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>>uncledaddio6  27feb2019(we)01:20  No.66929  OP  P1
how do you beat this heiwachan game?

dont know how to do anything anyone able to figure it out?

simarin01_final.swf (1 MiB)
842x595, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver41, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>uncledaddio6  27feb2019(we)01:23  No.66930  OP  P2
nvm found a guide online

"For the second part there's a phone on the bottom left, you click on different "tools" and you have to level them up by doing certain things to unlock the next one. 1)Click and hold while moving around on the 3 colored squares until they disappear, then the desk and then her book/clothes (move the camera with arrow keys to get the shoes). 2)Grope her breasts 3)This one you have to activate manually 3 times to insert vibrators and then finally click on the left arrow on the phone to turn them on 4)Grope the breasts again for level 1, click both knees then move the right one as far to right as possible for level 2, click her clit a bunch for level 3 and finally you can finger her pussy to get her to cum."

>>Anonymous  27feb2019(we)06:56  No.66934  A  P3R1
Where on his site did you find this game? I see the picture for it on there but that seems to link to a sleeping game.
>>Anonymous  27feb2019(we)07:49  No.66936  B  P4R2
This is the bonus for the sleeping one, you unlock it by moving the bag after cumming.
>>Anonymous  27feb2019(we)08:28  No.66937  A  P5R3
After you move the bag, what do you do?
>>Anonymous  27feb2019(we)16:34  No.66938  B  P6R4
Once you move it all the way there's a piece of paper with an arrow, click it and it will fly offscreen so you zoom out with x and click on where the arrow points.
>>Anonymous  27feb2019(we)23:31  No.66942  C  P7R5
can't move her knees whatsoever...
>>Anonymous  28feb2019(th)01:34  No.66944  B  P8R6
You click both knees and then drag one of them outwards, like drag the right knee out to the right on a straight line. Also make sure you've done all the previous steps.
>>Anonymous  2mar2019(sa)17:06  No.67089  C  P9R7
Hah, now it worked instantly, ty. Don't know what went wrong last time. Maybe I broke the flash when scaling, etc. Better to use the build in camera options.
>>Anonymous  24mar2019(su)17:59  No.67625  D  P10R8
It's all Moonspeak. >:(
>>Anonymous  25mar2019(mo)13:52  No.67635  E  P11R9
link for the game?
>>Anonymous  25mar2019(mo)21:02  No.67642  F  P12R10
what the fuck are you supposed to do here
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