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>>Creambee sunshine gal  17feb2019(su)22:43  No.66670  OP  P1
creambee sunshine girl

Creambee back

Creambee SSB v0.9.swf (3.57 MiB)
1470x925, Compressed (Deflate). 6 frames, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  18feb2019(mo)00:13  No.66671  A  P2R1
>>Anonymous  18feb2019(mo)01:15  No.66675  B  P3R2
very cool!
>>Anonymous  18feb2019(mo)06:13  No.66682  C  P4R3
Am I fucking retarded? Can you not fuck this bitch in this version?
>>Anonymous  18feb2019(mo)07:10  No.66684  D  P5R4
lag city
>>Nanonymous  18feb2019(mo)07:47  No.66685  E  P6R5
read the credits page, that's a negative. the animations don't exist yet
>>Anonymous  18feb2019(mo)09:10  No.66686  F  P7R6
I've managed to fondle her teats, rub her clit, finger her to orgasm (at which point she spreads eagle), and stroke myself to ejaculation.

Much of the buttons are still a mystery, which shouldn't be surprising since this appears to be v0.9 rather than v1.0 at this time. It does give the man two different positions over her to stroke it: the Poké Ball to jerk in front of her pussy, and the Torso to jerk over her stomach.

While I can elevate the excitement meters to orgasm, the controls aren't very fluid, it takes a while to do, and there doesn't appear to be an auto-masturbate function.

My conclusion is this a pretty good flash, albeit incomplete, and I hope to enjoy the completed version soon.

>>Anonymous  18feb2019(mo)09:35  No.66687  F  P8
Follow-up comment to my previous one:
The Help (?) icon is well laid out.

It appears you can fondle her nipples separately from her breasts, you can stick your fingers where the sun doesn't shine, and if you stroke yourself over her (the Torso icon), she'll swallow some of your load that lands on her tongue. You can also adjust her legs from her knees, though I think it's more fun when she spreads them in orgasm.

I've also managed to rub lotion on her body. To do so, click the Jar icon, and then put your hands on her arms/legs/stomach/breasts, anywhere it will let you click; the now visible Lotion icon will slowly deplete. To go from lotioning one part of her body to another, you have to let go of the mouse button, reposition, and then click.

I really like her expressions, and moaning. They work really well with building the excitement meter, and ejaculating on her (especially when she opens her mouth, as previously mentioned).

Updates I'd like to see:
+ Varying breast size
+ Vaginal intercourse (with and without creampie)
+ Oral sex
+ Tentacle sex
+ The visual scrolling is backwards; arrows should scroll intuitively
+ Automatic functions
+ Coat her in oil/sweat/none
+ Option to zoom out so less scrolling needed.

>>Anonymous  18feb2019(mo)10:24  No.66688  G  P9R7
how do you bluetext
>>Anonymous  18feb2019(mo)18:07  No.66698  F  P10R8
+ I didn't change the color.
Something about using + as bullet points. I'm sure there's a reason for the color change, but I'm as surprised as you are.
>>Anonymous  19feb2019(tu)03:47  No.66709  H  P11R9

I agree with these suggestions. Especially on the arrows. I typically use inverted controls by default but I feel they don't work here.

For varying breast sizes, I vote for flat as a pancake. Boobs should not get in the way of the proper application of sunscreen.

>>Anonymous  19feb2019(tu)04:06  No.66711  I  P12R10
de fukin' when?
>>Anonymous  19feb2019(tu)11:44  No.66731  J  P13R11
>>Anonymous  21feb2019(th)10:09  No.66790  K  P14R12
Lagging like cray cray.
>>Anonymous  22feb2019(fr)03:58  No.66814  L  P15R13
No love for anal?
>>Anonymous  22feb2019(fr)05:48  No.66817  M  P16R14
No idea what Pokemon has to do with this game.
But this could turn out to be a good game. First thing I do is get rid of the stupid hat.
With some camera angles and fully interactive commands this could possibly compare to the Kasumi Rebirth Flash.
Mostly because that is one thicc woman instead of the typical little girl seen in these games.
More thiccness like this please. The SFX are really good as well. Spanking and optional backside ass view please. Just add in many of the features Kasumi Rebirth has and this could be one of the best SWF games ever. The moaning SFX are already on point.
Excited Creambee is drawing adult goddesses now, instead of something such as his Pokemon trainer game with little stick girls.
>>Anonymous  22feb2019(fr)09:15  No.66822  N  P17R15
The character used here is the female avatar from Pokemon GO, that's why there's a Pokemon theme and why she has her hat (which you can already take off).

