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>>Anonymous  19jan2019(sa)01:57  No.66118  OP  P1
Magical Girl Koschumu

Newest update

Kosuchumu - v14.1.swf (55.98 MiB)
720x950, Uncompressed. 46 frames, 30 fps (00:02).
Ver8, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  19jan2019(sa)13:22  No.66139  A  P2R1
wake me up when this is final version
>>???? ????  20jan2019(su)00:26  No.66144  B  P3R2
This idiot finally decided to use pixiv. He might make another deviantart account and get banned like dumbass again.
>>Anonymous  20jan2019(su)00:43  No.66147  C  P4R3
doubt they will use deviantart again. now uploading flashes to allthefallen.
>>Anonymous  20jan2019(su)07:11  No.66150  D  P5R4
at level 39. code: 368
>>Anonymous  20jan2019(su)07:33  No.66154  D  P6
for full unlock, enter: 919263177
this is the 'secret' ending with all 100 costumes
>>Anonymous  20jan2019(su)20:24  No.66163  A  P7R5
>>Anonymous  20jan2019(su)23:32  No.66166  E  P8R6 ces/magic-girl-kosuchumu.946/
>>Anonymous  21jan2019(mo)04:48  No.66168  C  P9R7
yes, they. since using 'he or she' is improper grammar.
>>Anonymous  21jan2019(mo)14:30  No.66176  F  P10R8
Oh, look, it's the genderqueer tyrants again. 'He' and 'she' are the scientifically and culturally accurate and appropriate terms, so use those instead.
>>Anonymous  21jan2019(mo)14:42  No.66177  C  P11R9
>>Anonymous  21jan2019(mo)20:25  No.66186  A  P12R10
Are you shitting me?
Using singular pronound for a single person is now "improper grammar"?
Fuck you, you language destroying queer and your 10000000 special snowflake pronouns.

This is the last time I'm going to lecture anyone on this topic. Why are people like you even on a hentai flash chanboard?

>Rule 30: There are no girls on the internet.
So if you want to adress a singular person. You assume his idendity to be male, unless proven otherwise (e.g. common knowledge). You always should assume an internet persona to be a single peep and not a multitude of gents.
This is, in fact, progressive treatment from 2000, way before any of this shit was even a hot topic.
Think of it that way. On the internet, everyone is the same. No males or female. Everyone is just "he".
If you read anyone's comment, you treat it the same way. You don't care about if "a women wrote this" or "this is clearly written by a 13-year-old boy". You just read a sentence and value it by its content, not its author.
Take for example the german language. Every plural noun shares the same pronoun, the "female" pronoun, even if the word isn't female. That still doesn't make anyone think HURR DURR ALL MEN HAVE FEMALE PRONOUN I FEEL DISCRIMINATED. It's just a word.
The word "he" on the internet is just used to refer to a person, you don't have to be so fixated in your thought process to think it HAS to be a man because of that. And even if you are a girl. You shouldn't even demean your content and demand that you are given this special treatment. Why? So you can bash in your "IMMA GIIIIRL" special attention points? Fuck that shit, that is irl shit, we don't need that here. We didn't migrate into the internet so we have to deal with the same drama as irl.
No one the fuck cares, or should care if you are a BOY or a GIRL or whatever crazy shit you pull out of your thin asses these days.

>>Anonymous  25jan2019(fr)22:05  No.66251  G  P13R11
Jeez, someone's big mad.

Not every little thing is SJW propaganda. "They" is the commonly accepted pronoun for a single person whose gender you do not know, and it's been that way for a very long time. Chill.

>>Anonymous  26jan2019(sa)07:00  No.66252  H  P14R12
lol, so triggered
>>Anonymous  26jan2019(sa)16:13  No.66257  A  P15R13
Like majestic plural?
Are we now in medieval England and you are referring to your liege?

>Traditionally he has been used to refer to a person of either gender, but today such use is widely frowned upon as excluding women.
There's the whole reason for this shit right there.

I don't take your bullshit. Why have I been on the internet and never seen any use of this phrase (unless someone was referring to f.e. a mega-coorporation) just until veeery recently, and now it's everywhere.
>'he or she' is improper grammar
Definitely not. Maybe you could ALSO use "they", but using "he" isn't by any definition "improper grammar".
If you just think "they" is proper grammar and just don't care then don't use it. Unless you're a triggered woman, noone actually uses it that way. It's shit.

Let me rephrase it to you for simpler understanding:
You always know the gender of the person you talk about.
Beacuase there aren't any girls oti, it's always a man. And if you know it's a girl, then you also know which pronoun to use.

>>w7-890  27jan2019(su)07:31  No.66265  I  P16R14
just wondering is it possible to find the pass using FFDEC decompiler
because i dont see anything suspicious in actionscript
also how do i hack this using decompiler
>>w7-890  27jan2019(su)08:25  No.66266  I  P17
forgot to add this

very nice and relaxing music
also the sex scene is kinda good
nice job OP 5/5


hey assholes can we please stop arguing for a while and enjoy the flash

lastly just wondering is there an archive for deviantart and pixiv

>>random anon  27jan2019(su)08:29  No.66267  I  P18
where did you get this code m8
and do u know where the other codes can be found
lastly thx m8
>>Anonymous  1feb2019(fr)10:34  No.66362  J  P19R15
cmon guys
tell me im curious
also i use trillix decompiler
>>Anonymous  1feb2019(fr)11:42  No.66365  C  P20R16
code is found by putting a 9 on the birthday cake. i did a text search with a decompiler but came up empty. the pass codes are probably single digits in the files.

as far as i know the codes let you progress where you left off. the above code unlocks all the outfits.

>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  1feb2019(fr)16:09  No.66374  K  P21R17
double thanks
>>Anonymous  2feb2019(sa)11:57  No.66386  L  P22R18
Somebody got their knickers in a fucking twist.
>>Anonymous  2feb2019(sa)13:25  No.66388  C  P23R19
yes they do.
>>Anonymous  4feb2019(mo)23:09  No.66437  A  P24R20
Excuse me, "they" got their knickers in a twist!
Apparently typing "somebody" is now improper grammar.
You have to type as if the lonely basement dweeb got imaginary friends, so he feels less alone with his empty life.
>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  5feb2019(tu)06:12  No.66450  M  P25
thread derailed.swf
>>Anonymous  15feb2019(fr)14:41  No.66632  C  P26R21
14.2 is up (mac, swf, exe) ces/magic-girl-kosuchumu.946/updates

i stand corrected.

>>Anonymous  19feb2019(tu)01:23  No.66706  N  P27R22
i can't believe you have never heard the term "They" used to talk about a singular person Pre 2011 to current year
>>Anonymous  19feb2019(tu)03:49  No.66710  O  P28R23
this, don't use "they", use "he". "they" legid confused me, made it look like some underground organization, which made it seem 5 times creepier.

also please don't use "autism", it's a meme illness, use "fucking retard" instead. That's what you mean 90% of the time anyway.
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