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>>bbtf  7jan2019(mo)19:11  No.65861  OP  P1
bowsette and boolina peachypop34

Peachypop34 reskin

BBTF_FreeUpdate.swf (1.87 MiB)
700x650, Compressed (Deflate). 3 frames, 25 fps (00:00).
Ver37, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  8jan2019(tu)03:35  No.65872  A  P2R1
is she even making content anymore?
>>Anonymous  8jan2019(tu)04:12  No.65873  B  P3R2
this flash was posted on patreon Dec 31, 2018 at 8:06am
>>Anonymous  8jan2019(tu)04:20  No.65874  C  P4R3

Yep, she still has a patreon. Apparently this was suppose to be a free animation, although I can't access from a $1 paywall, not that I would want to anyways.

>>Anonymous  8jan2019(tu)04:41  No.65875  D  P5R4
I used to like her stuff when she was reskinning/ripping off art because when she does her own art she makes the lips so big it looks gross. I didn't know you could give toons lip injections.
>>Anonymous  8jan2019(tu)06:08  No.65879  A  P6R5
>>What I mean is, Is she still doing original things? or does she only re-skin once very 3 months? (and get paid for it)
>>w7-890  8jan2019(tu)10:17  No.65882  E  P7R6
YP link anyone?
>>w7-890  8jan2019(tu)10:55  No.65885  E  P8
nvm found it

>>Anonymous  8jan2019(tu)16:06  No.65889  F  P9R7
I approve, thanks for uploading!
>>Anonymous  8jan2019(tu)21:55  No.65892  G  P10R8
Landwhale ahoy, grab your harpoons if you want to live lads!
>>Anonymous  9jan2019(we)03:13  No.65895  H  P11R9
>charging for reskinned content
Oy yey.
>>Anonymous  10jan2019(th)00:33  No.65903  I  P12R10
Oh joy, the talentless landwhale is back. I wonder if she's lurking in the comments again, getting pissy about getting called out for reskinning what looks to be Minus8 this time.
>>Anonymous  13jan2019(su)21:40  No.65967  J  P13R11
Fuck you. You ungrateful pissboy.
>>w7-890  14jan2019(mo)01:08  No.65975  K  P14R12

hello landwhale
may i harpoon you
hopefully you don't mind

>>Anonymous  14jan2019(mo)14:51  No.65989  H  P15R13
que te jodan
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