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>>Ningen  14jan2019(mo)20:03  No.65999  OP  P1
Pussymon Episode 26 Hacked

Pussymon episode 26 hacked

original game link

Pussymon creator have Patreon support him by becoming a patron if u want to.

My mail

pussymon26 hacked.swf (1.77 MiB)
800x600, Compressed (Deflate). 51 frames, 24 fps (00:02).
Ver10, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  14jan2019(mo)20:48  No.66000  A  P2R1
Im tried of looking at this art style, i mean it's barely art as well as it barely fappable even if it was hacked
>>Anonymous  14jan2019(mo)21:24  No.66001  B  P3R2
Well maybe we can work together and make art to replace the ones in this game.
>>Anonymous  15jan2019(tu)00:50  No.66013  C  P4R3
Oh wow, here's another Pussymon game. I wonder if it's gonna be lazy rehashed animations again. I wonder of Ass and pussy are basically the same thing with a different expression and a slight difference in the hole it's in. Oh mammy, can't get enough of that beautiful N O S O U N D aesthetic. Hmph, and the terrible art is a cherry on top. This is cancerous and a downright mood killer at best. Why anyone would bother even hacking this shit is beyond me, it's not even worth more than a glance...
>>Anonymous  15jan2019(tu)01:34  No.66014  D  P5R4
Looked up this guy's Patreon. He makes 3,500 USD a month just rehashing and milking this shit.


>>Anonymous  15jan2019(tu)09:34  No.66020  E  P6R5
to be fair, I'd rather take a nosound than cheap recycled irl porn moans
>>w7-890  15jan2019(tu)10:53  No.66026  F  P7R6
sorry to interupt and derail the thread

why are you posting your real email in plain text (not b64 encoded)
you might get spammed (just like what happened to me)

>>w7-890  15jan2019(tu)10:56  No.66027  F  P8
sorry to interupt and derail the thread

why are you posting your real email in plain text (not b64 encoded)
you might get spammed (just like what happened to me)
there are so many bots in this site

>>w7-890  15jan2019(tu)10:57  No.66028  F  P9

crap double post the org reciever malfunctioned for a while

>>Anonymous  15jan2019(tu)18:25  No.66032  G  P10R7
Wait, aren't people paying him to do things right?
>>Anonymous  15jan2019(tu)20:57  No.66039  H  P11R8
w7-890, you mean to tell me that you used your personal email in your posts? Most people would simply have a separate email that's not linked to them personally for places like this.
>>w7-890  16jan2019(we)05:34  No.66049  I  P12R9
i use a seperate email
but that email gets quite a lot of spam everyday
antz should use some kind of email protection
same thing on YP
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