And Creambee actually defaults to these types of proportions, using other body types only for commissions or when they're trying to emulate the actual body type of the character, so being excited that Creambee's drawing adult goddesses "now" is a bit weird since it's something that's been done pretty consistently from the start.

>>Anonymous  22feb2019(fr)15:48  No.66829  O  P18R16
You hid under a rock your whole life or wut? pokemon go is 2 years old please recognize the female avatar omg
>>Anonymous  22feb2019(fr)16:24  No.66831  P  P19R17


>>Anonymous  22feb2019(fr)19:11  No.66836  J  P20R18
>>Anonymous  23feb2019(sa)05:25  No.66839  M  P21R19
Sorry I don't waste my money on shite pay to play mobile games.
I play real games on PC instead. My first exposure to Pokemon was the first N64 Smash Bros.
I don't even waste money on a smartphone, again I have a desktop so what would I need an overpriced yet abysmal quality phone device for?
One of my young relatives was playing Poke Go for awhile and he never shut up about - grandpa buy me more coins!
It's a $5 quality game tops. Not $5 a minute lol.

That being said, I have no idea they actually added a real woman to Pokemon. The only other one I know of is Jessie I think? She's in some Meet n Fuck game.
What is this character's name then? Because she thicc, not a little stick.
Also this far better than Creambee's Pokemon Moon Trainer game with the the little stick girls. That's what I was thinking of.
Resume the upset Pokemon fan trolling now -
I like Metalocalypse for cartoons, not Pokemon.

>>Anonymous  23feb2019(sa)06:05  No.66840  Q  P22R20
This is what passes for trolling these days?
>>Anonymous  24feb2019(su)03:25  No.66852  D  P23R21
>I have no idea they actually added a real woman to Pokemon
Dude, have you seen the sexy shit they made in the past 20 years!
Theres so many mature women in pokemon like ash's mom, Sabrina, Agatha, the team aqua admin, Cynthia, Elesa,Lenora, other gen moms, Lusamine, etc.
>>Anonymous  24feb2019(su)09:07  No.66854  M  P24R22
Who is this specific character then? Because she is spot on. Perfect thiccness.
Does she really look like this in the kid's cartoon? :D
I'll take a look.
Ash's mom - average woman.
Sabrina - A little better, more adult face please.
Agatha - Too adult. Gilf fetish or something? IDK?
Team Auqa - Shelly I assume? Getting better here. She's about 16-20 years old? Yesh
Cynthia - Yes! Would smash
Elesa - Smashable jailbait
Lenora - Disgusting.
Lusamine - Stylish sexy jailbait.
I don't know about some of your desperate suggestions here though. Mostly good. Still rather inferior to let's say Cammy White, MK Jade, Samus, any female Blood Elf or Night Elf, LoL waifus, etc the list goes on.
>>Longdongwong  24feb2019(su)10:45  No.66855  R  P25R23
Mah head hurts from reading this thread, the "thick" Woman in this flash is NOT in the anime; god, just read for once.
>>Anonymous  24feb2019(su)11:34  No.66857  S  P26R24
A "troll" is someone who deliberately fucks with people for fun. The word you're looking for is "detractor" or "retard".
>>Anonymous  24feb2019(su)19:46  No.66873  T  P27R25
Creambee, I know you sometimes lurk these threads, so please listen to these people.

Those waves and all those layers do a real nice job of out-matching the toaster posters. Even my desktop has some stutter before I turned the quality down. An option to disable the waves, the overhanging foliage, the reflections, and so on would help keep laptops from exploding in people's laps while they're trying to fap.
If a porn game requires me to upgrade my CPU, it may be a tad heavy.

Also, an option to auto-fap/fuck/finger/whatever would be nice.

>>Anonymous  24feb2019(su)20:53  No.66876  D  P28R26
I was just describing mature woman. I don't like the old lady ones, just the fan art of them.
You should also check out Jupiter, Wicke, and Professor Juniper. I don't know any other character that could hold a candle to Samus or lol waifus tho.
>>Anonymous  25feb2019(mo)02:56  No.66887  U  P29R27
>show penis
>position penis
>you can't fuck

My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.

