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>>Anonymous  31jan2019(th)09:54  No.66328  OP  P1
last pp34 before yiff dies


PBB.swf (2.02 MiB)
600x600, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 25 fps (00:00).
Ver41, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  31jan2019(th)17:06  No.66331  A  P2R1
RIP Yiff, you're a dead site walking.
Ironic how it was thirsty normalfags lusting over 3DPD amateur pornographers and camwhores that fucked up a site built for furries and other degenerates.
>>Anonymous  31jan2019(th)17:35  No.66332  B  P3R2
wait, what has died? which site you talking about?
>>Anonymous  31jan2019(th)18:19  No.66333  C  P4R3
i'm guessing they say it's dying because February donations are $0 of $160 running costs.
>>Anonymous  31jan2019(th)18:32  No.66334  D  P5R4
That 'dying' happened three or four times. Someone donated at the last minute or so.
>>Anonymous  31jan2019(th)19:41  No.66335  E  P6R5
Is this a reskin of that reskin called bedspring bonanza?
>>Anonymous  31jan2019(th)20:38  No.66336  F  P7R6
PeachyPop is a fucking landwhale hack of an "animator" that takes flashes, reskins them, and absolutely refuses to do anything original.
>>Anonymous  31jan2019(th)21:17  No.66338  G  P8R7
This isn't anything like bedspring bonanza....
I thought this one was pretty decent. Thought I could beat the pp34 haters before they showed up oh well.
>>Anonymous  31jan2019(th)21:32  No.66340  H  P9R8
Lose some weight and maybe you'll be faster, Peachy
>>W7-890  1feb2019(fr)00:03  No.66344  I  P10R9
I feel sad 4 YP
>>Anonymous  1feb2019(fr)10:35  No.66363  J  P11R10
if the site dies then what do we do next guys
>>Anonymous  1feb2019(fr)15:38  No.66372  K  P12R11
I agree with this guy. Sure the "artwork" could still be improved but the animation is (sorta) decent this time. Just wished there was more options like anal, etc.
>>oldgrandpa  2feb2019(sa)01:47  No.66380  L  P13R12
all the drama about his stolen asset....who cares at all?
if someone can fool some "stupid" than trow him money... good fo him!
we just want to fap!!!! also for eh EH
btw need some edit:
1) change that mario music.. don't care if is theme based is a no no
delete that belly bounce is a bone killer :-(
addend to collection just for completition as usual.....
>>oldgrandpa  2feb2019(sa)02:01  No.66381  L  P14
oh crap

i forgot some hotlink for dummy ye ye my bad....
btw thanks to all the donor from his patreon!
also thanks to we will miss you!

and thanks to peachy pop 34!
if you see this! i like your flash buddy!

no they ca R.i.p or g.f.y.s!: last time to download everything before they take down these:

is the old school than save the day!!!

>>Anonymous  2feb2019(sa)11:18  No.66384  M  P15R13
>Thought I could beat the pp34 haters before they showed up oh well.
Pretty pathetic, dude.
>>Anonymous  2feb2019(sa)11:38  No.66385  N  P16R14
plz maan for the love of god stop namefagging

should we harpoon the landwhale
if so how

>>Anonymous  3feb2019(su)06:15  No.66398  B  P17R15
February has only just started and this thread was posted in January. So that goal is a way off. Besides, the "oh no it will die" narrative might just be so the site owner gets some donation money. By the looks of things his site should be cheap to actually host, larger files are all linked externally (many 404) and bandwidth is a non-issue with CloudFlare's free mirror service.
>>Anonymous  3feb2019(su)20:50  No.66410  O  P18R16
Flash is dying so hating on what little artists we have especially NSFW would be unwise. 20 years since flash came around and you think these sex positions won't resemble something that's been already done in the past? If you can come up with anything original feel free to suggest but imo her art style is rather eye-pleasing when compared to the rest of the old garbage in here so i'm not complaining.
>>Anonymous  3feb2019(su)21:31  No.66412  P  P19R17
If unoriginal crap is all that's keeping flash alive, then maybe we should let it die.
>>Anonymous  4feb2019(mo)06:55  No.66422  G  P20R18
And replace it with what?
>>Anonymous  4feb2019(mo)23:22  No.66441  Q  P21R19
the hate about PP34 copying doesn't stem from being uninspired, like what you described.
true that is the fact with basically all the things today, but rather that it was proven that she literally traces pictures, flips them, and sells them as her own - that's really the bottom of the barrel
now, with all those original flashes, I don't hate her, but I won't applaud her either.
she's finally doing what she was paid to do all along
>>Anonymous  5feb2019(tu)06:14  No.66451  R  P22R20
my ass
>>Anonymous  5feb2019(tu)22:57  No.66463  P  P23R21
Is your ass secure?
>>???? ????  6feb2019(we)02:00  No.66465  S  P24R22
Depends on what kind of ass it is
>>bump from hell  7mar2019(th)10:30  No.67202  T  P25R23
what if the OP was pp34 all along
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