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>>Anonymous  29mar2019(fr)23:54  No.67747  OP  P1
zero suit samus titfuck

Luv it

ZSTF.swf (1.07 MiB)
600x600, Compressed (Deflate). 3 frames, 25 fps (00:00).
Ver41, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  30mar2019(sa)01:26  No.67750  A  P2R1
Good god the lips are getting worse! She looks like a caricature you'd get on the boardwalk.
>>Anonymous  30mar2019(sa)01:30  No.67751  B  P3R2
nitpicking, it's a good flash! thanks OP!
>>Anonymous  30mar2019(sa)01:37  No.67752  A  P4R3
Nitpicking? There's only three goddamn objects on the screen, dick, tits, and a face, and the face looks horrible. I guess it's great if you've got a fetish for Garfield's girlfriend, the pink cat with huge lips.
>>Anonymous  30mar2019(sa)01:59  No.67753  OP  P5R4
The flash is good. Stop whinning like a bitch. hating peachypop is so 2017
>>Anonymous  30mar2019(sa)03:30  No.67754  C  P6R5
He's right, though. He didn't have to be so dramatic about it, sure, but the lips don't look great. Specifically in the "idle position"
>>Anonymous  30mar2019(sa)03:53  No.67755  D  P7R6
Fuck you OP. Could you or anyone else please change the filename next time they release a flash so it's easier to search for. Cause having to type in ZSTF or PBB to find a flash is annoying as fuck.
>>Anonymous  30mar2019(sa)05:25  No.67756  E  P8R7
The face is fucked.
>>Anonymous  30mar2019(sa)10:09  No.67758  F  P9R8
That tranny, not Samus.
>>Anonymous  30mar2019(sa)22:16  No.67767  G  P10R9
a b s o l u t e g a r b a g e
if it wasn't for OP's comment, I wouldn't have even recognized that this is supposed to be samus
>>Anonymous  30mar2019(sa)23:19  No.67770  B  P11R10
>>Anonymous  31mar2019(su)00:31  No.67772  H  P12R11
Tip your fucking fedora, faggot.
>>Anonymous  31mar2019(su)03:28  No.67776  I  P13R12
People pay for this?
>>Anonymous  31mar2019(su)07:02  No.67779  J  P14R13
The lips are weird and the flash is connected to someone who is known to have traced others artwork. Other than that though, the flash is decent.
>>Anonymous  31mar2019(su)09:36  No.67785  K  P15R14
Interesting, but not much here.
Artwork is okay, but not my cup of tea - it could have been better.
>>Anonymous  31mar2019(su)10:24  No.67786  L  P16R15
Where's Samus?
>>Anonymous  1apr2019(mo)01:33  No.67795  M  P17R16
What he said. The flash is fine but wtf this isn't Samus?
>>Anonymous  1apr2019(mo)04:57  No.67798  N  P18R17
look guys its the landwhale
>>oldgrandpa  1apr2019(mo)05:00  No.67800  O  P19R18
it's more like a samus with HEAVY SURGERY on it....
like many pornostar today.....called bimbo style lol

it's fine as flash... but please don't call her samus....

>>Anonymous  1apr2019(mo)08:20  No.67803  P  P20
>>Other than that though, the flash is decent.
SO other than the bad parts, the good parts are good?
>>Anonymous  2apr2019(tu)00:11  No.67814  Q  P21R19
The idle lips is a understanding problem I can see here but everything else is good.
>>Anonymous  2apr2019(tu)00:43  No.67815  R  P22R20
Why is this artist so rent free around here?
>>Anonymous  2apr2019(tu)01:23  No.67817  J  P23R21
>>Anonymous  3apr2019(we)00:10  No.67841  S  P24R22
Holy sweet Jesus this is bad.

First the retarded file name. It's that offensive that it needs to be brought up again. At the very least no one will ever be accidentally exposed to this while searching for anything, so maybe it's a blessing in disguise.

The only way anyone would be able to know if this was supposed to be Samus without being told would be if they're autistic enough to recognize the sounds.

Racoon eyes with weird black things sticking out of them and sci-fi hovereyebrows that don't seem to quite match the movements of anything.

Fucked up lips, as has been said by literally everyone who isn't The Whale.

The expressions NotSamus makes are enough to make you lose your hard-on, if the strange voice over and little grunting noises don't.

NotSamus apparently was born without fingernails. If she ever gets an itch under her poorly-drawn udders she'll be hard pressed to do much about it. Maybe Capt'n StubbyCock there can scratch it for her.

It's almost enough to make me want to search and see if whatever it was traced from is any better, but even if it is it's been forever tainted with Whalestain.

