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>>Anonymous  2mar2019(sa)23:13  No.67095  OP  P1
I was just waiting for March before spending the dollar.

Creambee SSB v1.0.swf (3.02 MiB)
1470x925, Compressed (Deflate). 6 frames, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  2mar2019(sa)23:45  No.67097  A  P2R1
Thanks for biting the bullet, man.
>>Anonymous  3mar2019(su)00:32  No.67098  B  P3R2
So no insertion in the final version either?
>>Anonymous  3mar2019(su)01:01  No.67102  C  P4R3
For real?

No penetration in the 1.0???

Fucking A, man.

>>oldgrandpa  3mar2019(su)02:56  No.67110  D  P5R4
lol read the ? inside...
he completed the main asset to start working on more serious stuff....
so just a bit more patience and we can fuck her at 2.0 lol!!!
>>Anonymous  3mar2019(su)06:46  No.67114  E  P6R5
God's work OP, we appreciate your sacrifice.
>>Anonymous  3mar2019(su)08:17  No.67118  F  P7R6
What's changed from 0.9?
>>Anonymous  3mar2019(su)08:37  No.67119  G  P8R7
And the camera controls are still inverted...
>>Anonymous  3mar2019(su)08:55  No.67120  H  P9R8
Still laggy as fuck, still no penetration, argh.

I appreciate your dedication. Glad I'm not the only one who's thrown a dollar at this guy for the greater good.

>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  3mar2019(su)11:42  No.67123  I  P10R9

you deserve to be rewarded m8

checking the flash plz w8 also will put YP link in an hour

>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  3mar2019(su)12:21  No.67124  I  P11
no prob me too
too bad someone hast imported yet
>>Anonymous  3mar2019(su)13:29  No.67125  A  P12R10
I think there was supposed to be some optimization on hand movements and lotion.
You can also click the green fruit, but it does nothing that I've found.

That's it, I think.

>>Anonymous  4mar2019(mo)09:19  No.67148  F  P13R11
That's pretty weak. I know he said it was fun to add new animation updates and requests, but this is bare bones. It should have had one animation for v1.0 at the very least.
>>Anonymous  5mar2019(tu)05:39  No.67167  J  P14R12
>Be game animator
>Make ~$40/hr + overtime and benefits
>Given 2 months to do twenty seconds of animation with a team of 10 people, costs $100k/month
>Game comes out every three years
>Shitty industry, no comments section

>Be Patreon porn game maker
>Make $25/hr, releases content every 2 months and do everything yourself
>No dick in pussy animation

>>Anonymous  5mar2019(tu)07:17  No.67168  F  P15R13
This is a thread about a flash game, not game animators. Go to /v/ if you want to talk about the video game industry.
>>Anonymous  6mar2019(we)18:17  No.67195  K  P16R14
Go back to work Creambee, you lazy gay cunt.
>>Anonymous  7mar2019(th)05:25  No.67201  L  P17R15

Work at home
Make your own hours
Avoid taxes
Have fun creating boobs
Exploit Patrecucks for profit
Drop popular project to work on more CP instead
No deadlines whatsoever
No worthless MeToo women in office
No obnoxious shareholders or CEOs
Gets to work alone without other people in the way
Software for creating content is freeware online
Complaining about $25 an hour while owning a $800 smartphone that was made in China for 25 cents by child laborers who do not have climate control at work or home.

Who the F pays for porn anyways? That's the purpose of this site.

>>Anonymous  8mar2019(fr)04:23  No.67221  M  P18R16
is princess pipe trapped finished at v3.1?
>>Anonymous  18mar2019(mo)18:21  No.67446  N  P19R17
if by "finished" you mean it won't get any new updates then yes
>>Anonymous  18mar2019(mo)21:03  No.67450  OP  P20R18
He didn't necessarily say they were done with it for good, but they are done with it for an indefinite period of time.
>>Anonymous  19mar2019(tu)22:54  No.67487  O  P21R19
inb4 make a statement saying nintendump wanted them to stop putting penises in their princesses...

that would be something, wouldn't it?

>>Anonymous  20mar2019(we)11:25  No.67503  L  P22R20

Didn't they sue that Soulja rapper guy for trying to market his own NES products?
So where does something like Princess Pipe Trapped land? One of these days some big corp will sue Paytreon I suspect.

I also saw a meme of a NES founder wiping his sweaty brow with a hanky while looking at an image of Bowsette. I wish I could still find it.

>>Anonymous  20mar2019(we)11:29  No.67504  L  P23
Correction I meant to address you. Not 67450

You know those old JP NES founders love this futa stuff lol :D

>>Anonymous  5apr2019(fr)01:16  No.67896  A  P24R21
There's a new version out with 1.1, and I think there's also a performance fix out there for 1.0, maybe 1.1, too.
I don't suppose some anon threw a buck at CB yet?
>>Anonymous  9apr2019(tu)22:58  No.67991  O  P25R22
bumping for this post alone,'s slacking on it so i keep checking here for it
>>Anonymous  10apr2019(we)00:49  No.67995  C  P26R23

1.1 does not exist yet or it would be here.

>>Anonymous  12apr2019(fr)05:34  No.68058  A  P27R24
Huh. It was on the Patreon a little while ago. Maybe it was busted so it was removed.
Or I had a very specific dream and also I suck dicks at knowing fantasy from reality.
>>Anonymous  12apr2019(fr)17:13  No.68073  P  P28R25
Doesn't exactly work like that. Not at all.
>>w7-890  12apr2019(fr)17:44  No.68074  Q  P29R26
hey agent P why is your ID missing atreon
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