>>Anonymous  25feb2019(mo)03:27  No.66888  V  P30R28
v1.0 is out.
>>Anonymous  25feb2019(mo)07:05  No.66890  N  P31R29
You are horrifically bad at judging character ages. Shelly's in her mid-20's, Elesa's over 20, and Lusamine's in her 40's.
>>Anonymous  25feb2019(mo)07:45  No.66891  M  P32R30
It's tough to gauge little Pokemon girl ages except the obvious old maid one.
No not trolling, retarded, etc.
Believe it or not some people don't like kid's cartoons as adults? Someone would have to pay me to sit through a Poke episode. Or play that stupid MtX mobile game. I'd rather give the old school Poke games a chance.
Who's the retarded one again? Supporting MtX mobile games? :D
And yes I like curvy adult women. I know I'm somewhat on the wrong site for that, but every once in awhile something like this game pops up.
Whoever talked about Samus - That's what I'm saying. Samus or one of the unusually styled cartoon Pokegirls? Tough choice there lol.
I don't think a retard would be able to set up AdBlockers, utilize this site, jump the hoops for downloads, avoid viruses/malware, and get some fap for free.
Thanks for the shares here. No one here is a retard, obviously. Unless you're replying via mobile :P
>>Anonymous  25feb2019(mo)10:37  No.66892  W  P33R31
What’s your specs m8
>>Anonymous  25feb2019(mo)16:28  No.66894  X  P34R32
when is the penetration coming or did my dick got stuck in the fan?
>>Anonymous  25feb2019(mo)18:45  No.66897  Y  P35R33
well, it's a literal cockblock :D
>>Anonymous  26feb2019(tu)07:43  No.66911  V  P36R34
Update V1.0 when?
>>Anonymous  26feb2019(tu)11:34  No.66918  J  P37R35
Believe it or not there are even some people who are not stupid enough to debate over nonexisting female characters and just play the games instead and be done. The actual games, not the ones made in 2015+.
Everyone played the original Metroid, not because of Samus being a thicc waifu, but because the game was fun you double nigger. You waifufags are what's ruining videogames.

Also I'd really like to bitchslap you right now for:
+ Demeaning the site and userbase you're CURRENTLY ON
+ Thinking that clicking a single button to "install" an Adblocker is any kind of achievement whatsoever
+ Considering downloading anything inside a browser to be "jumping the hoops"
+ Thinking swfchan has anything to do with viruses, blame your shitty country if the ad provider even serves you ANYTHING like an actual virus through these
+ Thinking a free fap is hard to get
+ Plus points for the view on mobile phones though, D-

>>Anonymous  26feb2019(tu)20:28  No.66924  Z  P38R36
I wish you could keep fingering her while she cums.
>>Anonymous  27feb2019(we)07:02  No.66935  M  P39R37

I'm not supporting modern video games with overpriced skins lol. You obviously like waifus if you're on this site! :D
Most people are too stupid to utilize AdBlock. Maybe it's just where I live.
If my AdBlocks were off this site would an endless loop of BS links. Possibly malware or something. Come on man, this the internet. You need you're AdBlock condom.
And yeah F smartphones. At least we can agree on this :)
Just trying to have some fun here, and keep this game bumped. This has the potential to be a top tier SWF game. Keep this thread going so Creambee knows.