>>Anonymous  3apr2019(we)17:03  No.67865  B  P25R23
lol'd again
>>Anonymous  4apr2019(th)13:21  No.67892  T  P26R24
Swfchan gets stupider every day.
>>Anonymous  5apr2019(fr)02:41  No.67900  B  P27R25
please save us! post something smart!
>>Anonymous  9apr2019(tu)22:29  No.67989  U  P28R26
It's getting so much worse.
>>Anonymous  12apr2019(fr)11:48  No.68071  V  P29R27
I just want to see an interactive flash game where they look like Sarah Bryant SFM models. Or "Samus animated" on r34
>>Anonymous  12apr2019(fr)13:42  No.68072  A  P30R28
Get Honey Select (packed by Flashbangz) and get a Samus character card and you can do all sorts of things to her in glorious 3d. Way better than Samus Lipface here.
>>Anonymous  13apr2019(sa)13:20  No.68085  V  P31R29
I see a Final Repack 2.0 and a 3.0.
Which one do you suggest? I thought that was a modded Steam game by the way lol.
>>Anonymous  13apr2019(sa)18:39  No.68086  K  P32R30
If ZSTF.swf is excessively awful, then why do you people keep bumping it to the top? I can understand expressing your opinion initially, but I think the general consensus is understood now. Forget bad uploads, stop bumping them.
>>Anonymous  13apr2019(sa)23:07  No.68087  W  P33R31

shit should be shared so we know what to bash later on, teaching fellow anons whats shit and what isn't

>>Anonymous  22apr2019(mo)16:19  No.68262  X  P34R32
I've never seen anybody give somebody so much crap over nothing.
So he/she traced a couple things once. Big fucking deal. A lot of people do when they're starting out.
As far as the lips go, it's called style. You don't go to Aeolus and demand that he draw more realistically. That thing everybody in the comments is accusing this person of doing? These are all things cartoonists do. It's called cartooning, which is a hallmark of animation.
Now, go attack Bato the Cyborg or somebody over on drawn-hentai, famous-toons, or wherever the hell you choose, because they're much worse culprits of everything you've ever accused this particular artist of doing.
>>Anonymous  22apr2019(mo)17:53  No.68264  A  P35R33
"I've never seen anybody give somebody so much crap over nothing."

And yet you're the one who resurrected a thread that had gone dormant for nine days. At least when PP34 was tracing stuff the girls looked decent. Nobody tells Aeolus to stop drawing in a cartoony style because he can make it look good, same can't be said here.

>>Anonymous  22apr2019(mo)20:22  No.68268  G  P36R34
jeezus khrist
making excuses much?

none of that justifies making the character look absolutely not recognizable
idk the artists you are refering to and I don't care, post shit here, get judged by what's on here
the flash is just bad, I don't even want to bash it any more, but replies like that are just upping the bullshit
I don't care if every artist is a shitbag, it doesn't justify tracing lots and lots of artwork until you get caught, not even apologize properly, probably do it still, all the while raking in patreon money and not saying a word about it

I know hating PP34 is a meme here, but flashes like these really don't make me change my mind honestly
I don't like her style, I think her flashes are lackluster, it's not like I sponsor any other artist, but I can still distinguish between something that looks like crap and something that doesn't and if you are offended by that, you might as well pack your whiteknightism and gtfo

>>Anonymous  22apr2019(mo)23:42  No.68281  X  P37R35
Okay. Yeah, no. Fuck that and fuck you.
I don't know what Peachypop's gender is. I assume it's probably NOT female.
I don't care about Peachypop and I don't care about Peachypop's art. What I care about is the endless storm of shit I see this artist get with little justification from people who've never drawn a stick figure in their lives.
Maybe this person takes shortcuts where it isn't necessary. I don't know, and I don't care. They're never going to improve if you keep coming in with, "Look, the whale did something again! Let's insult it incessantly."
There are way worse flashes here, and they generally either get no comments, or they get blind praise. Meanwhile, every time I see this artist pop up in the feed, I see a shitstorm of people making personal attacks.
Y'all are acting like jackasses. I point out artists who are worse culprits every time this comes up, who continue to shamelessly steal artwork, and every time, I get booed for it. Those porn ads that pop up, that take people's animations or art, and add text like, "I bet you won't last 5 minutes!"? The entirety of the Famous Toons Facial library, which just takes clips from Zone and recolors them, then poorly cobbles everything together? (Meet n' Fuck does the same garbage thing).
Yet look at how few people are addressing actual issues, because you're too busy circlejerking each other, and using "justice" as an excuse to bully people (specifically, only this one artist).
Yeah, no. Fuck you.
>>Anonymous  24apr2019(we)17:46  No.68308  Y  P38R36
Why is this so fucking weird?
Did peachypop have a stroke?
>>Anonymous  25apr2019(th)06:33  No.68320  Z  P39R37
What did PeachyPop even 'trace'?
>>Anonymous  25apr2019(th)13:22  No.68322  A  P40R38
Probably any image if you google 'bad lip injections'
>>the faggot srikes back for the 7th time  26apr2019(fr)13:09  No.68340  AA  P41R39
embedfag reporting in

