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>>Anonymous  19mar2019(tu)04:58  No.67461  OP  P1
Mizuki Challenge - Jyubei

Latest Mizuki animation from Jyubei

Mizuki Challenge.swf (32.86 MiB)
1280x730, Uncompressed. 2845 frames, 12 fps (03:57).
Ver9, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  19mar2019(tu)07:40  No.67468  A  P2R1
oh man this concept is great! it's so long and well-made too
>>Anonymous  19mar2019(tu)07:43  No.67469  A  P3
only a little unclear about where to click sometimes but that's not too bad. though seems like i accidentally skipped a few scenes in the end because i apparently found the "end" hotspot.
>>Anonymous  21mar2019(th)23:51  No.67563  B  P4R2
FINALLY THIS GETS RELEASED. for those who dont know this animation was released in FUCKING 2017 and i have been waiting since then for someone to upload this. thank you OP you are awesome
>>Anonymous  23mar2019(sa)07:30  No.67588  C  P5R3
jyubei's works are great! never seen this one before so thanks for the post op. pro tip if u guys press tab u can see where to move ur mouse
>>Anonymous  23mar2019(sa)09:25  No.67589  D  P6R4
Decompiled this but can't seem to find the censor shape in the flash. Dammit japan and your weird censorship laws.
>>Anonymous  23mar2019(sa)17:31  No.67593  A  P7R5
Is it just me or have their fucked up censorship laws gotten worse lately? Some hentai comics have a million black bars all over the dick, it's very distracting. I don't know how they are able to stay in business, who would pay for that shit?

Anyone even know what their law actually says because the level of censorship is so different between each publisher? Some use like a single small black square on the clit and that's enough. Other's use "pixly shapes" as the dick (looks pretty good). And then there's the worst kind that uses a million black bars all over the dick (and over the clit and over the sides of the pussy).

>>Anonymous  23mar2019(sa)20:12  No.67602  E  P8R6
It's formulated as milquetoast as it could be. It's not even about sexual censorship specifically, but "public indecency".
There's probably a million company codes about what works and whatnot and still no guarantee.
I'm a fan of the millimeter black bar that censors just the tip of the penis, where the hole is, or just the clit itself, because that's where the real action is supposed to be amirite? Everything around that is just "the woman" or "a glob of flesh".
>>Anonymous  24mar2019(su)03:28  No.67605  A  P9R7
If what you say is true they are failing hard on because a 8 year old girl being fucked in all holes at the same time does not become not-indecent by any number of black bars.

If companies truly can freely choose I don't know why any artist would choose a publisher that has retard tier censorship, that company shouldn't have enough money to bribe the artist because Japs shouldn't buy stuff from that company.

Or maybe Japanese men simply get off on censorship and that's why the retard-tier companies actually have money?

>>Anonymous  24mar2019(su)18:20  No.67626  F  P10R8
does anybody know the source of the music that starts playing when the first guy starts fucking her?
>>Anonymous  25mar2019(mo)21:51  No.67645  E  P11R9
It's more complicated than that.
You described the double standard with almost all porn in 1st world countries pretty well, but to them it is just a formality. Nobody actually thinks porn is something you shouldn't consume AT ALL anymore. And obviously loli porn would have to adhere to the same principles as normal vanilla porn. Actually japanese people are pretty open minded when it comes to "grotesque" content such as sexualized lolis, even as far as you seeing them piled up at the entrance of manga stores, because japs understand abstraction, a.k.a. they understand that fapping to loli porn is harmless and better than people going around actually groping teenagers on trains.

It's not that companies can freely choose, it's just nobody knows exactly how to prevent publications from being taken down, until it is too late already.
So, obviously some try a more risqué approach, especially if that company has already a position of marketshare power and money.
With that said, obviously artists can't always choose which publisher they get and have to settle with your average political correctness medium size publisher.
As far as boycotting the market goes, yeah that's not gonna happen. It would literally take the entire japanese population not buying manga of any sort anymore to have a serious enough impact and to the japanese these laws are just normal, or some formality that "can't be helped". Japanese mentality is focuses a lot on social peace and the idea of "getting a lawyer to enforce your rights" is still, to this day, a kinda unthinkable thing to do. If the government says something, then "it can't be helped". Better just enjoy your porn with black bars, that you stop to see after the 1000th time, than making a ruckus.

Indecency law is just a relict of times past, but at the same time there are so many conducts reliant on it it's hard to change nowadays and no legislator wants to be remembered as "that guy who made porn available again".

>>Anonymous  31mar2019(su)01:22  No.67774  G  P12R10
I uploaded this. Had to get around DL Sites shiity DRM to do this, but it was easy. Bought the game, used a decompiler to scrape the game from memory while it was running. Gonna look into other games/animations Jyubei has made, especially older stuff that hasnt been uploaded. Also I attempted to remove the blurs, but I know Jack shit about how any of this works.
>>Anonymous  3jun2019(mo)06:54  No.69170  H  P13R11
You are a fucking god anon, i been waiting years for this and his future works, please keep sharing!
>>Anonymous  3jun2019(mo)08:42  No.69176  A  P14R12
maybe i should run for office in japan, the only promise being i'd remove all censorship laws. as long as people can vote anonymously or at least discreetly i'll have a landslide victory.
>>Anonymous  3jun2019(mo)08:45  No.69177  A  P15
that sounds very cool and 1337, what kind or DRM do they have anyway? is the swf scrambled inside an exe file?
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