>>Anonymous  28feb2019(th)20:07  No.67029  D  P40R38
Now I bet Creambee will make a new flash now that pokemon sword/shield was annouced.
>>Anonymous  2mar2019(sa)16:54  No.67086  J  P41R39
>Irish Pokemon
>Sword and Shield
What. The. Actual. Fuck.
I thought you were trolling at first.
Is this the point where Pokemon finally dies?
I mean, it's been dead to oldfags long ago, but are they getting self aware that Gamefreak has no fucking idea what to do with the franchise anymore?
>>Anonymous  2mar2019(sa)19:23  No.67091  V  P42R40
Why no one here upload the new version
or it doesn't have anything new in it?
>>Anonymous  2mar2019(sa)20:19  No.67092  AA  P43R41
Genwunner detected. Do not engage.
>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  3mar2019(su)04:21  No.67112  AB  P44R42
what is a Genwunner and should i engage
>>Anonymous  7mar2019(th)16:55  No.67213  Y  P45R43
Urban Dictionary:
+Someone who favors ONLY the original generation of pokemon. These +people are oblivious, or even annoyed of the newer pokemon generations.
>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  8mar2019(fr)07:05  No.67229  AC  P46R44
sorry for being such a newfag i will google from now on
also thx
>>Anonymous  10mar2019(su)00:09  No.67255  J  P47R45
I'd say it's more of a stable decline.
First generation was great.
Second generation was hella great.
Lots of connection with pokemon stadium for example.
3rd gen was okay - suddenly no backtrading. Special edition marks the rift between old and new pokemon gens.
4th was kinda boring - just over the top and mystic pokemon waaay to powerful. Going backwards on established lore that pokemon is about evolution and more about LOL LOOK AT THE GOD OF ALL POKEMANZ.
5th and onwards - handholding bullshit. Way too many pokes to realistically catch them all.
Ultra/Sun moon BARELY a remake, more like a actually finished product, and not even a better version in every regard. So you still have to play original sun/moon.
Dropping the crystal naming convention.
Animations are lazy tweens as opposed to Pokemon Crystal's hand drawn intro animations.
So yeah, it's been dead for me since then, but I'm still proud that I was there when it all began.
It's funny that there were really some 2.5 gens before the rift and everything that came out after, like 7 gens or whatever, is still part of that new generation of pokemon players who started with the shit they dick out today.

ps: probably the ONLY redeeming factor, and gamefreak KNOWS, are the deli-ci-ous pokegrills
r34 of pokemon characters is so appealing, simple and clean for some reason
like living in a world of cocktease prudency

>>Anonymous  11mar2019(mo)03:10  No.67272  D  P48R46
>Sees Pokegrils rule34
>>w7-890  11mar2019(mo)06:14  No.67274  AD  P49R47
wav link not working
fixed for you
>>Anonymous  11mar2019(mo)23:45  No.67287  J  P50R48
Are you refering to An_epic_tale_of_a_man's_journey_to_find_himself.s wf?
>>needy cunt  12mar2019(tu)05:32  No.67294  AE  P51R49
what're we quarreling here for??? someone get the v1.0 so we can fuck this chick!
>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  12mar2019(tu)08:00  No.67296  AF  P52R50
im sure you know what to do here

>>Anonymous  12mar2019(tu)19:57  No.67304  J  P53R51
You can link directly to other posts on the chan (at least the same board) by quoting a post and putting an extra > before it
>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  13mar2019(we)04:32  No.67315  AG  P54R52
also thx

i was worrying that the thread will 404 someday and it can no longer be found by future anons

>>Anonymous  16mar2019(sa)18:40  No.67403  AH  P55R53
THIS. I love Crambee's flashes but they're often too CPU draining for my cheap laptop.
At first I thought the lag was due to the website host or some shit (that's how I ended up here lmao)
>>Anonymous  17mar2019(su)12:54  No.67414  N  P56R54
>Just let it die

>Literally the highest grossing media franchise of all time who beats out the second highest grossing media franchise by over 12 billion dollars and is still a wildly popular and well liked series who rakes in near record breaking revenue even during their down quarters and is widely regarded as a global phenomenon whose mascot is so widely known the only other icon on the planet more easily recognized by the general population is Mickey Mouse.

>>Anonymous  19mar2019(tu)18:11  No.67480  J  P57R55
This is why you should let it die gracefully (already past that point imo) rather than dragging it through until POKEMON ZIMBABWEE hits the store.
But if everyone keeps buying their shit it obviously won't.
Heck, they could easily still sell merchandise for YEARS without having to relase another game. Do people even still care and play those games?
That's what I'm trying to say.
It's not the pokemon I grew up with. It's a new generation's pokemon of 5-year-olds buying Let's Play Pikachuchu as their first game.
Why can't they make their own shit? Or at least their own ripoff.
There hasn't been my grandfather's pokemon, it rose to fame with my generation. So if everyone in my generation (yeah, projecting much?) is kinda done with it, and its original goals have become completely unrealistic, the lore was raped to death and the F U N was replaced by more merchandise...
Why does it still exist? Why must it be Pokemon and not something entirely new for an entirely new generation.
Why do people keep buying this crap? It's like they want Gamefreak and Nintendo to milk every franchise to death and beyond.
>>Anonymous  20mar2019(we)00:32  No.67488  D  P58R56
Welcome to capitalism.
Also May is best pokegirl.
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