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>>Candace  31mar2019(su)15:31  No.67789  OP  P1
Brown edit

Brown edit

cadence_edit_nobtnnofold.swf (2.2 MiB)
800x700, Uncompressed. 1 frame, 63.53 fps (00:00).
Ver12, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  1apr2019(mo)05:38  No.67801  A  P2R1
Alternate for those that desire more melanin.
>>Anonymous  1apr2019(mo)19:11  No.67811  B  P3R2
this has just the right amount imo
>>Anonymous  2apr2019(tu)20:20  No.67830  C  P4R3
anal pls
>>Anonymous  3apr2019(we)00:26  No.67844  D  P5R4
fuck anal, we need bigger tits
>>w7-890  3apr2019(we)09:22  No.67854  E  P6R5
why not have both ?
>>w7-890  3apr2019(we)09:23  No.67855  E  P7
take this

incase thread 404s

>>Anonymous  7apr2019(su)12:39  No.67938  F  P8R6
Nice. My only gripe is that you removed the hands from her legs, but other than that it's great.
>>Anonymous  9apr2019(tu)22:55  No.67990  D  P9R7
i'll admit we should do both. i wonder if any anons are actually crazy enough to finish what minus8 started
>>Anonymous  14apr2019(su)05:34  No.68092  A  P10R8
Modifying the breasts leaves a seam where they join the body. It's not major, but it bugs me.
I can, however, increase the ass size with no real issue, shift the eyes from disinterest toward ahaego, make her smile, and increase the frequency of switching thrusts.

Getting anal or a cumshot would require basically making a new flash entirely if you want it to not look like garbage.


>>Anonymous  14apr2019(su)07:13  No.68097  G  P11R9
ahegao is disgusting, disinterest owns. if anything, shift more toward boredom
>>Anonymous  14apr2019(su)10:06  No.68100  A  P12R10
While I disagree with you, I can respect our differences enough for me to take a look into it.
Her standard eyes are as good as I could get it without having her look away entirely. I tried to see if there was a way I could make her not blink outside of special thrusts, but the eyelids are linked to the rest of the animation, and I couldn't nail down what I needed. Same goes for the mouth.
>>Anonymous  18apr2019(th)03:17  No.68145  H  P13R11
could a good soul give me the name of the song?
>>Anonymous  18apr2019(th)05:12  No.68147  I  P14R12
She has three buttcheeks. Good luck unseeing that.
>>Anonymous  19apr2019(fr)08:52  No.68162  A  P15R13
Crypt of the Necrodancer OST - Rhythmortis
There are seven different artists to choose from the main game, but I think this is the default.
>>Anonymous  22apr2019(mo)09:53  No.68256  A  P16
X-ray or no X-ray?
I also reduced the seam on the upsized breasts, so that's neat.


>>Anonymous  22apr2019(mo)20:43  No.68271  B  P17R14
yes, xray owns
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