70658  X  P87R74
Phone is 7652 to unlock, sorry if it's in here already, just found out
>>Anonymous  17aug2019(sa)15:51  No.70661  AO  P88
He's a lying nigger though
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