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>>Anonymous  23feb2019(sa)09:23  No.66843  OP  P1
found this on a translated version would be cool
heres a guide posted in the comments
1 The point of the game is to understand which ass cheek to rub and at which speed. The bar on the left is the phase you're in, once a place and direction is chosen at random it will not change until the next phase
2 Rubbing the right spot gives you points, once you have enough points a powerup is bought which lets you rub her vagina. The amount of points needed depends on the difficulty, chosen on the screen after the initial dialog
3 p-ups. %s multiply points gained and lost. droplets increase base reward. speedup/down change phase speed. arrows left/right restart a phase with same rub point or skip to a new phase. red circle prevents you from losing points when making mistakes
4 bluecircle takes points away even when doing the right thing. bomb with 4 chars clears stored p-ups. bomb with 2 chars clears active p-ups. If a p-up has a lock it cannot be used and will activate once red bar is full, but can still be cleared with bomb
5 eye makes her say what she wants. First char from top is the side. If it has a box it is right, otherwise left. 3rd char is the direction. Has a box with a cross inside horizontal else vertical. Rarely a third combination means round movements
6 if phrase ends with a "4" means slow. Ends with a < means fast. Else circular any speed. P-ups that you don't have room for will subtract 500 points so keep spammin or exploding them.Topmost button in difficulty select is training mode. Have fun

kaguya ass.swf (14.91 MiB)
600x750, Uncompressed. 1 frame, 60 fps (00:00).
Ver11, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  23feb2019(sa)21:20  No.66848  A  P2R1
even with that guide i cant understand what the fuck to make of this game...
>>Anonymous  24feb2019(su)01:37  No.66849  B  P3R2
Okay so I delved like 20 minutes into this and discovered a "slightly clearer" explanation of how to play.

Rub the correct cheek in the correct way to get points.
The left bar shows how much time is left til the rubbing motion/cheek is reset.
Right bar is her pleasure.

Use powerups frequently. Any non-locked powerups that expire will cost you points.

Powerups are as follows:
+ 50%-300%s Are multipliers on how many points you gain/lose.
+ Speed Up/Speed Down changes the speed on the left bar
+ The Back arrow resets the timer for the current pattern
+ Forward Arrow changes to the next pattern (useful when you get a blue circle)
+ Red Circle basically means rub anywhere for points while the bar is red.
+ Blue Circle means if you rub anywhere while the bar is blue, you lose points
+ Eye is basically moonrune hints
I did what I could to translate
1st char is the which side she wants
左 = Left
右 = Right
3rd char is the rubbing direction
速 = Side-to-Side
anything else is safe to say Up and down
Rarely, there'll be a circular motion one.

Last character Determines speed she wants
If it ends in "く" that means fast, anything else would mean slow.

Once you reach the points you need to be at, you'll get a pink character powerup that means you can play with her pussy and try to get her to climax(fill bar on the right) as long as the bar on the left remains pink. This powerup only appears when you get above the point threshold of the difficulty.

That's about as much effort as I'm gonna put into explaining it.
Good Luck.

>>Anonymous  24feb2019(su)01:39  No.66850  B  P4
I forgot to mention
+ Drops increase base reward for rubbing correctly
>>Anonymous  24feb2019(su)19:09  No.66869  C  P5R3
I dunno why the japanese feel the need to create these kinds of hard effort for tiny reward style games. They creator must think their fap material is all that if you have to work this hard.
>>Anonymous  24feb2019(su)19:18  No.66870  D  P6R4
The journey is the prize, dumb american.
It's not the finish line, it's the journey in itself that is fulfilling.
>>Anonymous  24feb2019(su)19:38  No.66872  E  P7R5
>>Anonymous  24feb2019(su)23:06  No.66879  F  P8R6
this, i'd even go one step further and say i don't get the appeal of any gameplay for porn. when i wanna jerk off i just want to put my hand on my dick and go, don't wanna put in 10 min of effort first.
regardless, nice find op. i appreciate the art (even if it's not vectors :p)
>>Anonymous  25feb2019(mo)00:57  No.66883  G  P9R7
It's not like you have to fap to the flash itself.
If you're not 12 anymore and find it hard to get aroused as the years go on, you use that shit to get in the mood and build up meter and afterwards you can still fap to some bitch ass hentai or whatever.
>>Anonymous  25feb2019(mo)18:41  No.66896  C  P10R8
Bold of you to assume I'm even from america. I'm from Singapore ya fuck nugget.
>>Anonymous  26feb2019(tu)01:14  No.66905  H  P11R9
Being lazy is associated with being American. Not that bold of an assumption.
>>Anonymous  1mar2019(fr)03:57  No.67046  OP  P12R10
so i actually beat it but honestly its not worth it. the games p fun but theres no reward if u beat the 3k mode idk about the other modes but really wish there was like a gallery unlock at least
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