pls maan just embed the dammn thing


>>Anonymous  29apr2019(mo)01:01  No.68382  G  P42
Quite the wordy reply for someone who doesn't care.

You make it sound as if the whale even gets to see any of this here on this board. We don't impact her "progress" in any way whatsoever. Or are you falling even for the "PP34 LURKS IN THESE THREADS" meme?

>worse flashes that get praised
Hah, care for an example? Probably furry fetish shit, what can a man do if not reply "furries gtfo" for the 100th time.

You claim to be not a Whiteknight, yet you are undeservedly aggravated by my single comment.
Caring so much about something so trivial is what makes you a Whiteknight.
Lol, there are 10 replies saying it doesn't look anything like Samus. That's pretty on the spot criticism for a "Samus flash" (something that is supposed to ride the popularity bandwagon of someone else's IP).
Want to support those "better artists"? Go for it, post em here while you get the chance if you want comments again. Or rather not, they could be anything but blind praise, eh.
Want to demolish worse artists? Go for it, go to their whateverpage and tell people about their deeds.
But us, "circlejerking" about terrible flash animations on a furry hentai flash animation archive chanboard? Ohh yeah, better watch out. Our bad influence over the course of hentai flash animation history is sure to be had with meaningless arguments on here.
It's a nearly as powerful influence as people paying actual money who were being actively deceived.

Man, to put it into your words. We don't care. We don't care about PP34 or her progress. We don't care about you. We don't care me or about a comment bashing this or blindly praising that.

I mean like, how the fuck did you even force the word "gender" into any of this? It's like I wouldn't even have to read beyond your second sentence.
First you want to downplay the crime of stealing someone else's art for profit because MUH EVERYONE IS DOING IT and then this shit. Yikes.

>>Anonymous  7may2019(tu)23:22  No.68600  AB  P43R40
fucking retards still defending this whale cunt? Seriously?
>>Anonymous  8may2019(we)22:51  No.68610  AC  P44R41
ignore these pedantic dipshits and their little meme going on here, they tell you that this is absolute garbo but you can bet more than half of them jerk off to this shit either way lol
fucking nigger edits don't get this much hate from these cucks
>>Anonymous  9may2019(th)00:59  No.68613  X  P45R42
People are confused, I think.
I wasn't defending Peachypop. I'm just criticizing how shitty people are when they think somebody's done something wrong and they have the moral high ground. Peachypop shamelessly traced awhile back, then apologized for it. That's not cool.
But neither is calling somebody a whale and endlessly shitting on them for an arbitrary vendetta the Internet decided was justified years ago. I don't care who you are or who you're talking about. (I say "arbitrary" because nobody leads campaigns against anybody else whose tracing is common knowledge - if anything, you're latching onto her because she's supposedly a female R34 artist).
Also, race edits are fine. It's porn. It's fantasy. As long as you're not using the stuff to attack people, and it doesn't affect how you treat people around you, you're good.
People get so fucking angry over porn. Maybe stop.
Also, definitely not replying to this thread again. I know I'll get throatpunched for my "white knight" comments, and I probably didn't accomplish anything, but it still had to be said.
Art is hard, especially if you're bad at it. Don't draw more attention to the "bad" artists or make their lives harder by supporting them with your outrage. If you leave them alone and don't respond when they post something bad, they'll get better.
>>Anonymous  9may2019(th)07:47  No.68617  A  P46R43
I think people would be more willing to forgive her (i.e. forget) if her stuff didn't continue to be so low quality. Can we let this flash die now? People keep dredging it up a week after it's gone dormant.
>>Anonymous  9may2019(th)08:24  No.68618  AD  P47
Peachypop blobfish and white knights appear, PP34 has zero talent. She was driven out of DA, HF and fucking FA for a reason
Kill yourself landwhale
"Rational" shill
Retarded shill who doesn't know what 'living in your head rent free means'
>>Anonymous  9may2019(th)08:28  No.68619  AD  P48R44
>I-I-I wasn't defending, honest!
>Muh optics
>Muh Morals
>It's all in the past guys
The landwhale is using same fucking templates and churns out same fucking shit art and beta cuckolds like you pay for it
Neck yourself, you pussy
>>Anonymous  9may2019(th)14:04  No.68627  AC  P49R45
You can get access to all of her content for 1 measly dollar lol what are you broke
>>Anonymous  9may2019(th)18:57  No.68633  G  P50R46
Funny how nobody used the word whale until >>67798
but nearly everyone thought the art was just bad.
I'm aware of the meme, which is kinda unfortunate for PP34, it's not like I personally participate in it, but it's not even undeserved and so what? Let stupid niggers spout their memes. That much damage control won't do anything about it, but make it worse. PP34's art is just not very good, not for everyone, so just accept those comments. If you think otherwise, then post your positive criticism, but attacking others because LOL THEYRE FAPPING TO THIS ANYWAY I'M FEELING IT isn't helpful to anyone. PP34 will never see that you're protecting her on this forum, but you are directly seeding discord right here, and make a fool out of yourself in the process. Just let it be. Don't you know better to not feed the trolls?

