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>>Anonymous  28feb2019(th)06:50  No.67016  OP  P1
Nosoul complete set

Sorry for the flood.
But nowhere to be found in the internet other than a 10 years old upload( 9.rar), so better archive it here.

Besides the swfs have better quality than the gifs and a few don't even have a gif version.

Untitled-060.swf (1.98 MiB)
550x400, Compressed (Deflate). 364 frames, 12 fps (00:30).
Ver10, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  28feb2019(th)13:15  No.67022  A  P2R1
thx m8 also why are the other ones missing and where did you find this
also is there a way to keep all of this in one thread
>>Anonymous  28feb2019(th)18:51  No.67028  B  P3
fuck off
fuck off
>>Anonymous  28feb2019(th)23:11  No.67035  C  P4R2
good uploads OP, it's OK to flood because threads on swfchan don't 404 from other threads. everything is time based so you don't push any other flashes off the board.

i just wished you had renamed the files to for example "Nosoul 60.swf". because in a year these will be buried deep within the swfchan archive and nobody will be able to find them because if you're searching for an artist named "nosoul" you wouldn't try to find flashes named "untitled".

>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  1mar2019(fr)13:19  No.67055  D  P5R3
no u
>>Anonymous  2mar2019(sa)16:44  No.67083  E  P6R4
well, you could still search for keywords in threads, and the word nosoul has been typed quite a lot by now

also: quality animation OP!

>>Anonymous  3mar2019(su)00:34  No.67099  F  P7R5

Searching Untitled by ID# also works since they all were posted in sequence.

>>Anonymous  13mar2019(we)04:16  No.67314  G  P8R6
what the fuck, trying to look at these screenshots is like trying to understand a Van Gogh piece, like what is the penis and what is the... everything else
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