Also, I still don't know if you understood what I said, when I said "PP34 DOESN'T READ THESE THREADS. NOT THE PRAISE, NOT THE CRITICISM, NOTHING."
It's only about spouting your nonsensical opinions onto each other here in this community.
You don't protect anyone by wanting to cut the "hate".

>>sockpuppet No 1  12may2019(su)08:43  No.68692  AE  P51R47
what if everyone here was pp34

this post was not made by a linux furfag

>>fuck i forgot to sage  12may2019(su)08:48  No.68693  AE  P52
>>Anonymous  12may2019(su)16:32  No.68697  AD  P53
Yet she was in the past and her orbiting beta moon crash here like massive meteors of pure fat. People like you.
>>Anonymous  12may2019(su)22:18  No.68700  AF  P54
I don't see why anyone would care. It's not like they're making Sakimichan amounts of money off their "art", so their impact on the scene is pretty small. When I see that logo on the preview I just don't watch it because I know it's probably going to be shit and a waste of time.
>>Anonymous  19may2019(su)17:23  No.68795  G  P55R48
lol, if you thought my comment was defending the whale, I was just retorting the whiteknights arguments
please read comments thorougly before jumping to conclusions thank you

can they please shut thyne fuck up, kthxbai
guess who cares about being ripped off? the people who were ripped of, I wonder if they cared

>>Anonymous  19may2019(su)23:12  No.68800  A  P56R49
Like fucking clockwork, a week after the thread has gone dormant somebody has to wake it up. Just let this abomination die.
>>Anonymous  20may2019(mo)00:43  No.68812  G  P57R50
dudebrah, sorry if my autistic need to work on weekdays makes me unable to reply 24/7 and has rubbed your feelies the wrong way
>>Anonymous  21may2019(tu)09:23  No.68844  I  P58R51
Wow this animation sucks
>>Anonymous  8jul2019(mo)14:15  No.69867  AG  P59R52
those lips are terrible

who drew this blasphemy of Samus.. oh wait...

it's that landwhale of an "artist" again

>>Anonymous  22jul2019(mo)07:26  No.70177  AH  P60R53
probably just a case of leeches getting offended for people who are milked
>>Anonymous  24jul2019(we)11:47  No.70232  AI  P61R54
Do when does the whale finally quit? Permanently?
>>Anonymous  28jul2019(su)09:54  No.70316  V  P62R55
Getting better. Shantae titfuck is decent.
>>Anonymous  29jul2019(mo)19:08  No.70340  AI  P63R56
Get FR3.5, there's a torrent that's still up.
>>Anonymous  30jul2019(tu)05:22  No.70345  V  P64R57
Got lucky and found the FR 3.5 before the MEGA links expired.
Glorious game. Thank you anon.
I don't think live action tattoo thot porn will do it for me anymore lol. Not when we have these nice things :)
>>Anonymous  6aug2019(tu)12:25  No.70487  AI  P65R58
Welcome to the brotherhood, disciple... Koikatsu and AA2 are but seconds away. Custom Order Maid 3D 2 calls out to you. 3D faggotry is about to ensue!
>>Anonymous  6aug2019(tu)13:20  No.70488  V  P66R59
I accidentally downloaded a Koikatsu card for HS :)
Could you name what AA2 is?
I assume you know of the Illusion card site?
Custom Maid looks alright, but I'm more interested in games like HS.
What do you expect of Subverse after all the goofballs crowdfunded Early Access?
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